Wanted: Confederate Outreach Director for 2008 U.S. Senate Campaign


Job Title: Confederate Outreach Director

Job Description: The Outreach Director will be hired to work across the state using a variety of gimmicks to cultivate public support for Harold Ford, Jr. among rednecks with bad cases of confederate nostalgia.

Job Duties:  Plan and implement confederate outreach strategy for Tennesse for Harold Ford, Jr. for U.S. SENATE 2008.  Identify and cultivate allies among right-wing, neo-fascist, confederate nostalgia groups.  Partner with existing confederate nostalgia groups to work in areas of public opinion, grassroots organizing, and coalition building to increase awareness of Harold Ford, Jr and his right-wing, confederate friendly agenda.  Plan, organize and/or attend educational events, community forums, cross burnings and other “speaking” engagements;Identify dissemination points for Harold Ford, Jr propaganda materials and messages, including potential local ad placement opportunities that feature Harold Ford, Jr flanked by all manner of confederate regalia, flags, and all other types of confederate bulls#*t.

Qualifications: Must be melanin deprived and have an affinity for the Confederacy and that “Old Time Religion.” 

Contact: Please fax your resume, salary requirements, and three recommendations to:   1-800-SELLOUT. 

12 thoughts on “Wanted: Confederate Outreach Director for 2008 U.S. Senate Campaign

  1. Rikyrah

    This is hilarious. Simply hilarious. I knew from the title who is was about…you love that you found that pic, Skeptical Brotha- admit it.

  2. Lord Have Mercy!!!!

    Where did you find that photo? That’s going to haunt that man!

    But, Ford trying to triangulate? No surprise. I actually don’t know if that’s such a bad idea. You have to keep in mind what State he was/is running in. That being said, i’m willing to give him a little more slack than what I would usually allow. He basically has no choice…. no black candidate can win there without some triangulation. Now his relationship with corporate donors is another story…. THAT turns me off even more than his triangulation.

    You have been wearing that man out!!! lol

    Save some for some of these other Democrats…. there are plenty of silly ones to go around (black and white). I suspect we will both be busy once the next Congress takes over….

    I just hope I don’t get Carpal Tunnel.

  3. ROFL, your post and your comment.

    By the bye, when Ford finds his Confederate Outreach director, ye think he’ll loan to Felix in Virginia?

    I hear Warner’s gonna retire in ’08 and Felix is gonna try one more time.

  4. renee

    I would try to respond, but I am LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!, I almost feel sorry for HFJ. He does not get it. Until this man is authentic in who he is, in his speech and action all the time or at least the majority, he will never win a statewide election. He cannot be all things to all people and he will have to pick a side. because sitting on the fence will eventually get your A*& shot off!!

  5. Fauquier Dan

    Skeptical Brotha,

    Let’s see. The guy takes a race that shouldn’t have been competitive and makes it so by running a brilliant and spirited campaign. In doing so he forces the GOP to spend money in Tennessee that might have been spent defeating our Democratic candidates in places like Virginia and Montana. So he played an important role in bringing about a Senate controlled by the Democratic Party. A result that will mean much to families in economic distress who don’t have access to health care or may have trouble being able to afford to heat their homes in the winter.

    Instead of applauding his efforts and thanking him for them you find a random picture of him standing in front of a Confederate flag painted on a wall and infer from that the preposterous notion that he is somehow a sellout. Do you have any sense of how ludicrous that is?

    If you ever ponder the various causes of Republican electoral success over the past dozen years or so I suggest you look in the mirror. You will be staring at one of the reasons for it.

  6. Faquier Dan,

    The venue of which you speak,the Little Rebel Bar and Grill is in some God forsaken little corner of Tennessee. Harold Whore, Jr. chose to have a press conference at the venue on Election Day to celebrate his confederate support. I have attacked this shameless debasing event in all seriousness, and with humor. My reasons are clear, I need not sum them up hear. Believe it or not, there a some black folks that like their politicians with some integrity. Harold Whore, Jr has none. He would sell his Mama for a Senate seat and already made up an unnecessary story about his grandmother being white, which she definitely was not.

    Everybody can see for themselves that the Fords have visible white ancestry. There is no reason to make up stories about it. He did this, as well as running on a corporate appeasement and confederate nostalgia to deliberately pander to right-wing white voters. It worked smashingly well, but came up short in the end.

    It should be evident to any sentient human being that Harold Ford, Jr is fraud that would say or do anything to win power. I, as a progressive black man find that dangerous. Period.

    As for the charge that I am responsible for Republican electoral success, I categorically deny it. We have the poorly concealed, undercover racial animus in the American electorate to thank for that.

  7. Ааануц-ка ребятки голосуем!!!

    Приизнавайтесь проказники и вьадельцы сайта skepticalbrotha.wordpress.com ))))

    ЧТО вы будете делать этим летом!?

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