Karen Carter faces two opponents in run-off, Jefferson and Shepherd


Sister Karen Carter is officially facing one opponent in the run-off but, in reality she faces two instead of one in the New Orleans congressional election in December.  The man she defeated, State Senator Derrick-I-will-endorse-a-crook-and-hope-he-wins-before-he’s-indicted-Shepherd, and Congressman “Dollar Bill” Jefferson.  There is a race and class breakdown in the general election vote in November that does not augur well for her.  Working class black voters, suspicious of the white power structure are voting for Jefferson, a man who diverted crucial National Guard assets to check on 90K in the freezer.  The black people voting for him apparently are not the people stuck on rooftops, dehydrated and exhausted from their ordeal and waiting to be rescued while he ties up guardsmen, checking on his property. 

Shepherd seeks to cloud the issues by running automated robo-calls into the community telling people Karen Carter is against banning abortion and same-sex marriage when that crap couldn’t be the furthest from their minds.

Come on, Black people.  What are we doing?  It is hard for me to understand why large portions of the African American community would vote for Jefferson after what they’ve endured. There really isn’t any doubt in my mind that Bill Jefferson will be indicted and convicted in this bribery probe.  It will happen similarly to the way that former NC Congressman Frank Ballance was idicted, forced from congress and convicted. Jefferson will face the same fate and probably take down some associate as well.

What is it that you need to see things clearly?  A commercial, a radio ad that puts things into perspective? 

How’s this: phone rings, “Hello, you’ve reached the office of Congressman “Dollar Bill” Jefferson. For bribes, press one.  For extortion, press two.  For kickbacks, press three.  For no-bid contracts, press four.  For help with problems related to Hurricane Katrina, vote Karen Carter for Congress. I’m Karen Carter and I approved this message.”

OK, y’all, can you vote for her now?  Y’all get it? 

8 thoughts on “Karen Carter faces two opponents in run-off, Jefferson and Shepherd

  1. Rikyrah

    I am sorry to hear this, SB. I gave a donation to this Sista. I definitely hope she wins, because Jefferson is SOOOO not an option.

  2. Rikyrah


    I’ve been thinking about this. WHO appoints the replacement for Jefferson WHEN his crooked behind is indicted? Don’t you smell a backroom deal of some sort?

  3. Rikyrah,

    Hopefully nobody has to worry about that because he doesn’t get re-elected. If he is re-elected and indictecd, he may or may not resign. If he resigns at any point, the only method of replacement is a special election.

  4. Rikyrah


    did you read Jack and Jill Politics blog about the INTRA-racial aspect of the Jefferson/Carter race? Some interesting stuff. And the post on DD.Com by Tim Tagaris.

  5. I have been searching the news on this from San Francisco, California, where we have a major problem with the sista, the first female House Peaker Nancy Pelosi. And that is not an sp. Some of us do consider Nancy the new House Peaker Plant, particularly since she and her nephew Laurence Pelosi, and Laurence Pelosi’s first cousin Gavin Newsom all have very close ties to the PG&E Corporation, owner of our PG&E Utility, a municipal power monopoly, much like Entergy, your utility monopoly in New Orleans, which is similarly owned by the Entergy Corporation.

    PG&E recently announced plans to aim three gas turbine peaker plants at the last majority Black and 91% Black and Brown neighborhood in San Francisco, Bayview Hunters Point, just six months after finally closing one of two gas power plants that had been spewing toxic emissions all over Bayview Hunters Point residents for many a year. Residents of this last majority Black neighborhood suffer much higher rates of asthma, emphysema, and lung cancer than the rest of the City.

    If I were from New Orleans and I knew San Francisco, and I saw Nancy Pelosi there helping Karen Carter outfundraise William Jefferson four or five to one, I have to say that I would get very very nervous.


    Our Mayor Gavin Newsom finally made national news with the unethical probe in Room 210 at City Hall, of his campaign manager’s wife. The campaign manager quit, Gavin and the wife both went into rehab for booze, but that is nothing compared to the Nancy Pelosi-Laurence Pelosi-Gavin Newsom ethical dilemma out here. The three are also determined to allow the Lennar Corporation, a pure cheeze whiz mega-developer from Florida build condos and a retail mall in Bayview Hunters Point, smack in the middle of our radioactive federal Superfund site, right next to the shuttered, radioactive and irreparably, in any of our lifetimes or in the foreseeable human future, Naval
    Radiological Defense Laboratory.

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