Obama’s gettin’ it together


The seriousness of Obama’s machinations to explore a Presidential race is getting noticed.   He is courting campaign operatives in Iowa.  Better late than never.  He better be quick about it because Edwards and Hillary already have their people on the ground.  The people he’s signing on are serious operatives and politicians that have been around the track.  While no final decisons have been made, the structure is being put in place for a run.  What we are witnessing is the most serious black presidential campaign effort ever.

If I had to predict right now, I would lean in the direction of his running.  He feels compelled to ride the wave of unrealistic popularity.  What he needs to prove to the American people is that he isn’t a cipher.  The next session of Congress needs to include some serious legislative heavy lifting on his part.  I have no doubt that his running is the wrong move at this juncture, but I am probably going to support him if I like what I see in the next year.