Obama’s gettin’ it together


The seriousness of Obama’s machinations to explore a Presidential race is getting noticed.   He is courting campaign operatives in Iowa.  Better late than never.  He better be quick about it because Edwards and Hillary already have their people on the ground.  The people he’s signing on are serious operatives and politicians that have been around the track.  While no final decisons have been made, the structure is being put in place for a run.  What we are witnessing is the most serious black presidential campaign effort ever.

If I had to predict right now, I would lean in the direction of his running.  He feels compelled to ride the wave of unrealistic popularity.  What he needs to prove to the American people is that he isn’t a cipher.  The next session of Congress needs to include some serious legislative heavy lifting on his part.  I have no doubt that his running is the wrong move at this juncture, but I am probably going to support him if I like what I see in the next year.


11 thoughts on “Obama’s gettin’ it together

  1. Rikyrah


    I hope he runs. I want him to run because I want to see a serious Black Presidential Candidate. And, I want to see him help mess up the Hillary Clinton juggernaut. Him getting into the race would make it a race.

  2. I need a lecture about the ‘reconstruction’ that was supposed to take place, dear brutha skeptical. And as I type this I learn yet another desireable attribute of blogs: They allow people to get a good feel for the true implications that (public) actions and statements mean, wether they are current or historical. It is better than googling, where sometimes you get facts, but not always honesty, or the circumstances that may have fostered, say, a historical event some personality may claim to have happened. Blogs like yours fullfill this role in helping the curious and interested really get a clear picture of what peoples perspectives really are, wether or not they agree with them.

  3. Right now, he’s like Colin Powell. Everyone loves him, but no one really knows where he stands on issues. Once you start running, you have to take positions. He’s going to hack 50% of the people off. When he comes out as pro choice, people are going to start calling him a liberal. Can he maintain the nice black guy centrist hero stance in a Senate that is sure to be contentious for the next two years? He’s going to be under a lot of pressure to fight, and it seems that he prefers to negotiate (sure, “fight” in the Senate usually means simply not addressing the person across the isle as “good gentleman, but still).

    He’s much more attractive to the Rahm Emmanuel’s of the party as a VP candidate to Edwards. I’m thinking that’s what Obama is looking at right now, being a person who can carry a lot of weight in the electorate. Obama helps Edwards in the North East and West Coast. Many DLC’ers (and even progressives) can feel good about voting for that ticket without actually having a Black man on the top of the ticket. Obama also gives a lot of Independent voters the warm fuzzies.

    I don’t think Hilary would take Obama on as a VP. He doesn’t help where she needs help (rural, South, Midwest) and his star power rivals hers at the moment.

    If Obama isn’t thinking about a VP slot first as a launching pad, he should consider stepping down from the Senate to run for governor of IL. After that likely win and four hopefully prosperous years, he could potentially walk in to the White House. People love governors as their Presidential candidate these days. You don’t have a lot of votes on your record and all you talk about is what you accomplished as the CEO of a state.

  4. Gandalf,

    The Governorship, and state politics in general are so corrupt in Illinois. Springfield is the worst cesspool and worse than Washington. Running for Governor is the worst possible move for Obama to make and would not be successful, even if he were to win the job. There are no contribution limits in Illlinois and that is very corrupting. I would love if he were to sit back and do the smart thing and play the inside game and track to Vice President, however, I am now game for whatever he decides. He has a year to impress me. I hope he does and chooses not to run.

  5. Right now, he’s like Colin Powell. Everyone loves him, but no one really knows where he stands on issues.

    My thoughts exactly. And we know why Powell didn’t run: the polls showed him that he couldn’t win. I think that will happen to Obama as well.

    There are no contribution limits in Illlinois and that is very corrupting.

    Have to disagree with you here. Virginia has no contribution limits, either. In and of itself, the lack of contribution limits is not corrupting. Blame the individuals with no integrity for that.

  6. Rikyrah

    I’m from Illinois, and DO NOT want Obama to run for Governor. We’ve got one ex-Governor on his way to jail. Our present Governor is an indictment away from going to jail (I have no doubt it’s coming within the next 18 months)-and yeah, I voted for him knowing this.

    Plus, he’d have to deal with a contentious Illinois House, which is led by someone who I wouldn’t trust if he was the last person on Earth.

    No Obama is better off staying in Washington.

  7. Well, guys, you’re just wrong 🙂 TN has had corruption come out of the governor’s chair in the past. So what? Is it hurting talk of Bredesen’s chances at the White House? No. All governors have to deal with a “contentious” house. That’s part of the job description. Staying in Washington is not really going to help him in his bid for the White House, certainly not in an anti-Washington political climate. Who was the last Senator to have a successful run? Nixon was a VP. Ford, a congressman, was appointed AND was a VP. You gotta go back to Kennedy.

    either he backdoors it in as a VP candidate or he waits this one out.

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