Sean Bell, 23, murdered by NYPD and Clinton Adminstration negligence


Sean Bell, his fiancee Nicole Paultre, and their daughter 

Here we are again, another brotha, Sean Bell, has bitten the dust, taken out by wild, out-of -control NYPD officers.  This could have been averted.  The circumstances surrounding this execution are of the most questionable nature, as they always are.  This is part and parcel of a pattern of misconduct that has dogged the NYPD for decades and was exacerbated by Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s relentless defense of police misconduct.  It was not until 1977 that an on-duty NYPD officer was convicted for a wrongful death. 

Apparently, there had never been a questionable killing or circumstance in which the improper use of force by members of the NYPD could legitimately be questioned until then.  If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

The list of questionable killings by the NYPD is growing.

 Antonio Rosario, 18, and Hilton Vega, 22, shot at between twenty three and twenty eight times while laying down in a prone position as mandated by police. “According to reports citing the Medical Examiner’s report, Vega was hit with eight bullets – in his back, buttocks, back of the head and front left forearm. Rosario was hit with fourteen bullets – eight in his back or buttocks, two in his side, two in his right arm, one in his hip, and one in his armpit.”

Anibal Carrasquillo, 21, unarmed, and shot in the back by NYPD on January 22, 1995.  No carges filed.

Frankie Arzuega, 15, car passenger, unarmed, shot to death by NYPD, when police claimed the car attempted to drive off while being questioned.  No charges filed.

Aswan Watson, unarmed, shot 18 times in a stolen car because police claimed he looked like he might be reaching for a weapon on June 13, 1996.

Amadou Diallo, 23, shot 19 times in a hail of 41 shots on February 4, 1999 because officers, on the basis of no evidence ,think he fits the description of a rape suspect and think he is reaching for a weapon that turns out to be a wallet.  Officers involved are acquitted of murder.

Joe McGill, 58, shot to death by NYPD, after allegedly fleeing a bank he allegedly robbed on August 9, 1999. No charges filed.

Malcolm Ferguson, 23, unarmed, shot in the head by NYPD after a scuffle with police in a building where dealing was supposedly taking place on March 1, 2000.  No charges filed.

Patrick Dorismond, 26, unarmed, shot to death by NYPD after a scuffle with police in which he was asked for crack on March 16, 2000.  In retaliation, Giuliani Administration releases his sealed juvenile criminal records to shield police and cloud the issue of his unnecessary demise.

Charmene Pickering, 27, shot to death by NYPD during a traffic stop of the driver of the vehicle on July 27, 2001. No charges filed.

Juan Mendez, 38, shot to death by NYPD during a chase on foot on January 23,2002.  No charges filed.

Cesar Mercado, 47, shot to death by NYPD after allegedly attempting to break into a parked Van.  No charges filed.

Jamal Nixon, 19,  shot to death by NYPD after allegedly firing a handgun in Brownsville, a predominitely black section of Brooklyn.  No charges filed.

Floyd Quinones, 28, shot to death by NYPD after he fires 17 shots into the sky at a birthday celebration.  Accused of aiming in the direction of police.  No charges filed.

Ousmane Zongo, 43, unarmed, shot to death by NYPD during a foot chase.  Officer tried but jury deadlocks resulting in a mistrial.

Timothy Stansbury, Jr., 19, unarmed, shot to death by NYPD on a rooftop unders suspicious circumstances that are never adequately justified.

Examined by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and Human Rights Watch, the NYPD  has been excoriated for patterns and practices that reveal clear, convincing cases of racial profiling, systemic police brutality, and unjustifiable homicide. The current Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, seems to be willing to challenge the automatic presumption of police innocence in this case.  Moreover, he has appointed a police commissioner widely reported to be sensitive to misconduct complaints of this nature.  However, advocates like City Councilman Charles Barron, automatically discount the rhetoric from those at the top.   Instead, he focuses on what charges are filed and whether or not convictions are obtained.

I feel brotha Barron on that.  The NYPD has a problem and the only solution is for a federally apointed monitor to take over administration of  the NYPD.  According to a law review article in Fordham Urban Law Journal in January of 2003 “The Failure of Local and Federal Prosecutors to Curb Police Brutality” by Asit Panwala, “As a result of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, federal authorites now have the ability to change how local police departments operate. The law empowers the Department of Justice to force police departments to implement internal review systems or to enjoin them from allowing officers to use deadly [force]. … The Justice Department may be better suited to handle police brutality because it has both the power to prosecute individual officers and to force a police department to change its pattern of practice…just the mere threat of a federal  lawsuit may provide the needed push for reform within a law enforcement agency.”

During the Clinton Administration, just such a process of federal examination was being urged by Human Rights Watch and progressive African American leaders and it was killed by a stealth Aunt Jemima in the form of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.  Carl Thomas, the attorney for Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant sodomized in a NYPD police precinct bathroom by racist rogue cops, said of Lynch, “she is to be blamed for not aggressively pursuing blantant police misconduct.” 

Echoing sentiments by NY City Councilman Charles Barron, Attorney General Janet Reno, and the President himself had the power to force a federal takeover of the NYPD and mandate necessary reforms.  It was not done and they used a high level black flunky to do it. This is what unquestioning support for DLC democrats gets black folks.  The only agenda for New York the Clintons had in mind was Hillary’s election to the Senate.

The time has come to flip the script and demand accountability.  Sean Bell, and those who have suffered at the hands of NYPD rogue cops deserve a pound a flesh for the Clintons betrayal.

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  1. All of those shooting are ridiculous and highly suspicious. I love Charles Barron. He tells it like it is. It might be counterproductive and off-putting to some, but it is what people need to hear. If white people – even white criminals – were being shot down like this by officers – especially minority officers – there would be some decapitations (head’s rolling) in the NYPD.

    At one time, I was able to get NY area TV stations although I live in Houston. That Timothy Stansbury shooting was RIDICULOUS. Stansbury was on the rooftop partying with some friends. Someone called the police (Housing Authority Police) to complain about the noise.

    Just so happens Timothy left the party, but planned to return according to a relative and friend. Stansbury was going down the stairs as officers were creeping up with guns drawn. Timothy had no idea the officers were on their way to confront those having the party. Timothy was shot dead on the steps and it is likely he had startled one of the officers who had already drawn his gun.

    People were angry and they questioned why would officers have their guns drawn for “disturbing the peace” call – the local news and NYPD reported. Would they have had their guns drawn in a white community for the same type of call? I doubt it.

    All of these shootings and many nationwide definitely calls into question how police police minority communities differently. In St. Louis, there used to a March Against Police Brutality and Oppression, but for some reason they stopped doing it. There should be an annual day and march, but people are fearful of police reprisals and alienation.

  2. T,

    Thanks for stopping by. Black folk in NYC are beyond tired of this crap and are ready for this to end. They are frustrated and fed up and are willing to exact some pain from those they believe are responsible. We will see if Bloomberg has earned the huge vote he received from black and hispanic voters.

  3. THe law:
    In NY, “The immunity afforded a municipality for its employee’s discretionary conduct does extend to situations where the employee, a police officer, does not violate acceptable police practice.” The issue is whether the police violated acceptable police practices in the situation, because if so, they will be immune for suit.

    “A common law negligence case sounding in wrongful death and personal injury claims predicated on the theory that responding police officers, in utilizing deadly physical force, did not exercise the degree of care which would reasonably be required of police officers under similar circumstances. Typically, such a case presents sharp factual disputes not amenable to summary dismissal and the jury must determine the issue of liability.”

    A jury must decide. Not the mass, angry, public before trial.

    You mention that an NYPD officer first was found liable for wrongful death in the late 1970’s. It is important to state that wrongful death is a statutory crime, and was not around in common law. Morgane v. States Marine Lines, Inc. 398 U.S. 375 (1970). Thus, wrongful death was not acknowledged in this country at all under recently. In fact, it wasn’t until the 70’s when all the states had a wrongful death statute. 44 N.C. L. Rev. 402. So, while it wasn’t until the 70’s until a cop was convicted, it happenned reletively quick considering how recently the statute was created. It is wrong to imply that no cop had been convicted of this crime in NY before the 70’s when the statute did not exist for substantial time before then.

    In the end, it is safe to wait for the facts which will be brought up at trial. Stirring emotions and clouding issues does not serve anyones best interest. And, a quick question, why does wanting to wait for facts and a trial make people believe that someone thinks the police are not liable? Everyone wants to rush to judgment until judgment is rushed to on them. That’s a shame.

  4. YoungBlackMan,

    The legaleese was a nice touch. The bottom line is that there is a systemic pattern and practice of racial profiling, police brutality, and unjustifiable homicide occuring in NYC and a host of other places that begs for federal investigation,prosecution, and system wide overhaul of local law enforcement agency practices.

    The Clintons, through their U.S. Attorney failed to follow through. Asking the Bush Admin for relief is like asking to see Star Jones’s payless shoe collection. So clearly, in the coming years, after the dust settles, and a new Administration comes online, the community needs to force action which will lead to reform.

  5. Pamela A. Hairston

    We don’t have to wait for a trial, we don’t have to let the dust settle, just look around America. Do we EVER, EVER, EVER see young, white males gunned down by police? Do we EVER, EVER, EVER see young, white males beaten to a pulp by police officers on tv? Will it take another 200, 300, 300 years for the black man in America to get the benefit of the doubt from the white man? Will white America ever stop being deliberately dismissive when it comes to race issues in this great country we call a democracy?
    White folks claim we play the race card. Tell me, tell me, who invented the damn race card? Peace.

  6. Pamela,

    While I understand your passion, repeating your self for emphasis does not make your argument stonger. I agree that their is a disparity between police violence in relation to racial groups; however, an incident in the past is not dispositive proof of guilt now.

    Our judicial system is one of laws. It is one of due process. To throw that out the window because you feel the need to repeat yourself would only be a detriment to blacks, and a reversion back to the days of colonial times with no rights afforded to blacks.

    In the judicial system, there is no “benifit of the doubt.” There are only standards of proof. Can the victims of this act meet that burden in a court of law? We’ll see. But, it is not for any of us to judge now. It will be for the fact finder, whether it be judge or jury.

    Indeed, Pamela, in terms of this debate, who brought up whites being “dismissive” or the “race card?” Your post was the first. And, while I am not white, I would hope that we don’t put words in peoples’ mouths. They actually say enough things (i.e., Michael Richards and others) to hold them accountable on.

    Nevertheless, I agree that we do not have to wait for a trial. We can organize voter registration drives and inform voters of their constitutional right to change policy. Instead of repeating yourself, elect to change political and social policy as Malcolm X told us, by “the ballot or thebullet.” Meaning, if we don’t vote to change policy, we will suffer the consequences from governmental tyranny.

    Young Black Man

  7. On July 29,2004 my son Dante Pomar, was Chassed on his pocket bike by Undercover Cops, they Mowed Him with their blak Impala and Left the Scene, leting Dante to Die!
    In both circumstances the result was death by Police Hand’s, Using Different Weapons.
    There is no Excuse! killing and terrorizing our children, will create fear and resent.

  8. Mr. Hector,

    I am deeply saddened to hear of the incident regarding your son. Have you contacted an elected official regarding your concerns? Have you met with community leaders? And finally, have you seen a lawyer? You may have a case against the city. Thank you for commenting and putting the dispassion and skepticism of some people into the proper perspective.

  9. truth seeker

    i am black and puerto rican. before you just to conclusions about barron do a little research into his background. barron is a socialist, communist, anti-american. america has it’s problems but they pale in comparison to the problems and corruption inherent in the socialist societies barron promotes. barron is pro-violence and has many hints of anarchist philosphies in his speech. sean bell was a criminal who apparently was at it again. where thre is injustice call it and fight it, but beware jumping on the hate bandwagon of people like barron and sharpton, they don’t care about the minority community, they care about themselves. if you look into all of their agendas you see a pattern that obviously shows them to be detrimental to the very people they claim to be protecting and speaking for.

  10. Truth Seeker,

    I don’t agree with you. Self intrested as Sharpton is, he also happens to be right in this case. As for Barron’s supposed socialism, I am all for it, baby. You should be too. You need to check some of that right-wing rhetoric your spouting and turn off Fox News. Sean Bell may not have been perfect, but then, none of us are and the last time I checked, he deserved to still be breathing. If Bloomberg can question the legality of NYPD Conduct, what is your problem? Do you want to be gunned down, think you’re immune? Think Again!

  11. Charles

    How are these people defending a criminal? Mike should look into the case more, and if your refering to the way Sean Bell used his car, then you are completely wrong due to the fact that he was only defending himself. Im sure everyone would agree that they would do the same if put in a hostile situation such as that. Furthermore there are extremely way to many people that have been shot down by the NYPD as you can see listed above, for this to be more than a mistake. The NYPD needs to look into this because that is completely way to many “mistakes.”

  12. Elizabeth

    I think that the police are such bullsh*tters in these sittuations it seems like to me if you are black or mexican do not go to new york or you will get murdered for no fu#*in reason. its b.s. someone needs to do somthin about these things!! my advice is stay the f#*k away from new york city!!!!!

  13. VurniaL Woody

    Police brutality has been an on going issue for many years not only in major cities but through out all cities over the united state and many african americans has to deal with being stopped ,questioned ,harassed just for being black yea there are a lot of drug dealers and criminals not only black and this has to stop you can not judge a book by it’s cover and need to have reason to have a us citizen searched ,or at gun point racial profiling happens and a lot of our young fathers,husbands,brothers,and even mothers are being taking from us daily until we put this issues in all their faces every day and address this issue head on it will cotinue to happen
    we as a people need to come together stop pulling each other down and building each other up and face these issues together

  14. Bariiq of Newark, NJ

    I’m concerned about the brotha who called Charles Barron a socialist. Isn’t it funny how the white man and his media has brainwashed the people of this nation? Even US the African American community. It makes me cringe to see a black man accuse Charles Barron of being an “anti-American”, simply put I’m very firmly Anti-American as should any self-respecting black man living in this nation. It was Amerika that captured your ancestors, it was Amerika that killed thousands of Africans in the middle passage, it was Amerika that put Jim Crow laws on our community, and now it is Amerika that has kept our community down through racial profiling, police brutality, and controlling the media to potray black men as bad fathers and trouble makers and black women as hoes not worth looking at. It is Amerika that is the enemy of black people, and again and again we fall into the trap of trying to integrate and “fit in with our oppressors”. It is a disease, the idea that the more “American” you are the better you’ll do in Amerika. My brother… you are not “Amerikan”, you were brought here as a slave, nothing more. The fact is Amerikan society is run by the rich and the white, you are not “Amerikan” unless you are white or have green, simple as that. The rest of us (blacks, latinos, poor whites, and asians) are just slaves (“workers” or “employees”). We’ve got latinos comming in working for $0.50 for white companies and we’ve got the audacity to hate the latino man for “stealing” our so-called “jobs”, which are controlled by who? THE WHYTE MAN!! Why are we mad at the latino, when the white man brought them in as slaves in the first place? We need to get mad at the true enemy of ALL working people in America, the white man. He controls the jobs, the police, the media, etc… and you happy negros fall right into his plot. They decided since they couldn’t put US to work anymore they’d bring in new slaves, kill off our communities, through police brutality, gang violence, and poverty, and move in the latino who will work for cents an hour. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE!!

  15. Leroy Jackson

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    The allegation that last weekend’s shooting was racially motivated is preposterous. A group of undercover officers working in a gun- and drug-plagued strip joint in Queens had good reason to believe that a party leaving the club was armed and about to shoot an adversary. When one of the undercovers identified himself as an officer, the car holding the party twice tried to run him down. The officer started firing while yelling to the car’s occupants: “Let me see your hands.” His colleagues, believing they were under attack, fired as well, eventually shooting off 50 rounds and killing the driver, Sean Bell. No gun was found in the car, but witnesses and video footage confirm that a fourth man in the party fled the scene once the altercation began. Bell and the other men with him all had been arrested for illegal possession of guns in the past; one of Bell’s companions that night, Joseph Guzman, had spent considerable time in prison, including for an armed robbery in which he shot at his victim.

    Nothing in these facts suggests that racial animus lay behind the incident. (Though this detail should be irrelevant, the undercover team was racially mixed, and the officer who fired the first shot was black.) But even more preposterous than the assertion of such animus is the claim by New York’s self-appointed minority advocates that the well-being of the minority community is what motivates them. If it were, here are seven things that you would have heard them say years ago:

    1. “Stop the killing!” Since 1993, 11,353 people have been murdered in New York City. The large majority of victims and perpetrators have been black. Not a single one of those black-on-black killings has prompted protest or demonstrations from the city’s black advocates. Sharpton, Barron, et al. are happy to let thousands of black victims get mowed down by thugs without so much as a whispered call for “peace” or “justice”; it’s only when a police officer, trying to protect the public, makes a good faith mistake in a moment of intense pressure that they rise as vindicators of black life. (As for caring about slain police officers, forget about it. Sixteen cops—including several black policemen—have been killed since 1999, not one of whom elicited a public demonstration of condolence from the race hustlers.)

    If the city’s black advocates paid even a tiny fraction of the attention they pay to shootings by criminals as they pay to shootings by police, they could change the face of the city. If demonstrators gathered outside the jail cell of every rapist and teen stick-up thug, cameras in tow, to shame them for their attacks on law-abiding minority residents, they could deglamorize the gangsta life. Think you’ll find Sharpton or Barron patrolling with the police in dark housing project stairways, trying to protect residents from predators? Not a chance. Among the crimes committed in minority communities since last week’s police shooting of Sean Bell there has been a 26-year-old man fatally shot in the Bronx; another man hit by stray bullets; a sandwich shop in Brownsville robbed by thugs who fired a gun; and three elderly men robbed at knifepoint by a parolee in Queens. Those minority victims who survived will have to rely on the police and the courts, not the race “advocates,” for vindication.

    2. “Police killings of innocent civilians—each one of them a horror—are nonetheless rare.” The instances of an officer shooting an innocent, unarmed victim are so unusual that they can be counted on one’s fingers. Last year, of the nine suspects fatally shot by the police, two had just fired at a police officer, three were getting ready to fire, two had tried to stab an officer, and two were physically attacking an officer. Far more frequent are the times when the NYPD refrains from using force though clearly authorized to do so. So far this year, officers have been fired upon four times, without returning fire. In 2005, there were five such incidents. And the NYPD apprehended 3,428 armed felons this year, 15 percent more than last year. Each arrest of a gun-toting thug involves the potential for the use of deadly force, yet is almost always carried out peacefully.

    The Department has dramatically driven down the rate of all police shootings—justified and not—over the decades (in 1973, there were 1.82 fatal police shootings per 1,000 officers; in 2005, there were 0.25 such shootings per 1,000 officers, bringing the absolute number of police shootings down from 54 in 1973 to nine in 2005). The NYPD’s per capita rate of shootings is lower than many big city departments.

    Yet New York Times columnist Bob Herbert charges the police with an unbroken pattern of “blowing away innocent individuals with impunity.” The “community,” he wrote on November 30, “which is sick of these killings, is simmering,” What are “these killings,” about which the “community” is simmering? Herbert reaches back over three decades and adduces five prior to the recent shooting of Sean Bell. Each was a disaster that provoked the NYPD to scrutinize its tactics. But the number of innocent bystanders killed by criminal thugs in New York dwarfs the number of innocents killed by the police. Sharpton recently said that the minority community has to fear police officers as much as robbers. This is a groundless charge. What is true is that stoking the myth that the police are a threat to blacks harms the minority community by inflaming anti-cop sentiment and retarding community cooperation in the fight against crime in inner-city neighborhoods.

    3. “The police work every day to save lives.” If New York City murders had remained at their early 1990s highs, instead of dropping from 1,927 killings in 1993 to 540 in 2005, 13,698 more people—most of them black and Hispanic—would have been dead by last year. They are alive today thanks to the relentless efforts of the NYPD to bring the same level of safety to poor minority neighborhoods as to Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

    The undercover officers who killed Sean Bell over the weekend were working the strip club in Queens where the incident occurred at 4 AM because of its record of illegal guns and drug sales. Their intentions that night were to protect the residents of Jamaica and the occupants of the club from violence; that they ended up killing an unarmed man is undoubtedly a nightmare for them almost as horrific as it is for the victim’s family.

    It may turn out that the officers failed to follow departmental procedures during the incident (though the NYPD’s rule against firing at cars that are trying to run an officer over seems highly unrealistic). If so, the city will hold them accountable. The criminal justice system may even find them criminally liable. But there is absolutely no evidence that racial hatred lay behind either the officers’ presence at the club or their behavior once there—contrary to the outrageous slander of New York City Councilman Al Vann, who called the shooting of Bell and other police shootings the product of “a discriminatory mind, a prejudiced mind,” adding, “We have to admit [that] the problem is . . . institutional racism.”

    A New York Times reporter, Cara Buckley, coyly echoed this inflammatory charge on Wednesday. In referring to the undercover officer who fired the first shots at the car, she says: “The officer’s fear, if that was what motivated him, was unfounded” (emphasis added). We will leave aside the spurious judgment that just because no gun was ultimately found on the car’s occupants, the officer’s fear of a gun was “unfounded.” The officer, after all, had heard Sean Bell say, “Let’s fuck him up,” and Bell’s friend, Joseph Guzman, respond, “Yo, get my gun.” That officer was then the target of an oncoming vehicle driven by Bell. The most offensive part of Buckley’s statement, though, is her suggestion that the officer might have been motivated by something other than fear—and what else could that be but racism or some kind of violent animus?

    The New York Times, Al Vann, and other City Council hotheads such as Helen Foster notwithstanding, someone who believes that black lives are worth less than white lives is not going to put his own life at risk working in dangerous environments trying to get guns away from criminals.

    4. “If you witnessed a crime, help the authorities solve it.” The police could probably lock away just about every dangerous thug roaming the streets if they got more cooperation from witnesses and people with knowledge of the crime. Instead, they often encounter a wall of hostile silence in minority communities. Bystanders sometimes deliberately block officers chasing a criminal. The stigma against helping the police—referred to derogatorily as “snitching”—is pervasive. “If you’re a snitch, people want to kill you,” a teen robber in a Brooklyn crime rehabilitation program that I observed this spring explained. Helping the police is seen as helping the enemy, defined in racial terms. Even black officers are part of the hated white establishment. “Black cops, I disrespect them. They sucking the white man,” asserted another juvenile delinquent in the Crown Heights rehab program.

    Many law-abiding residents of crime-ridden neighborhoods buck this self-defeating social norm. They attend police-community council meetings in their local precinct month after month, learning about police initiatives, and they report anonymously on drug deals and vice hot spots. They are the eyes and ears of the department, and without their help, the NYPD might not have achieved the unmatched crime drop of the last decade. It would be astounding if any of the anti-police activists leading protests about the Sean Bell shooting had ever attended a precinct community meeting or offered to help the police solve crimes. Presumably, they have more important things to do than work to improve the quality of life in minority neighborhoods. Let the police take care of that. But even if the anti-cop activists can’t be bothered to give a few hours a month to fight crime, they could at least use their bully pulpit to call on others to share what they know about criminals and to help get violent offenders off the street before they injure more people and property. Instead, their opportunistic cop-bashing only increases the hatred of the police and the stigma against cooperating with them. As a result, more lives will be taken by cop-eluding barbarians.

    5. “The NYPD and the criminal justice system investigate every police shooting with profound seriousness; they will not rest until the facts are uncovered and justice done.” The premise of the current grandstanding by “minority advocates” is that the authorities would shrug off the recent shooting without heat from the street. One thinks of the rooster in the fable, who believes that his crowing raises the sun. “Business will not go on as usual until we get justice for Sean Bell,” Sharpton said on Wednesday. It is not Sharpton and his cronies who are getting justice for Bell, however. The street agitators could all go home (sometimes, as in the case of Sharpton, to suburbia) and wait quietly for a resolution, and the system would proceed just as diligently to assign fault if fault was present and to hold any wrongdoers accountable.

    Other publicity-hungry politicians are just as desperate to add their voices to the post-shooting hue and cry. New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton issued a joint statement on Wednesday: “It is of the utmost importance that the investigating authorities, led by the Queens district attorney, conduct an aggressive, impartial investigation to ferret out the facts.” What do they think would have happened without this self-righteous piece of boilerplate? That the “investigating authorities” would have conducted a biased, half-hearted investigation?

    Every time the anti-police lobby issues superfluous demands for a “full investigation” and threats of violence if “justice” is not done, they send the destructive message that the police are indifferent to the loss of life. Or worse: “I’m not asking my people to do anything passive anymore,” said City Councilman Charles Barron. “Don’t ask us to ask our people to be peaceful while they are being murdered. We’re not the only ones that can bleed.”

    6. “Police officers make mistakes; tragically, those mistakes are sometimes deadly.” Perhaps Al Sharpton, Charles Barron, and Jesse Jackson have never made an error of judgment, except for Tawana Brawley and such like. Perhaps, too—though this is truly unlikely—they have had to confront the possibility that they are facing someone about to shoot them and in a split-second to decide whether to shoot first. Perhaps in such circumstances, they would never ever make the wrong decision. If so, perhaps they are justified in strutting around like beings of superhuman prescience and infallibility.

    But most police officers are like other human beings: they do make mistakes. And because they are carrying lethal weapons, in order to counter the illegal firepower packed by lowlifes, very occasionally those mistakes take an innocent life. The Police Department works incessantly to make sure that its officers never make a fatal error. It tries to drill into officers reflexes that will guard against wrong split-second judgments. It constantly reviews its training and official procedures to improve those reflexes. But out in the field, even the best training can prove inadequate to the pressure and confusion of a possibly deadly encounter.

    This is not to say that the public and elected officials should automatically excuse every police shooting—which they are obviously far from doing. But to presume that every mistaken shooting represents a system-wide failure is inaccurate and unrealistic. The New York Times darkly commands: “[T]he Police Department must . . . confront the fact that a disaster that everyone swore to prevent seven years ago has repeated itself in Queens.” But because cops are humans and therefore fallible, it is impossible to prevent every wrongful shooting—without emasculating the police entirely. The New York Times has itself made a few mistakes over the last seven years; perhaps it, too, needs to confront its persistent fallibility.

    7. “The police concentrate their efforts in minority communities because that is where the crime is.” Race hustlers accuse the police of “racially profiling” and targeting minorities for unjustified police action. After showing up in New York for his time in the Sean Bell spotlight, Jesse Jackson announced: “Our criminal-justice system has broken down for black Americans and young black males. We’ve marched and marched, bled too profusely, and died too young. We must draw a line in the sand and fight back.”

    Memo to Jackson: The police have a disproportionate number of interactions with blacks because blacks are committing a disproportionate number of crimes. That fact comes from the testimony of the victims of those crimes, themselves largely black, not from the police. In New York City, blacks committed 62 percent of all murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults from 1998 to 2000, according to victim and witness identification, even though they make up only 25 percent of the city’s population. Whites committed 8 percent of those crimes over that period, though they are 28 percent of New York residents. These proportions have been stable for years and remain so today. It’s not the “criminal-justice system” that has broken down for young black males; it’s families and other sources of cultural support. Changing the subject and blaming the police just perpetuates the problem.

    The furor over the Sean Bell shooting shows no sign of abating; if anything, the specious racial rhetoric is becoming more ugly and dangerous. To the extent that the exploitation of this tragic event makes the police think twice about engaging with possible criminals or turn a blind eye to crime in the ghetto (as was once the case), the most direct victims will be the hundreds of thousands of innocent, upstanding minority New Yorkers

    • onewhoreads

      This is word-for-word from Heather MacDonald’s 4 December 2006 piece in City Journal. Are you MacDonald? The editor or publisher of City Journal? Research is all well and good, but one must then digest and assimilate what one learns and present one’s own analysis, while citing sources. There’s a word for skipping this step: plagiarism. I guess you think everyone else who reads this site is as feeble-minded as you seem to think you aren’t, and wouldn’t notice that you stole MacDonald’s work and tried to pass it off as your own.


    peace and stay wise..
    the bigger picture is there for you to see..
    save for the future generations, 100.

  19. Fendi,

    You did an excellent job of recapping the conservative argument rationalizing this unjustifiable homicide. Next time, try using fewer words. Your less articulate ideological kith and kin calling blacks “coons” did. Besides, isn’t it easier to just call us niggers and leave it at that?

  20. James

    Hi. I am a white male living in Brooklyn NY and i came across this website while looking up articles about the Sean Bell case. Now let me start off, before getting kind of digusted at most of these posts, I would like to shed some reality and truth here. I am not racist, nor do I think many white people are. The black race seems to think every one of us is out to get them, job them, or hurt them in any what way because of their color. There is bad and good in every race. I believe that 9 out of 10 times if you act civilized, dont destroy your neighborhoods, and remain innocent you will more than likely always win the battle. Most black males frisked at night in bad neighborhoods such as Harlem or Brownsville are usually the ones involved in drugs, gangs, murders, dealings, and so forth. Unfortunately, and I am not saying this from a racist point of view, just from facts, the majority of the black race in some way is involved more in cop disputes. The reason why you dont see a white person in a white area killed or beaten or shot many times by officers is because to be quite honest, we do not warrant it. We commit crimes in much lesser numbers, and we act more civilized. I have a black friend that used to tell me he was scared to live in his own neighhborhood cause it was black and he didnt even trust most of his entire people. I am sure there are good people living in these neighborhoods, and they might be in high numbers, but the fact of the matter is is that black people are involved in more crimes publically announced or caught by officers. Thats just it. So, to blame the cops, even though maybe quite excessive, to even give the cop the notion of using his gun right there shows you were recognized as a danger to his life, no matter how big or small you were recognized as a danger. So stop crying. Do not ram a cop car, do not yell get my gun, or even be innocent but just ignore the cops. Cops have a tough job and they are in the best decision to make that judgement than you or me. I am white and I have been stopped and harrased by the cops in my safe ass neighborhood. You dont think I know how it is ? Trust me i do. But to blame the cops all the time, its just not intelligent nor does it make sense. You don’t see Al Sharpton or any other offical making it a big deal whenever black on black crime occurs in black runned down neighborhoods. Only when its against the white man do they love to come out and make a big fuss. I am tired of it. I treat people the way they treat me, white black yellow or green. Same goes for Cops. Just act civilized, clean up your neighborhoods, educate the youth, and get more employment. Stop blaming the NYPD or the white race, or even yourselves. Just do what you have to do. The day I see Brownsville turn into Bensonhurst is the day I will even acknowledge an argument against the NYPD in brutality against the black race…..even as a white man.

    Take care all and I hope you all have learned from my posting. Feel free to get back to me.

    Take care and I prey for all of us to change

  21. Passionate

    Why are the prisons in Arkansas full of whites? Why are the prisons in Montana filled with whites? Why are the prisons in Oregan filled with whites? I guess because white people don’t commit crimes.

    90% of crimes committed against whites are by white people.
    90% of crimes committed against blacks are by blacks.

    The crimes Blacks commit are publicized because they(the white owned media) want you to think Blacks are more violent but that is not the case.

    Statistically there are more white pedifiles, serial killers, rapists and welfare recipients than Blacks. Please don’t live in an imaginary world try reality based on facts.

    No one is crying here, we’re demanded justice for wrongs.

    A man with no outstanding warrants, no gun or drugs tries to run a police officer over just so he can get home and get married?
    I’ll wait for the facts as suggested but it doesn’t add up.

    Yes, I agree Al Sharpton is an attention seeker for personal gain but if it wasn’t for his selfish efforts there wouldn’t be any investigation at all. NYPD would have swept this under the rug.

    Fendi you did a great job plagiarizing an article written by someone else. WOW how simple and desperate.

  22. James

    Ok I read your response to my posting, please….give me a rest. Maybe there is more white people on welfare just because by population statistics there are more white people living in America. That is true. But, if you look at how many blacks live in this country, about 12% then look at how many are in jail, its easily and clearly 1 out of every 3 or 4 at least between the ages of 18 to 26. Al Sharpton is more then an attention seeker, but I wont even elaborate on that….we already all know about him. And someone with no prior history or convictions tries to run down an officer to get home for his wedding? Hello, get with it…these were multiple Jamiacan Queens hoods with rap sheets. Each has been arrested on multiple gun charge felonies and or drug offenses. The club has been shady for years, with prostitution, illegal gamblings, and alot of bad stuff going down there. The club as I know was shut down multiple times, do your history. I can understand if this happened in Bensonhurst Brooklyn and there were 3 whites involved, or say, even 3 blacks involved in Jamaica queens, with no real prior history for major convictions, the club has no real history at all of shady or bad intentions going on, and then I will even LOOK at an argument here. I am sorry. You blacks just act different in your neighborhoods then we whites do. Everything South of Flatbush, besides Coney Island which you ruined also over the years, is THE SAFE PART OF BROOKLYN. Of course shit can go down anywhere in Brooklyn, but you can leave your door here. No Russian Italian or Chinese person will come in robbing you. THe chances of that are one in a million. But try doing that in lets see….the bad black areas…let me name em….Flatbush, Bed Stuy, Fort Green, Crown Heights especially, East Flatbush which is a warzone like Brownsville, Canarsie which was also ruined over the years, and all the way down past West 24th in Coney which is now a sewer….I’m sorry, you cant blame it all on the NYPD or white people or money. There are tons of poor white people in this country too, even more then blacks not a percentage wise on the racial numbers but just because there are more whites in this country. And do you see Whites turning their neighborhoods into warzones? Sure there might be poverty and drugs in it, but its hidden. We do not shit where we eat. We do not ruin our living areas, why would anyone want to do that unless there savages ? So stop f**king crying, these hoodlums deserved it. Blacks just love starting shit and getting all rowded up when they want to be racist and thats usually all the time.

    This is from a white man in Brooklyn, non racist, and going by facts, intelligence, statistics and common sense.

    Im tired of the black man crying. I truly am. I am almost as tired as the blacks from the 70’s who look at this rap music today and go no wonder why the white man still looks at us as dumb.

  23. James,

    While I welcome dialog on this and a whole host of issues, I must first take issue with your tone and your language. Please use the same language you would in polite company. Moreover, your comments betray a racial prejudice against blacks and the victims in this case.

    I do not believe the official excuses in this case or the surprise witness. Lastly, I don’t really think it was necessary to bust down people’s doors in the midnight hour looking for a fictitious fourth man who never existed. Hauling people downtown for parking tickets is bogus and you know it. If you were fair, and you’re not, you’d understand that.

  24. --Someone--

    damn nigga this shit is crazy them motha fuckiin copz are wreckless shootiin anybody cuz they think they a bad person..dem niggaz mad cuz they aint black..all i gta say is that hope all them is restiin in peacee

  25. Chris

    Just my two cents.

    James, you are typical of the informed white suburban culture that view African Americans as savages.

    You try to make a logical argument, it just goes to show are an idiot. You were better off keeping quiet.

    I do not believe the shooting was racially motivated. However something has to be done about this mistake that has happened.

    And having a prior arrest history does not warrant being shot at.

    The police saying “oh it was a horrible mistake lets move on” does not correct the matter.

    There is no excuse for what the cops did on that fateful night.

    Just look at the facts…. there is and was no motive for those men to ram their car into police officers. They did not have guns, they did not have drugs. Several witness stories directly conflict with the police story after 2 days the officers were given to make it up.

    how can you say they deserve what they got? That is a horrible and unimaginable thing to say. They deserved to die? on what grounds????? what evidence do you have, other than the 2 days of lead time the cops were given to make up their story.

    How the hell can you speak for African American culture. Have you ever been pulled over and questioned just for being black.

    Have you ever had an officer talk down to you like you are a child, and disrespect you because you are black.

    Have you ever had an office stick a plunger up your ass?

    Now it is true that more violent crimes happen in predominately african american neighborhoods, but that is not an excuse for the mistake the officers made on that night.

    Sean Bell’s prior rap sheet does not absolve the officers from wrong doing.

    Being a Police officer in Jamaica Queens does not absolve you from wrong doing.

    Something has to be done, saying oh” im sorry” does not do shit.
    And it is also insulting. … to the family of the departed.

    I will never understand why lawful, decent hardworking Black men such as myself are constantly harrassed here in the Bronx.

  26. Sal Rosenberg

    Thats too bad. Although I get chills looking at that picture of him. Why wouldnt he smile for a with his beautiful wife and daughter?

  27. JOHN

    If you reach into a beehive and get stung is it the bee’s fault…NO ITS YOUR YOUR’S!!! …

    If you punch a strange dog in the face and get bit is it the dogs fault?…NO IT’S YOUR’S!!!

    If you attack a man and he beats you up is it the mans fault.? NO IT’S YOUR’S!!!…

    If you attack me with a knife and get stabbed is it my fault?…NO ITS YOUR’S!!!…

    If you try to kill me and I kill you is it My fault?…NO ITS YOUR’S!!!…

    If you try to hit me with your car and I shoot you is it my fault?…NO ITS YOUR’S!!!

    This is the case with the Sean Bell killing. Plain and simple. All other facts may show why this happened but the main TRUTH is that Sean Bell tried to hit cops with his car and they stopped him the only way they could. It takes a particularly sick person to want to kill someone. A real nut job. And the only way you could convince me that this killing was a crime would be to prove to me that the cops that shot Sean Bell wanted to kill someone. Lets not forget that all cops undergo tough psycological examinations to make sure that they are fully sane. No sane person WANTS to end another human beings life. The other thing is racism. Now anyone who see’s this incident as racism is out of their minds.Show me one piece of evidence that says any of these cops are racist. Most of the cops involved aren’t white.

    One thing i keep hearing is when was the last time you saw an unarmed middle class white kid get shot and killed by the police. THAT IS TRUE. But when was the last time you saw a middle class white kid(or any middle class kid) kill a cop.Or put contracts out on cops heads as the Bloods and Crips so often do.There is a hit on all five of these cops heads right now.Im also hearing that the cops may not have identified themselves.

    Well guess what ,when in immediate danger cops do not have to identify themselves(not many ppl realize this). I would say a car about to hit you is immediate danger. The only thing i can see calling a crime would be if the cops did not I.D. themselves and just pulled out their guns. Because that could have caused Bell to panic. But if this is the case, which is the worst case scenario, than the cops are guilty of reckless endangerment. Nothing else. Shooting Sean Bell would still be out of self defense. Sean wouldnt have been wrong. But it is still self defense on the cops part.Lets also put ourselves in The 5 detectives shoes for a second.

    You work in an inner city neighborhood.Dealing with gangs,guns,drugs,and low lifes that no-one else wants to deal with.Plus add in that politicians looking to win the black vote have caused inner city,black New Yorkers to not only fear the police but hate them.This means you work in an extremely dangerous, violent, and hostile environment. Any day at work could be your last.You kiss your wife/g.f./ husband/children good buy knowing that there is a chance it will be the last time. You go to a bar that is under investigation for drug dealing, prostitution and who knows what else. A bar that is frequented by gang members everyday. You, as the cop, see a group of young thugs(yes i said thugs, all three men that were shot had been previosly arrested and jailed for not only drug charges but illegal firearms possesion) arguing with another group of potential gang members. One man says we are going to get the gun and signals with his hand a trigger being pulled. So you follow him in an effort to save lives.One of the men clearly just said that they had a gun. It was a bluff but the cops didnt know this. When you confront the men they attempt to run you over. Getting close enough that they did hit the one cop( luckily he jumped out of the way enough so that he didnt get run over) and then proceed to smash into a police car.Imagine the fear in these poor guys minds as a group of thugs, who they believe to have a gun in the car attempt to hit you and take your life??The thoughts of i hope to see my family again right before this whole thing went down. We tend to think that because they are police they are not afraid.BULLSHIT. They are afraid but they have to push foward because it is what they took an oath to do. So the cops did what they HAD to do to make sure that they got home that night. Anyone of us would do the same.

    If Al Sharpton gave a shit about black people he would adress the community and ask them to stop the killing. 94% of all blacks murdered in this country last year were murdered by other blacks. But not once did you hear all this commotion. Because the politicians and “leaders” dont care about the black community they only care about getting votes or getting themselves in the spotlight. The liberal politicians who “help the black community” are really only hurting them. And they know it. Thats the way they like it because if they can keep them down …they can count on their vote. Please feel free to write me messages with your thoughts on the situation….And PLEASE if you agree pass this around. WHAT IS THE NYPD SUPPOSED TO DO?? LET THE GOOD PPL OF THE INNER CITY BE BRUTALIZED BY GANGS AND DRUG DEALERS??? IN 1995 THERE WHERE JUST OVER 2000 MURDERS IN NYC…ABOUT 1600 OF THEM WHERE BLACK…IN 2005 THERE WHERE 546..ABOUT 300 BLACK. THAT MEANS THAT IN 1995 ALONE THE NYPD SAVED 1300 YOUNG BLACK LIVES. YES THE NYPD IS A LITTLE TOUGH…BUT THATS BECAUSE THE NEIGHBORHOODS THEY WORK IN ARE TOUGH.

  28. Chris

    I am glad Mr. Guzman lived, his body was riddled with 15 bullets, that is how i know there is a god.

    Mr. Guzman’s story will be told, and Justice will be done.

    Lets analyze your bull shit argument

    There is only one driver in the vehicle, that allegedly poses an eminent threat. So why are the cop shooting at everyone in the vehicle. IF one driver poses a threat, why not take out the driver.
    Why Mr. Guzman body riddled with 15 bullets??

    John, this is not about black and white. It is about right and wrong. The police officers were wrong. It is wrong to shoot and kill unarmed people. It is wrong to shoot at a moving vehicle.
    It is wrong to lump all African American into one racial profile.

    Fuck statistics, look at the facts of the case and what is known and told by eyewitnesses to the scene.

    I am not saying the officers are murderers. but they made a terribly mistake, and something needs to be done about that mistake.

    Anyone else who makes a mistake on the job that cost the loss of life, is immediately fired. Why NYPD is the only organization where you can shoot and kill unarmed people, and get a promotion?

    Just look at the rules.

    1)It is against the law to shoot at a moving vehicle.
    That is the first rule the cops broke.
    2)As an NYPD cop, you are trained to identify the shooter and take him out if he poses an eminent threat to anyone’s life.
    All 3 men were unarmed that is second rule that was broken.

    Once again there was no motivation for Sean bell to ram his car into police. What was the motivation behind it???

    I guess he just couldn’t wait to get married the next day?

    Bottom line, The cops failed to properly identify themselves,
    they pulled out there guns, the guys got spooked and tried to escape, in doing so they might have rammed into a unmarked police van.
    Im positive that at some point the car had to have stopped. And the bullets kept raining down on those men inside the stopped car.

    To this day no guns or drugs were found at the scene. So if the cops had a sting operation, to find those things, it has failed horribly.

    The most disgusting part about this whole situation. the cops are trying to smear the memory of sean bell by bringing up an unrelated incident that has happened in the past and has no revelance to what happened on that night.

    John, here is my question, to you what can be done to correct this situation??? So officers do not shoot and kill unarmed citizens like this again???

    I am glad MR. Guzman lived, his body riddled with 15 bullets, his story will be told, and Justice will be done.

  29. voice of reason

    lets start off with this question if you had a gun and someone rams you with a car how accurate are you going to be, how many round whould you fire?
    then after you ponder that thought honestly, lets also discuss how many bad act does a man have to commit to be considered a bad man, telling the trueth about a bad man is not smearing his memory. he was a bad man that broke the law numorous times, think of all the lives that will not be negatively affected now that he isn’t dealling drug and isn’t running around with a illegal firearm.
    I’m sorry i can’t form a tear for men who so recklessly broke the law numorous times.



    • onewhoreads

      Quoting the Portland (Oregon) Police Bureau’s “Manual of Policy and Procedure:”

      “Shooting At a Moving Vehicle (1010.10)
      For the purposes of this policy, a moving vehicle itself shall not presumptively
      constitute a threat that justifies the member’s use of deadly physical force. The
      member using deadly physical force must be able to clearly articulate the reason
      for the use of deadly physical force. Members shall not discharge a firearm at
      a person(s) in a moving vehicle unless one or both of the following criteria are
      a. To counter an active threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer
      or another person, by a person in the vehicle using means other than the
      b. There are no other means available at the time to avert or eliminate the
      Members threatened by an oncoming vehicle should attempt to move out of its
      path instead of discharging a firearm at it or any of its occupants.
      In those cases where the criteria are met, Bureau members shall take into account
      the location, vehicular and pedestrian traffic and any hazard to innocent persons
      before discharging a firearm at a moving vehicle.”

      I wonder if the NYPD has a similar rule, and if not, why not?

  30. Innocent until proven guity is a joke! the N.Y.P.D. will blast you before they have any facts or probable cause related to a case…Its the mentality of the police that needs to be changed, they are paid to make communites safe for the residents? not to act as domestic terrosists or common thugs enforcing the agenda of whatever administration they are serving! They serve the people! but sad to say, In the end, you get what you pay for! The lower the salary the lower the intelligence of the people applying…And then we give them guns? This whole system needs some C.P.R.
    ghst B.K. N.Y.

  31. donis

    i see why we arent getting anything done and the reason being that they are not taking the ‘code of silence’ away and these cops are already stressed out and take it out in us young brothers and they wonder why we wont stop doing what we do but its ok im writing a 20 page essay and im going to prove to all these ignorant people that the word they use to try and bring us down is what they really are

  32. BlackFemaleFromHarlem

    I have read all of these comments. I am saddened and moved by the Sean Bell tragedy. I am also moved by many of the responses. Although, some of them were uneasy jerks brought on by some of the more discriminatory statements. To the white man from Bklyn…someone who is not racist does not make racist statements. Either your friend never heard or read your true feelings or he is a biggot. You obviously have some prejudiced views that I was very disappointed to read since, it is obvious that you represent a vast number of whites in America. Racial profiling, the broken windows theory, Reagan’s administration and so many others are all ways in which this system has wronged the black community. You speak about statistics, but do you truly study them? We “shit where we eat” and are “uncivilized”. So, you and the majority of the white race are elite. You don’t have the issues of drugs and violence. Or could it be that because racial profiling doesn’t exist for whites on Wall Street they are not worried or affected by the police. They deal drugs on their lunch breaks with no fear of being arrested. Statistics don’t track that!If whites in Suffolk County were pulled over at the same rates at blacks in Harlem then you would see a dramatic change in statistics…however, that would tarnish the image of the clean civilized streets of suburbia. Why are drugs in black communities? Don’t answer that. I know the typical white man’s answer. I agree that our communities have challenges…but siting that we are only a sm. fraction of the U.S. population should give way to the fact that we are magnificent. We built the luxuries you were born to enjoy during slavery, black codes and Jim Crow. We continue to be the innovators of America. People like you are America’s disease. You don’t know history. You only know what you see on t.v. I feel sorry for you and your ignorance. Black people please don’t separate yourselves…their has to be a consensus that injustice does exist and no one is going to change it unless we force the issue. So, stop talking about statistics and start doing something. These days no one wants to take responsiblity. Whites didn’t up and decide to stop slavery because it was immoral, or to give blacks the right to vote, or to give equal money for schools, or to become equal opportunity employers. That means that you can’t feel removed form the situation because you’re from the suburbs and have a doctorate in law. No one should be marked and branded because of their baggy jeans, braids and slang. Stereo types affect the way other people view and treat blacks more than any other race of people in America. Most blacks in America are not pimps, criminals and hoes. So, stop labelijng me and my people!

  33. That was my brother Aswan Watson and the main reason they really got off is because my mother was receiveing crazy harrassing calls from probably them or their counterparts and felt her life would be in danger and didn’t go along with the lawyers to pursue the case to convict them. I was in the military at the time and had to be stationed near her after it happened and she is still shook up from this to this date as well as me and his other sibling.

  34. my deepest sympathies go out to everyone that went thru the same situations, and I would want to do more but out of respect for my mother and her nervous break downs I just want her to be at ease.

  35. sean bell

    This is wrong heck yeah i tryed to run down those cops.. i wanted to kill them they were just doing there jobs though… if i were still alive i would just tell the judge that they are innocent and just doing their jobs leave the cops alone… they protect us all

  36. SGT.Tyone Jefferson

    How come a brother in a stolen car is the innocent one?

    As a Police officer in NJ I know NYC cops are incompendent and poor shooters but I can also understand if I was facing a known criminal white ot black in a stolen car I think I would shoot for effect.

    Mayor Bloomberg talks the talk about gun control But he is really talking about taking guns away from honest Black citizens as so far many of his NYC’s finest have come to NJ and Rhode Island and other states to do drug crimes with NYC police issued fire arms.

    Look at the record of NYC police going to Washington DC and shooting up the place

  37. Black People you will always be oppressed and beat down by the white man. Why, cause all we do is talk. The white man will kill you, taser you, they are not afraid to use violence we as a people live in this fantasy that one day the white man will say okay we are sorry here is your forty acres and a mule. The white man only pretends to not understand years of slavery then Jim crow has not done exactly what they wanted. The white man is the most diabolical creature God created. He will kill his own kind to stay ahead, he will pit the black female against the black male young against old. Child support and government assistance programs have taught the black female that she don’t need a strong black man to head up the house. I have many female cousins that grew up on welfare no man in the house and now they have “baby dadd

  38. Cliff

    “The white man will kill you, taser you, they are not afraid to use violence we as a people live in this fantasy that one day the white man will say okay we are sorry here is your forty acres and a mule.”

    Nope, lost that hope when I was 2 🙂 , then I realized that white man would rather kill himself and his whole family before he would give us a dollar.

  39. Cliff

    “This is wrong heck yeah i tryed to run down those cops.. i wanted to kill them they were just doing there jobs though… if i were still alive i would just tell the judge that they are innocent and just doing their jobs leave the cops alone… they protect us all”
     \l “comment-27249” sean bell October 6, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    Hey SB sorry for radicalizing your site but I was thinking should I do it………….

    should I do it……

    should I do it…….

    but maybe I’ll have tooooooo……




    The enemy thinks that they can get away with killing the innocent, but I heard Minster Louis Farrakhan say that “there is a higher spiritual law that the enemy has to answer to“. They thought they got away then wonder why all of a sudden death and destruction entered their own life. Then all of a sudden they become believers in God again, “Oh God, pleeeeeaaasse stop killing my family”, “I did’nt mean to kill all those innocent black men in the streets”, “Why do you keep killing my family”, “We swear we won’t kill any more of them, we did’nt think that you were real, now we know”, “We just called them animals because we knew if they knew that we were the real animals they would kill us”, “Please, no more deaths, no more plagues, just a moment of peace”, “Oh God please give the animals more time on the Earth”.

    I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  40. Hector

    ” FACT ”
    Current mood: angry
    Category: Life

    A tiger does not fall or stumble
    Broken by an accident.
    A tiger does not loose his stride
    Or clumsy slip and slide to
    That Buzzard’s feast upon.
    Has not “Passed Away”….
    A Tiger does not Fall

  41. Jon Smith

    Watch this Sean Bell trial. It is going to
    be another white railroad trial. No jury,
    just an old biased white judge, he is there to get these cops off. the verdict is going
    to be ugly, This is going to be pure
    WWE. Living with these white people
    is unbearable.

  42. You see…. this is making me angry. Yes, it’s tragic that Sean Bell was killed. But the area that he was in was known for gun toting civilians. I was raised in Jamaica, Queens, so I know this for a fact (and yes, I am black). The issue is not 50 shots. No. It’s Detective Oliver and his 39. That should be the issue. Detective Gescard Isnora should also be called into question. Detective Marc Cooper should be exonorated, as he only fired 4 shots. He didn’t go trigger happy like Oliver did. Hang Oliver. He fired more than half the shots.

  43. Vito Mayones

    These cases turn my stomach sick.
    The cops always do the wrong thing and get away with murder. The fact remains; if you have any encounter with NYPD you can be dead and all the cop has to say ” I was afraid, I thought he was reaching for a gun.” These cops used bad judgement; after all Sean Bell was Judged and Executed by these cops and all they can say is. “Can we move the trail to another town or better yet can I have on judge jury.” They can breath easy now that one of their friend (a judge) is going to make sure they don’t go to jail. Has anyone realize the judges, DA’s and cops work together when it time to make a case against civilians. Maybe the cops should be governed by the military code of justice. Every military personnel have knowledge of combat tactic weapon damage.
    Oliver situation show a person that does not have the training to be a cop. If they were actual armed suspect Oliver would be the first to get shot. He jumped out of van a stayed in one spot just shooting and reloaded like if he as playing a shoot’en up wii game and the tv was the windshield.

  44. Vito Mayones

    It’s very clear that these cops didn’t feel any threat cause not one looked for cover wail they were shoot at Bell and his friends.

  45. sharon buchanan

    what do white america want us to do we have stood by the wayside too long. we have to stand up and fight i live in michigan and it goes on here too we need a leader if the new black panther want me here i am im ready for chang. lets get together our forefathers built this country and now we cant even get a decent job and are still being treated as second class citizens it doesnt matter how much money or fame you have achieved you are not treated well being black in america lets burn it down and let whitie rebuild.

  46. sharon buchanan


  47. ladymaryum

    Truly a shame 2008, as I am reading the comments, and it still pains me after all we have been through, blacks still arent ready to unite with one another, and go and take us some justice, some freedom, and some equality, until we are, we can just sit back and expect more of the same. Things are as they are, we do not enough to bring about change. We, have to learn to love and respect one another. Then we can move foward to bringing about a change, so this killing cant continue. As long as we dont want to show true love for one another. How can we expect the children of the slave master, to care about our welfare. Things havent changed, as much as you would think. In order for change to come, we gonna have to change how we treat one another. Unity is power. with regular unity, will bring about regular change, in how our people are handled. 50 shots, ridiculous, to say the least. This shows a total lack of respect for the blackman period. as well as others of color. Being Sick and tired, is not enough, marching is not enough, singing songs, screamin out no justice, no peace. not enough. Mere words without any actions. Show and prove is what time it is. If you are scared, get out the way, and let the true soldier through, We have to stop depending on others to do what we should be doing for ourself. We had a messenger amongst our midst, but many of yall refused to accept him, I strongly suggest you go back and read his teaching, and wake up.. The person which I am speaking of is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, this is real, and bear witness to what is going on, trust what I said, you will see more of the same, or worse, we have to work toward change, they arent going to hand it over to you.. The dream is an nightmare, our people are dying like dogs, how long will ENOUGH truly be ENOUGH.. Truth has come, stop running, and get to your rightful place. Peace and love to you all, Much love.

  48. Marc

    We all know the problems, what are the solutions.

    (1) SPEAKING

    Proper spelling leads to proper speech.

    Most people on this forum can’t even tell the difference between:

    there, they’re,their
    through, threw

    If you can’t speak properly then you cannot communicate.

    If you cannot communicate you cannot DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS.

    Is it not interesting that the person that wrote the disparaging statement, “black people can’t even spell” didn’t even use correct grammar themself.

    I am all for using slang when you are out with your friends or in your home. In public, it is a mistake. No one will take you seriously.

    No matter what comments written about Rev. Sharpton, he is a good orator.

    Remember you spell check does not have the capacity to get you threw.

    (Just testing you!)


    We all know the newspapers are bias.
    However, so are people. Gossip and rumors are not information. However, the communities follow them.

    For example:
    Someone says, “Don’t go looking for work in Manhattan they won’t hire you anyway”

    Yes, it is very difficult. However, the truth is that the most successful people are persistant. Police shootings don’t scare you, instead the community is intimidated because everyone voices their fears about the working class world. Misinformation.

    Go out there for yourself and try it.
    Don’t let anyone dissuade you!

    (3) SCHOOLS
    The education system is not ruined by anyone involved in education. This excludes the teachers, lack of funds, disruptive teachers.

    It is the policy makers.

    Can you imagine if a company changed their (not there nor they’re) policies every year. Would that company have any consistency? Would it be successful? of course not.

    However, education reform in K-12 is constantly reforming.

    So, why are students from higher socio-economic backgrounds still successful?
    Simple: The PARENTS have the time, resources, and the knowledge to compensate for any deficiencies in the classroom.

    I’ve taught in rough schools and the PARENTS were very involved. They did care!
    Unfortunately, They were unable to spend the time doing what the school system was supposed to be doing.

    So, our kids need to become more autonomous learners. Just as in solution #2, you need to go out there and learn things for yourself.
    Wait, who are the fastest, slickest, and coolest self -starters? Yes, the youth!

    Well learn how to write an article or find the percentage… on your own!
    Think of all of the NEGATIVE things, that are very difficult to understand, learned by these kids.

    They don’t need the teachers and the adults.


    When you buy a house who keeps your deed?
    When you buy a car who keeps the title?
    Does it matter that in one it is you and the second it is the bank? Either way, you are borrowing the money and don’t truly own anything.

    Aim to own things that truly matter.

    If you don’t know what I am referring to than you need to go to some form of religion and find some spirituality as a relief from the materialism that has inundated this world.

    There is a power struggle for all of the resources in the world. The people at the top have it all and spend money to keep the rest of us in complete disarray.

    Why aim for something you will never possibly achieve?

    You will never have enough money.
    They understand this very well.. that is why they are so greedy and so unhappy.

    If the goal is to have ownership of your soul.
    Your thoughts.. the preservation of your family to have these thoughts, than that is a battle worth fighting…


    We’ve gone from an NYPD police force that was predominately all white. To a mixed group of women, African-Americans, Latino, and Asian.

    What has changed? Nothing!
    The same GROUP mentality exists. Everyone wants to be one of the boys. So they all learn to behave in the manner that is acceptable to be part of the GROUP!

    That is why when one shoots or hits the others join in. No one goes, “Hey we shouldn’t do this”.

    If any of you have experienced this you will know what I am speaking about. NWA mentioned it a long time ago. Hip Hop has a great message if you are mature enough to understand.

    Stop the focus on the police and the government:
    We have to change our attitudes.

    Let us move away from comparisons.
    Things we can improve on need to be addressed.

    I apologize if I have offended anyone. However, if you cannot spell it takes away from your message.

  49. los

    After hearing about the sean bell decision today and searching through some sites I came across this one. I read several posts and it looks like alot of different people have alot different things to say about all this. First, I have to say that I feel for Sean Bell’s family and friends. They deserve some sort of justice. Reading over the facts of this case should lead anyone in their right mind to conclude these victims did nothing that warranted a 50 shot death sentence. That includes pretending to reach for a gun. You don’t keep reloading unless you want to make sure that person is dead. And im pretty sure the tax paying citizens of NYC are not paying cops to go around killing people for no good reason. They should be held accountable for what they did.

  50. Eric Warren

    OK, this is whats the deal police officers is a gang. and some have very bad attitudes and cant wait to shoot just like the bloods and crips, so you figure why not be down with a gang, righ? no wrong police is the problem, and mostly all of these so call killers (police) use to be little scardey cats growing and didnt have the heart to fight back in the hood so they become cops and use there badge to kill the ones they are affraid of COWArd ass pigs.

  51. los

    One more thing on sean bell. It amazes me how the NYPD can get away with such a blatant cover-up. I hope this story gets more publicity. This police dept. needs an uncomfortable microscope put on them for this at the very least. I hope this eventually goes to a federal trial to convict these corrupt cops. But it might take the extent of a riot like Rodney King in L.A for that to happen.

    The judge in this case said “The people have not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that each defendant was not justified in firing.”



  52. Rhonda

    First of Marc has issues!! Some of your comments I agreed with but in defense of the majority of people commenting….I’m sure I speak for everybody……if I say there and it’s supposed to be their….you knew what the hell I meant!! That’s enough!!! If you come down out of the clouds and stop judging and looking down on everybody maybe you’ll read the posts instead of correcting them. What a shame!! All this info and you’re (not your) concentrating on grammer and mispelled words. Get a grip!! It’s people like you that make other individuals insecure about expressing their feelings because they’re afraid that some critic like yourself will pick it apart while missing the point. Typical or in the words of my best friend….CLASSIC!!!!

    Now, the NYPD have been under a microscope for years. They don’t care about the microscope. That is why I left NY. I have a 6 year old son that will not get caught up in the NYPD drama. The sad part about it is it’s not just the NYPD. There are countless corrupt police departments around the nation that get little or no recognition because the big cities are getting it all. We need to open up the book on all of them. They need to be held accountable, bottom line.

  53. Undercover Brotha

    These cops need to pay for what they did to Sean Bell! Its a total cover-up and government/judicial protection of the NYPD. Its just unbelievable that this sort of thing can happen while politicians just watch. There needs to be a federal investigation into the actions of these officers.

    This is not a racially motivated incident but its racial insensitivity that caused it to become what it is and racist treatment of blacks by the judicial system that caused the injustice of an aquital of these trigger-happy fools.

    I am sick of this disrespectful VIGILANTE STYLE POLICE FORCE IN NYC!!


    …and for all you right wing losers… your hateful words will die with you and the sooner the better!! You disgust me!!

  54. Uncle Sam

    The police did the right thing and justice prevailed… and there is nothing any of you can do about it so get over it.

  55. Get Right

    Why don’t all you people that complain about the police being so rotten, get a life, get an education and do the right thing and join the force to protect your brothers and sisters. Try to contribute to society instead of crying about how bad your treated. If you want to make a difference, become a cop. Or maybe that’s a bad idea? you’ll probably become just as corrupt as you claim the police to be now.

  56. G Bell

    I agree with Get Right. There is no reason to have a trail and spend money on determining what happened in cases where the police have killed some citizen in a hail of gunfire. We must understand in Chicago it’s perfectly legal to shoot a citizen if the citizen has a cell phone. In New York killing citizen is legal if you claim you heard the citizen say go get my gun.

    In California they are a bit more civilized and only kill some citizens while the others are simply beaten point where they call a press conference and spend millions of dollars on media advertising the the conference and the only statement comes in the form of a asking if we can’t all just get along.

    I don’t know the judge in the Sean Bell case but apparently he has found a new reason to assist the members of New York’s finest thin the herd. I didn’t realize it until today but apparently citizens who survive an attempted “herd thinning” AKA police massacre are not suppose to have an unacceptable demeanor. And just as an aside, should a citizen make it through one of these selected target practices any and all non eliminated targets should have the same recall, so the court can say they were rehearsed and find the police not guilty. If on the other hand, if the stories are completely consistent you guessed it.

  57. G Bell

    There was a reporter on CNN who was happy to explain how the police only had about two minutes to discharge their weapons some 51 times in the Sean Bell murder. To reporter I can only trust that some day before too long she has an opportunity to see first hand just how long it takes to have 51 bullets fired at you while you attempt to duck and dodge them.

    Of course if she only dates white men and stays in the upper class neighborhoods she will lower her chances to improve her understanding of time and gunfire. Or who knows? She could be in the car with someone who is mistaken for black man and be availed the opportunity to get the fabulous experience. I will continue to hope she is not deprived of the experience for too long.

    Here is another thought, maybe she will be lucky enough to be one of the many test cases. That might be cool.

  58. los

    In response to chris…It doesn’t matter if sean bell peddled drugs or not. He still has rights. You can’t just dismiss someones rights because you believe they are a bad person or involved in wrongdoing. More importantly, he did nothing that deserves a death sentence. If you really believe its ok sean bell was killed then you have no value for human life. OR maybe its no value for black human life.

    to getright… its that easy, huh? Join the NYPD and change it from within. That may be a long term solution but that will not solve the immediate problem at hand. Public outcry is a contribution to society whether you like it or not. Without it no attention gets brought to the issue. You can’t kill step 1 and expect to make it to step 150.

  59. Get Right

    Murder? So when did the murdering start? When Bell was selling his drugs to the local city children or when the police decided to crack down on the crimes in the city? The cops might have taken things to far, But I think you would to if you didn’t know what you were up against. Not saying they were right either, but neither was bell a stellar human being. I think we should be looking at the police were doing what we pay them to do, get the criminals off the street. It all went bad this time. But what are the percentages of what they do right against what they do wrong? And of course it doesn’t matter to you, because you never make mistakes do you “G”. If you were a police officer, what would you have done different in the situation? Yell stop stop and throw soft sponge bricks at him while he was trying to run you down? Or maybe just let him drive away? If there wasn’t this kind of violence in the world, the Law enforcement wouldn’t be that necessary.

  60. los

    Get Right, you have a presumptuous bigot’s point of view. You can’t presume to know he sold drugs to children. You don’t know that at all and claiming to makes you very ignorant.

    They “might” have taken things to far? You’ve got to be kidding me. If YOU were instantly transformed into a police officer maybe I wouldn’t expect any less out of you. However, these guys are well trained to know and handle situations like this. There is absolutely no excuse, not even being scared of possibly having a gun, throwing out everything you learned and know out the window, is a legitimate excuse for this. These were not rookie cops on the first day on the job. These were experienced detectives who know better. You or me might have handled this like morons and emptied clips out of fear but you have to expect more out of detectives who are trained and paid to know you can’t shoot 50 times into a car for the sole reason that he “may” have a gun. That’s B.S!

    Bell being a stellar human being is irrelevant and your point has no substance if you need that crutch in your argument. There is no mistake in this. It’s impossible to shoot 50 times into a car by accident. You’re kidding yourself otherwise.
    None of the witnesses say they heard the undercovers say anything. You would run too if you were in queens and plain clothes guys with guns start approaching you. That makes sense. The actions these detectives used with the available information doesn’t.

  61. Get Right

    But you can assume that the officers were incorrect in there actions? What makes you the judge of what happened. You assumed that what they did was wrong. I’m saying they are both wrong. I’m not choosing sides here. I’m not painting the officers to be the pretty picture. I’ve been in a situation where I was forced to use means to protect myself and my subordinates from immediate danger. I still think I could have handled the situation better than what I did. Fortunately no one got hurt badly because of the decision I made. But I don’t think I should have been put in jail or persecuted for it. Try the officers, if no wrong doing was found, let them continue there lives SERVING their communities and let them be. /and everyone else can go back to there’s. Whatever that may be.

  62. only human

    who’s worse the criminals, the cops or the free thinkers who have nothing better to do than scream some sort of rights violation everytime they think they can get away with it?

  63. Eye for an Eye

    “Here we are again, another brotha, Sean Bell, has bitten the dust, taken out by wild, out-of -control NYPD officers. This could have been averted.”

    The actually could of been averted…dont try and run over a cop because you might get shot.

    Try and run over me…I would on unloaded as many rounds as I had and then I would of picked up some rocks and started throwing them.

    “Brotha” or not…dumb move

  64. Dashawn Williams

    This is a very sad tragedy. I feel so very sorry for the parents of Sean Bell.

    Having said that, let me now say this:

    When I first read the story, it portrayed a picture of poor innocent Sean Bell and his friends who were brutally gunned down by racist cops for no reason what-so-ever and it was covered up by the force and the system. It was only when I actually took the time to find the rest of the facts did I learn that there was more to this story than was portrayed in the headlines. Bottom line, a bunch of thugs and some under cover police had an altercation in a den of iniquities and the outcome was one thug dead, other injured and the cops on trial. Did the cops go out that night saying “let’s shoot us some niggas!”? No, I don’t think so. Did they over react and act poorly? I absolutely think so.

    But the facts do not change that every time a black man is killed by the police, the Sharptons will come out of the woodwork and try to line their pockets and keep their name in the headlines and the ignorant people who don’t want to look further in the facts, the perpetual victims who don’t want to take responsibility for their lives and sh^t stirrers will join the bandwagon every time.

    Where we the marches to close down that crime ridden club or those like them? Where were the marches against the drug dealers, the illegal gun owners and the known gang members in that neighborhood? Funny how the black community will be soooo silent to protect the thugs, yet want blood against the police who take action against them. And yes, I think the police acted irresponsibly here. I do not think they acted with malice though. How the hell can this be a racist case when you look at the officers charged? Or is this the Uncle Tom mentality where if a black gets educated and shows any measure of success, he is automatically considered a turncoat?

    I am sick to death of hearing the woes of the poor black man. It is not all about race for the rest of the world around you. If you want to wear your pants around your ass and a tee shirt that is eight sizes too big, with your cap on backwards and untied sneakers, we will judge you for exactly what you are no matter what color you are. If you want to listen to your hate filled rap music that glorifies violence and disrespect, we will judge you for exactly what you are, no matter what color you are. If you refuse to become educated, learning how to read and write properly and if you speak like you are an ignorant gangsta, we will judge you for exactly what you are, no matter what color you are. If you want to pop out baby after baby with numerous woman, not marrying and sticking around to teach your family the values that will help them succeed in life because you are too busy acting like a thug, we will judge you for exactly what you are, no matter what color you are. If you want to be treated better, get clothes that fit, get educated, get a job, focus on your families, and learn to be successful, instead of playing the race card and calling yourself a victim

    Most of the people screaming racism in today’s society have no clue what real racism is. I have seen real racism in my long lifetime and most of what happens today is not even close. The opportunities for blacks today should have them all at the top, yet they still fester at the bottom of the pool blaming everyone but themselves. The overwhelming majority of people in this country today were NOT slaves, did NOT own slaves and had NOTHING to do with slavery at all. Yet, to hear many blacks tell it, we are all owed a free ride in life and are supposed to be forgiven for all your shortcomings because of it. The greatest injustice to the black children today is the attitude of their parents and the hateful attitude of the black adults around them. Except of course the blacks who have decided they don’t want that life so get educated, get focused, become successful. Then they are accused of betraying their brotha and sista.

    Black people of my generation had ZERO opportunity. We got zero respect. We worked twice as hard to get half as far and any opportunity we had to get ahead was seized and appreciated. My parents took advantage of what was offered by the state, the feds and the taxpayers. They got ahead and got out of the ghetto. They instilled black pride in me, as I have done to my children. Not the black fisted, gansta pride… but the pride in our culture, our struggles and our victory against those struggles.

    So many in the black community are bright and intelligent and could have a wonderful life and career ahead of them. But instead of pursuing an enriched live, they follow the theme of their race baiting leaders who instill in them a sense of anger and entitlement that does no one any good. I have seen black youths that … well, if they spent half their time and talent into getting an education as they do putting themselves in nefarious situations, they would be on top of the world instead of school drop outs with long records. Such a waste.

    The Sharptons and Jacksons and Barrons of this world sicken me. There are so many good and positive role models for the black community like teachers and preachers, yet those self serving, race baiting, egocentric, narcissists are glorified.

    This is a tragic story and deep condolences should go out to parents of Sean Bell and to the police officers. A lot of lives were tragically changed that night. But it was not the race crime that it is being painted in the headlines.

    My condolences to the Bell family and my sympathies to the police and their families. This story is not over and none of their lives will ever be the same.


  65. David Kwelberg

    As a Human rights activist since the age of 16 ( I am now 53) I am ashamed to call myself an American. Having lived in the United States most of my life ( I am currently living in Canada) I have yet to see the Police held accountable for there Nazi tactics. And now I ask this one question: When will there be justice for all ? !!!!!

  66. Mr. Williams,

    You eloquently stated your case. Too bad it was salted with a blame the victim mentality that is so typical of whitefolks and those who wish to be them who have never been the victims of this type of unjustified assault. The bottom line is that a fusilade of 50 shots was fired at three unarmed men of color, two of whom were absolutely innocent of any provable provocation and the third is in dispute.

    When you can show me any instance of three cops of color gunning down three unarmed whites and walking home free men, call me.

  67. Dashawn Williams


    I never said the cops were right or justified in their actions. They were over reactive, over the top and had Officer Isnora not acted prematurely the outcome most likely would have been different. I do not believe, however, that any of the officers acted out of malice or with intent to harm just because the guys were black. And I am not trying to have a blame the victim mentality… but let’s be honest here… this did not take place in a library and against a bunch of boy scouts.

    To be honest, I think whenever any one shoots anyone else it is tragic. When the police, who are supposed to protect us, do the shooting and are in error in doing so, it is doubly tragic. If there is a case to answer here, it is a case of over zealous thug cops against street thugs. It is not a case of the poor innocent black guy getting hunted and shot because of their skin color. What I don’t appreciate in this case, is how it is automatically turned into a race case.

    And no, I have never been a victim of this type of unjustified assault. I have never been a victim of any unjustified assault. But then again, I don’t have a record, I don’t hang with gangstas and I don’t frequent clubs where drugs, prostitution and a myriad of other illegal activities take place. Every encounter with the police I have ever have, I have been treated with the same respect as anyone else of any color would have. Granted, my experience consists of a speeding tickets, double parking and as a witness for someone who was reporting another crime.

    I am not saying that these young men deserved to be gunned down because of any previous criminal records. I also do not believe they or anyone else deserve to be shot down like that. What I am saying, however, is that I do not believe this happened because they were black. And I don’t think it does anyone any good to blow it up and play the race card. If people want make a fuss over police brutality that is one thing. But to turn this into a race thing only fuels the flames of divide.

    Thank for reading my post and taking the time to reply.

    Deshawn Williams.

    P.S. For the record, I would also like to state that I find some of the statements made by the police to be problematic. I read Isnora and Cooper’s Grand Jury testimony and have a lot of questions about it because things don’t seem to add up. But I think that is more of a ‘cover your ass’ tactic because of their ineptitude than anything else. I also don’t know that I really believe that Sean Bell was trying to mow down Isnora. It could have just been an attempt to get away from the scene either to avoid the police or because they feared getting injured by an accomplice of Mr. Ciocou. Also, there could possibly have been the fourth man who ran off with the gun that the cops claim they saw. God knows these things for sure, I don’t

    The whole point I am trying to make here, which might not be coming across as I intend is that this is not a case of race abuse. Funny how Sharpton and his ilk only magically appear when they can further their agenda and glorify themselves

  68. Mr. Williams,

    Most of us on this board disagree profoundly with your view that this in not a case of race abuse. Disregard for black life, as documented in this post, is clearly a problem in NYC.

    We don’t care what you say. We don’t care what their mouths say now. We know in our hearts that the constitutional right to be secure in our persons and property was violated here. We have a right not to be killed on the basis of erroneous rumor. We have a right not be thought of as armed and dangerous on our wedding day. We have a right to be given the benefit of the doubt as if we were white.

    Never happens though. Again, call me when three black cops gun down three unarmed whitefolks and go home scot free.

  69. Dashawn Williams

    See, this was a case of disregard for life. And it was a disregard for life because it was a disregard for LIFE, not because it was a black life. Every person has the right to be secure in their person and property. Every person has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not just black or white or yellow or red or brown. And no one more than others.

    And you say ‘we’ as if this has happened to you personally, when it has not. You were not there to see what happened and you walked in no one’s shoes. You have no idea what was in the mind or hearts of any of those involved. And yet you insist that these poor innocent, in the wrong place at the wrong time, young men were gunned down in cold blood for no other reason than the color of their skin.

    And, you say that the overwhelming majority of ppl here also take that view and don’t care what I say or anyone else says. Well, that is fine… I suppose in some cases there is no opposing view to or reasoning with stubborn racism as is proven in your last post.

    I am, indeed, in the wrong place on this site and will not waste any more of your time, which you appear to feel is better spent in paranoia and seeing the big bad man looking to murder you and keep you down behind every corner.

    I wish you peace, although I doubt you will ever find it.

    With this I close,
    Dashawn Williams

  70. typicalwhiteman

    Oh dear me! Another drug-dealing criminal gets killed! What a shame!

    Black Americans:
    Quit bitching and straighten your asses out, and you’ll get respect! Until black Americans take charge and take action about the criminals in their midst, it will simply go on and on! Quit whining!!!
    You may think you’re entitled, but you ARE NOT!

    Society is not responsible for your ills and actions – YOU ARE!!

  71. African Americans will always remain stupid to why officers are always after them, this case is another example…

    Just turn on the TV, i saw an officer was killed in Newark by a 25 year old African American kid.

    Dont be surprised if more lives are lost from wreckless behavior, in slum areas, with African Americans with records.

  72. My deepest sympathy to the family.its sad to know that young black lives mean nothing to the judicary system- but if he were white we wouldn’t be having this dicussion!

  73. Marc

    Hi Rhonda,
    I didn’t intend to offend anyone when I said that we need to improve our communication skills.

    The responder, jim crow stated that, “black people can’t even spell”

    This offensive and racist remark offended me.
    Allow me to repeat my main point.

    “If you cannot communicate you cannot defend your rights.”

    Without presenting your case properly, no one will take you seriously. Listen to people like MLK, or more recently Markel Hutchins and Obama. I listen and hope I can improve my speech and writing abilities. Skeptical Brotha is an excellent writer and that is why we are willing to read and learn from the information he disseminates.

    Rhonda you wrote:

    “All this info and you’re (not your) concentrating on grammer and mispelled words. Get a grip!!”

    This is the profound reason why our teenagers and 20-somethings are treated so badly by police officers that are not very intelligent themselves.

    On many occasions I’ve had to storm into POLICE STATIONS to speak to supervising officers. I’ve had to go into a courtroom and defend myself to judges, speak with Internal Affairs and the CCRB.
    Why, because of something I did wrong?

    No, because of police brutality and false accusations. I have NO criminal record but I am always public enemy number one to the NYPD because of my skin tone.
    If I didn’t learn to deal with these people in a professional manner I would be doomed.

    I grew up in South Queens. I used to walk down Liverpool Street off 94th Street whenever I left the LIRR station heading towards home. The terror I would have felt to know a minivan, another car, and a man on foot were approaching me! If I was in a car I would have tried to drive off also. I recall driving home from bringing a family member to the LIRR station. I would wait at the red light while inside the tunnel that goes underneath the AirTran and LIRR between 94th and Archer Avenue. This is diagonal from the Club. It is a very eerie and quiet place at night. I always wanted to run the light. If anyone would have approached me I would have driven off.

    Why didn’t the police come down the street with sirens blazing? Responder named Chris (March 24th), made an excellent point about the police not properly identifying themselves.

    Everyone in NYC knows that they never do!
    They like to play cool and appear at the very last second and jump out like ‘Starksy and Hutch’.

    Do you think this has changed in the last 10 years?

    I understand that the community is upset, but we have to find realistic solutions to these problems. If we don’t learn from Mr. Bell’s death we are the ignorant ones not the NYPD. It will be more and more of us dying for no valid reason.

    I know I can be stubborn and want revenge when a cop physically assaults me or when a police detective bribes me for money. Instead, I had to calm down and learn from my experiences. Don’t be so obstinate, learn the from the two spelling mistakes you made in your statement!

    It makes me feel even worse to know that the bigots that come here to try and afflict harm on us by writing nonsense have a single valid point!

  74. Marc

    Dashawn Williams I am glad you wrote your statement and rebutted the subsequent comments.

    “you appear to feel is better spent in paranoia and seeing the big bad man looking to murder you and keep you down behind every corner.
    I wish you peace, although I doubt you will everfind it. ”

    Skeptical Brotha said,

    “Disregard for black life, as documented in this post, is clearly a problem in NYC.”

    You both agree that there is racism at play in this society. Yes, I agree with Mr. Williams that we can’t play the victim. We have to empower ourselves and make changes in our own lives. However Skeptical Brotha is highlighting the current conflict we are experiencing in this country.

    Mr. Williams wrote, “I have seen real racism in my long lifetime and most of what happens today is not even close.”

    From what I have read in history things are very different from the way things used to be. Instead of walking into your house and dragging you outside to be lynched, the government creates the conditions where our segregated communities will perish, and then gladly processes the disfranchised constituents into the criminal justice system.

    This is not even a black-white war. These are the exploitations of the ruling class.

    Look how Puerto Ricans had their resources snatched away in their native land by US corporations (with US government approval). Where did they end up? Living in impoverished American cities working for pennies.

    The police are pawns controlled by the principles outlined to them by Sergeants, then Lieutenants.. and so forth. .. who is at the top? Billionaires that say.. “Keep my interests and profits protected by force.”

    Base salary NYPD officer $59k after 5 and a half years. Detective 100k with OT and differential.
    Who do you think enjoys staying up all night on undercover operations for this low pay?

    Underachievers, who have found something to make them feel that they can exert actual power in their lives. So often we the public feel their frustrations as they realize they serve the rich and are forced to ignore the needs of their own working class roots.
    I have come to pity police officers, and public school teachers throughout the years. They are no longer respected and highly mistrusted.
    As Mr. Williams referred to, I have also found my peace by not taking anything that happens with them seriously.

    One day, about 30 undercover Secret Service officers raided my neighbor’s house at 7am. I was awake and saw it unfold. Of course I went outside, as I have every right to. I wanted to know what was going on.
    I was dealt with by the supervisor and I never had a more pleasant experience. These were guys with big big guns, but holding them were a more sophisticated unit that knew what they were doing. Speaking with this supervisor, allowed me to compare the characteristics of this leader with the people that supervise NYPD officers. Basically, I feel like nYc is being served by the local high school football team in a blue uniform coached by the popular team captain that has the good looks and charm. The police commissioner is coaching from the staff officer where together with the High School Principal they are sharing a laugh with the school teachers.

  75. Jack

    Very simple solution. Stand up and protest when there’s a violent crime on both sides of the fence. I didn’t hear a peep out of the black community when a black man was beating up and robbing 100+ year old ladies in Queens… Where the hell were you people along with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when this happened? Not a word… What if it were a white man doing this to 100+ year old black ladies? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I don’t hear a peep out of you people when a gang of blacks beat and almost killed three white girls in California. Or when a DJ here in NYC made blatantly racist remarks against Asian Americans and threatened to rape and murder a 5 year old little Asian Girl. Where the hell were your civil rights leaders when this happened? U act and dress like goons and expect people not to sterotype u as such? U poison your own people with drugs and violence and you expect others not to judge u? U use blatantly racist double standards and expect people to be perfectly fine with it? U want respect in this country??? Start acting like civilized human beings and maybe people will start to have a different opinion of you. Take a LONG and HARD look at yourselves in the mirror and put the blame where it belongs and stop blaming everyone else for the problems you inflict upon yourselves.

  76. Uncle Sam

    I absolutley agree with Jack. Sean Bell and his buddies, not much more than a bunch of thugs with several prior problems with the law, got what they had coming for trying to kill a police officer. The streets of queens are safer now.

  77. james

    Another sad day for blacks and Our igornants, a few arrests this man had. A black man in a car, 4am,
    and trying to run over a police officer cant equal anything but a BAD out come.

    First of all why do they have criminal record at all? This was a question i posed to a friend of mine
    and his dumb response was “Who doesn’t have a record?” Well guess what! I don’t. It bugs me that
    i see Black America standing up and rallying around two remaining “victims” who, mind you, put
    themselves in situations that are unsafe, dangerous and subject themselves to police scrutiny. Yet
    however Black America, does not stand up and march against the street gangs that are killing our
    youth. Why don’t i see them protesting day after day in front of BET, or Hot97 saying that you will
    boycott them until they stop playing records that promote gangs, violence, degradation of women
    and drug (weed) use?

    What i want to see is Al Sharpton form a rally of thousands and march through the streets of Brooklyn,
    Chicago, LA, Miami, Philly and confront the gangs on the streets. I want to see thousands of supported
    on the streets facing these gang members on their turf and telling them we will take it no more. I want
    to see thousands in front the houses of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and the Cash Money crew (just to name a few)
    and say that we are not leaving till they change their lyrics. How about taking it to XXL magazine, etc and
    boycotting them?

    There is so much that we as a people turn a blind eye to. Yet instead of focusing on stopping the problem and
    going to the source we want to stand up and find every other reason for why our young black men are dying
    on the streets!

    When we think we take one step forward, our own take us ten steps back and then laugh as we blame everyone
    else for those ten steps except the ones who did it.

    Sean Bell died because of in adequate training for our Police Officers.

    The police officers shot so many times because of in adequate parental training for our youth.

    How many more need to die before we see it’s not “their” fault, but “our” fault?

    By a educated Black man

  78. All American Mix

    If you want to capture the core of the level of violence this topic started with, just read the entire blog. Quite a bit of anger in all directions. There is no doubt that the killing of Sean Bell was criminal. Just count the bullets! This is a case of criminals killing criminals. The notion that “white America” is to blame is absurd. This is the human condition and it plays out in nearly all the posts here. Sharpton is indeed narcistic, many of the NYPD are criminals and so was Sean Bell. Personally, I am offended by his death as much as I am about the circumstances of his death. Blame and spew! Profiling is, as well, a part of the human condition and that also cries throughout most of the posts here. Of course we ALL profile. That is how we try to maintain our safety in an unpredictable society. Tell me you can comfortably walk through a neighborhood where any race is boasting a costume that emulates a negative, dangerous being. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…it is likely a duck. Unfortunately Mr. Bell spent much of his life quacking. He was judged by the bold quack he continued to sound and placed himself in a position to be a sitting “duck” to other criminals like himself…The NYPD criminals. And there are many within the organization, just as there are in society, every city, every culture, race, religion. It is the human condition. We accomplish nothing by eluding to violence in retaliation. We all contribute, positive or negative. Choose your side. Be a criminal or do your part to stop the madness. Life is a choice.

  79. Jack

    According to All American Mix: “There is no doubt that the killing of Sean Bell was criminal. Just count the bullets!”

    Have you ever been in a firefight? With semi-automatic weapons? in combat or a highly stressful situation? 50 bullets is nothing. I honestly expected more rounds fired that that. at least 100. 17 in theclip and 1 in the hole of every pistol, takes only a few seconds to reload and you had three officers firing. 50 rounds is absolutely nothing in that kind of a situation.

  80. Realizm

    It’s easy to say that Sean was a criminal and he deserve to be shot by the cops. But it’s hard to say that a nypd cop can be a judge and jury and execute anyone they please.
    Well that’s what happened with Sean, Dialo, Dorisman and countless others black men in NYC. When will the legal system admit and punish those killers? It’s their system so It wont punish the NYPD. So when are we going to get Justice? You’re not go to get Justice unless you go out and get your own. Let’s bring back an eye for an eye. So if anyone hurts my family I’m going to hurt his family.

  81. Realizm

    You have no other alternative but to die for you cause when it’s your children being shot for no reason. It does not matter who hurts you family. The drug dealers the cops whoever spills you blood by sell drugs or guns to you kids. You have mortal responsibility to protect you blood you family you loved ones. also i suspect this website of keeping track of who is posting and reading anything being written. So be careful as to what you post on here.

  82. There are alot of good people walking around and alot of evil people and it does’nt matter what color they are or where they came from. We all know that the government is evil. The Bible itself tells us that ALL government will be brought to ruin. I await that day when mankind can live in harmony. In the meantime we should not live in the past but look forward and seize the moment. Instill love into our children. Think positive. Hatred only hurts yourself, it does nothing to the one who has harmed you. Our Awesome Creator will take care of these so-called upholders of the law. Like the Good Book says they are getting their reward in full right now and will not see the Kingdom Of God. Peace Zoroaster7

  83. Realizm

    Zoroaster7, you have to be kidding me…
    turn the other cheek? so after killing one of your kids the crooks or cops can kill your other and you should be thankful cause it is the lord will.
    Come back to reality. You want to make this world a better place for your childrend and their childrend?
    You better be ready to fight, just like creators of this great nation did. check this movie

  84. gurbir brar

    ok them motherfucking cock sucking NYPD fuckers think they all that “ooo freeze NYPD” mother fuckers u guys aint worth shit.. wtf was up with firing 50 shots at 3 guys (sean bell incident) who possibly werent even armed…ok you thought they were fucking fleeing ehh…well guess what you fucking dumb couldv’e just blown the tires off where the fuck are your dumb fucking nypd brains at then fucking cunts….man all i gotta say is r.i.p brothers….and let god make this dumb fucks understand someday….aight u know wut u stand infront of me and lemme fire 50 rounds at you…then what maffacka’s

  85. gurbir is probably a nigger

    The NYPD is not at fault in any way in this situatuon. The only sad part is that Sean Bell’s two criminal thug low life friends didn’t die as well.

  86. Realizm

    let me guess, you’re almighty whitie?
    What you want is every back man in nyc be carring?
    Damed if you Damed if you don’t.
    In the the eighty’s.
    Crack made it’s way to white america becuase of sell out call Oliver North
    Are you the same kind of sell out? Covering yourself in the american flag.
    Your pathetic fool.
    Now your be a republican becuase a black man is the leader of the Democrats.
    Wake up and smell the coffee fool,
    Just like in any high paying sport.
    Think about that while you watching Tiger Woods, any basketball and baseball game , Don’t forget to watch the election to the usa president this year!!

  87. JOJO

    I love how you talk about Bloomberg will not automatically presume innocence of police officers. THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE IS A BASIC RIGHT IN AMERICA. I suppose police officers are not entitled to rights.

  88. JOJO

    Hey guess what. Sean Bell had a choice. Do what he was told to do. If he had stopped. He might be alive. If you drive at me I dont have a choice except to shoot. Too bad, so sad.

    • onewhoreads

      you have the choice to get out of the way. you have the choice to shoot out the tires. no claims that anyone “told” Bell to stop.

  89. jarrot

    this shit is fucked up…fuckin crooked pigs gettin away that kinda bullshit, everyone of them cops who fired shot should be blown away, im from a small town if it were like that around here wed all be dead

  90. Realizm

    JOJO, I’m guessing your a cop and you will shoot at anyone that does not obey your commands? Sooner or later someone will shot back at you and maybe your family. I believe in an eye for an eye if anyone, cop, crook or saint hurt my family, I will go out of my way to hurt theirs. I have no faith in the this so call justice system.
    Only those lying hitmen cops know why the wanted to kill bell. You cops a train professionals and don’t ever make mistakes you kill on purpose with a purpose.
    You’re only confirming what all black man in nyc are say.
    “It’s cops vs us out here”. Keep thinking that we are the enemy and in the final hour we will be you enemy. Don’t stop and look at our women cause they’ll be you enemy sooner or later. You’ve created your hell with hatred and you have bad karma heading you way. I hope you die a painful death pig.

  91. Realizm

    We the civilian entrust these people to ensure our security.
    These tyrants are abusing their authorities killing people at will.
    Everyday it seems closer to a third world country.
    Where cops go around killing, raping and robbing business and people.
    NYPD will soon be no deferent than a mofia group.
    This problem might breed terrorism to degree never thought about.

  92. you are all ignorant

    First off whoever said shoot the tires has been playing to much GTA 4. This is reality. Second I invite every person and their families and friends to take one day out of their schedules and go to the NYPD police museum located near South Street Seaport. Inside of this museum is a video ‘game’ called the FATS machine. It will put you into a situaltion where a cop has died and let you decide, based on your actions and voice what wil occur. Lets see how you react.

    As for those who say Sean Bell was killed, try thinking like a rational human being. Sean Bell wasn’t shot because he was fleeing, the first detective shot at the car AFTER he was rammed with it. and then the other car (police) were then rammed. They opened fire because a shot went throught the back window almost hitting them. they believed that it was Sean Bells car that was shooting them…(WHY: 1. They heard Sean say to his friends “I’ll get my gun”, and 2. They were at the club because there is heavy drug, gun, and prostitution problems). So they shot back.

    As for this being a racist event let me ask you this ……HOW. There was 1 white cop (a Lt., that did not fire) 2 black officers, 2 hispanic officers and a cop that was born in Lebanon {middle eastern} a racist act. there were more cops of color there than there were white officers.

    NOw I want to comment on Sean being portrayed as this upstanding citizen. Forget about the prior arrests. How about that the day before he was getting married he was at a strip joint. As for the fight that he and his friends got into with another group, where they said “lets get my gun” it was started over who was going to sleep with a prostiute. This isn’t conjecture. You can read the witness accounts, just by using the Freedom of Information Act. These incidents or fights about the prostitute were never disputed.

    NOw onto your complaints about the NYPD. I’m not saying that there are no bad cops. But I guarantee there is a much greater percent of bad people in your neighborhoods. Its not the NYPD that sells drugs to your kids, or gets your children pregnant. It is not the NYPD that robs and burglarizes you and your homes. It is not us that doesen’t give a damn if your kids go to school. Any juvenile that I’ve come into contact with that I thought could be saved, I’ve done my best to help. I’ve given money to these kids, had their cases thrown out, checked up on them, and in some instances got them back into school or even into better ones.
    I’ve spent years with the community that I work for. And never when I asked for a description of them person or persons that have hurt them have I ever gotten a description for a cop.
    So for those of you who bitch and complain, if you can’t stand us so much DO US A FAVOR and forget the numbers 911.

  93. Realizm

    Again I have to clearify the fact that the cops a people too.
    They have rights better than other people because they have the justice on thier side. They can shoot first and come up with a BS story later and all that’s lost is a low life. Cops look at all other people like low lifes becasue the can shoot you and there’s nothing you the civialian can do about it.
    But this cops “you are all ignorant” shows the real attitude of the NYPD.

    “So for those of you who bitch and complain, if you can’t stand us so much DO US A FAVOR and forget the numbers 911”

    this comment just ferifies why people need guns to protect themself. NYPD doesn’t want to protect you.
    They want a free check every two weeks for doing nothing.
    Who’s the low life. The person who works in the privatie sector and pays taxes or the cops who collect a check and pention from those taxes and does not want to the job. I never had a plesant expeirnce encountering a NYDP cop.
    If you did then you’re lucky becuase cops have killed and put away inocent people and gotten away with it. Just read the headlines!

  94. C. McG


    Free check my a**s. I have torn my rotator cuff chasing after an upstanding citizen that beat up an old lady, I’ve had to go on the AIDS cocktail twice because of fighting with perps after they have a. Robbed someone (the first time) and b. After they beat the crap out of their wife and kids and did not want to go to jail.

    All of the NYPD that I know miss holidays and weekends with their kids to try and protect this city. And who pays taxes. IN the Neighborhood that I work in, East New York. There are good people there that pay taxes. But there are MANY more that live in Section 8 housing and are on public assistance, WHICH I PAY FOR WITH MY TAXES yet are still able to drive expensive cars.

    As for your experience with cops, I’ll bet anything that you’ve been arrested multiple times.
    I don’t look at others asl low life’s because I can shoot. That is just ignorant. I am under more restraints to NOT shoot then to shoot. If I break one of those rules then I GO TO JAIL

    As for reading the headlines, which “story” do you think sells better. Cop shoots someone or cop saves someone.

  95. Phil

    You have to admit that people are way too eager to yell racism when no evidence of racism is involved. The officers that shot bell were black and nothing to indicate race was a factor was ever mentioned, even by the prosecution. Al sharpton is firing people up for his own cause. 90% of the people involved in shootings with the NYPD are black, so isnt it reasonable to conclude that the rare instances of excessive force would involve a black person too? Its about odds people. Luckily the officers reacted before bell could back his car up and complete his goal of killing the officer, not to mention that it was entirely reasonable for the officer to believe that they had a gun (especially considering they claimed to have one)

    • onewhoreads

      Really? “90%?” Exactly where does that figure come from? And even assuming that figure, that merely raises the question of *why* police contacts with Black people are so much more likely to become shootouts.

      Who says Bell’s “goal” was anything other than to get away from the armed strangers rushing him with guns drawn?

      Who says any of Bell’s party claimed to have a gun? The officers who would be all the more clearly guilty in the absence of any gun or any such claim.

      Consider the source…

  96. Gangster on his own restraints!

    You have to robbed by cops to know what realizm is talking about. I was rob numerous of times by cops in the 34th and 30th back in the 80’s and 90’s.
    Look up “The dirty 30” in the NY Times web site and watch Serpico with Al Pacino.
    Yes cops get a free check. if they arrest you they get OVERTIME to do nothing but process paper work. When was the last time a cop went to jail for shooting anyone unarmed? Most cops ride in a cruiser and give moving violations, a separate issue. The only cops going to jail these days are the fags that want to put a night stick up someone rectum.
    How can people be so naive about what’s really going in on in the NYPD!
    If you are a cop that looks the other way wail you partners steal, sell drugs, rape and lie you’re not any deferent than the scum crack dealers that roam our streets.

    • onewhoreads

      When cops put a nightstick or toilet plunger handle up someone’s rectum, it’s because they’re SADISTS. They may very well be “fags,” but that would be mere coincidence.

  97. Cmc


    I feel for you for what happened to you back in the day. But you said it yourself gangster. That was back in the 80’s and 90’s. Over 18 years ago. The cops that did that our for the most part retired or are almost gone. I have a thousand cameras looking over my shoulder as well as a thousand restrictions. Ask a cop to just show you our manual. Its over 3,000 pages long on rules we have to follow. Try and find any other job with that many restrictions.

    And are there still “dirty cops or bad cops” sure. But you get that in any org. We now currently have 34,000 cops. And there is only aobut 1% that are dirty. Try and find any other major organization that can compare with those numbers.

    As for your theories you don’t blame the kid for the sins that their father or mother did. Why blame us for the acts that our predecessors did. I say again, think what you like but the truth is there our far fewer corrupt cops then in any organization that you could find.

    • onewhoreads

      Even with only 1% dirty cops (no way it could be anywhere near that low), that’s still at least 340 dirty cops. Three hundred forty people carrying firearms, blunt force instruments, chemical incapacitants, etc, with effectively no restriction on using them. How can that be anything other than horrible disaster just waiting to happen?

  98. Gangster on his own restraints!

    That sounds positive but we all know it’s a pipe dream.
    What do you think about Russel Timoshenko acquitted killer?

  99. Gangster on his own restraints!

    Better yet what’s your comment on Officer Henry Tavarez, 27, and Detective Stephen Anderson, 33, were awaiting arraignment Thursday on charges of selling drugs, unlawfully imprisoning the suspects, filing false records and other offenses. so now exactly what makes the nypd so great again?
    How about the countless of people sitting in jail because fine officers decided to false documents.
    That’s all cops a good for FILING FALSE RECORDS.

  100. Cmc


    Again the press plays up the negative but never reports the positive. Are there cops that falsify documents sure. But again they aren’t the majority. I appreciate that you have your own view but did you ever take my earlier suggestion and check out the police museum down in the seaport. I listen to your and others point of view. Try walking in our shoes for a few hours.

    • onewhoreads

      The cops committing offenses may be in the minority, but what is the majority doing to expose them and hold them accountable? NOTHING. The level of criminality in NYPD cannot happen without sergeants, captains, and even chiefs and commissioners condoning it, if not actively participating.

  101. Cmc

    As for what makes us great.

    Find another group of individuals willing to risk their lives for others. Or the countless women, men, and children that we help out from abusers, and people that prey on them. Ask a family that has had their belongings taken from them and to later have them returned or a family thats child is missing and is later found by the nypd

  102. Gangster on his own restraints!

    You keep over glorifying yourself!
    Are you trying to raise you self esteem?
    You’re not going to get glorified for the job you supposed to do.
    The issue here is that many of us have noticed the bs with in the NYPD.
    A cop shoots an innocent person and says:
    “I shot this person cause i was scared”
    And the cop gets a way with murder.
    That’s the point here.
    When was the last time that a person actually had shoot it out with cops?
    It never happens.
    The cops shoot unarm individuals out of fear and never get jail time.
    Or even get fired from the nice secure job.
    That’s the point here!

  103. Cmc

    Again, until you are standing face to face with someone that has a gun or a knife pointed at you you cannot judge.

    And I am guessing you are referring to
    Sean Bell. He may not have had a gun on him but he was using a 2 ton car to try and kill a police officer. Tell me again how he was unarmed.

  104. Gangster on his own restraints!

    The officers had plenty of time to stop them from even getting near the car so that was bad police work. But you think it was good police work cause some thugs got it.

    Since a car is a weapon you’ll be the hero who saved world just shoot everyone driving.
    So how many thugs attacked you with a knife, bat or guns. You must be super cop cause everyday you meet 2 or 3 people that want to kill and you make it through the day okay. How many shoot outs did you lived through already? You’re not afraid?
    That”s the fear that going to make you shoot an unarmed and innocent person and it will be okay cause you were afraid.

    Sean Bell,
    Antonio Rosario, 18
    Anibal Carrasquillo, 21
    Frankie Arzuega, 15,
    Aswan Watson
    Amadou Diallo, 23,
    Joe McGill
    Malcolm Ferguson, 23
    Patrick Dorismond, 26
    Charmene Pickering, 27
    Juan Mendez, 38,
    Cesar Mercado, 47
    Floyd Quinones, 28
    Ousmane Zongo, 43
    Timothy Stansbury, Jr., 19

    All killed by cops who were just like you afraid and guess what all were unarmed and it was okay cause the cops were afraid. Just read the begin of this blog.

    Just because the prosecution refuses to prosecute properly. judges steer juries and cops lie on the stand does not mean some don’t see through the pathetic bs.

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