CBC PAC backs corrupt “Dollar Bill” Jefferson over Karen Carter


Sister Jill at Jack and Jill Politics has the scoop on the betrayal of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Caucus decision to back “Dollar Bill” over Sister Karen with $5000 in campaign cash.  The hypocrisy behind this move cannot be overstated.  Some of the most prominent CBC members like Maxine Waters, who said, “We have to watch the redevelopment in New Orleans for a lot of reasons, and one of them is to make sure that the shadow government of the rich and the powerful does not end up abusing eminent domain to take property that belongs to poor people in order to get them out of the city,” has decided to add campaign contributions to the campaign kitty of “Dollar Bill” Jefferson.  WTF?  How in the Hell can you claim to be in the corner of Katrina victims when you endorse a corrupt corporate servant like Jefferson, a congressman too busy trying to line his pockets with illicit cash to bother fufilling his duty to constitutents.

I have admired Maxine Waters for twenty years.  Her uncompromising advocacy on behalf of important issues to the community has been inspirational. This latest crap has caused me to re-evaluate her leadership and her character.  This move is simply unfathomable.

Even John Lewis, a hero of the civil rights movement who still bears the scars of multiple beatings, and who couldn’t be bothered to help home state democrat Cynthia McKinney, has given campaign cash to “Dollar Bill.”  I guess he got beat down one to many times.  This is not what the civil rights movement was about.  It was about equal opportunity and equal treatment, not equal opportunity graft for black politicians.  His support for Jefferson is akin to desecrating the grave of Dr. King.

Do these Negroes have no concept of the meaning of bull*#it.  Is it just me? Am I loosing my mind? 

12 thoughts on “CBC PAC backs corrupt “Dollar Bill” Jefferson over Karen Carter

  1. john in california

    Jumped here from myDD where I read about the CBC endorsement – I then emailed Rep Shiela Jackson Lee, A Congressperson I respect and admire, asking her to speak out, disavow the CBC action and endorse Carter. I know all these guys are from safe seats, so they don’t really care how the press is going to go after this, but it will hurt dems generally. It will be “See, they are just as crooked as the repubs”. This is why so many would like to see term limits.

  2. John in California,

    The only “problem” with Sheila is that nobody likes the sister. She is right on the lion’s share of issues, but she has a reputation as a horrible bitch with high staff turnover.

  3. Rikyrah


    This really IS unreal. Unreal. They could have stayed out of it. Said nothing. Given no money. Let him fall on his own crooked behind. But, to give him money?

    COME ON!!

    I, too, am disappointed in Maxine Waters, but did you read that report on Rep. Waters? VERY INTERESTING.

    John Lewis has broken my heart too.

    I shake my head in disgust.


    The CBC used to be the CONSCIENCE of the Congress. Now, it’s downright embarrassing.

  4. Extremely Bored

    How embarassed will you all be if–and that’s a big IF–it turns our Jefferson was set up by the FBI? … GOOGLE COINTELPRO.

    Second, so what if they gave money to Jefferson. Most of them have known the man for years, and he is a personal friend. My friends make mistakes and I still support them. I don’t condone their actions, but if they are really my friend and they tell me they are innocent, then, as far as I am concerned, they are innocent until proven guilty. But maybe I was on vacation when they found Jefferson guilty and convicted him. Did I miss that?

    If you read the CREW report, then you will notice that the only source for the information about Maxine Waters is the LA Times and one Washington Post column in which Dana Milbank quotes the LA Times story. What they don’t tell you is that one of CREW’s foudners ran for public office. Maxine Waters campaigned for his opponent and beat him. I guess this is what he is doing with all his free time.

  5. Extremely Bored,

    If the brotha is innocent, an unlikely possibility given his corporate whoring, what then is the explaination for 90k in FBI marked bills in the fridge, money that was supposed to make its way to Nigeria to bribe a Vice President. What is the “honorable explaination for that” that we have yet to hear a week before the election?

    FYI, COINTELPRO, was an FBI operation targeted at Black Panthers who were feeding children, defending the community, and re-educating black folks into standing up with a spirit of well-armed defiance to the powers that be.

    WTF has “Dollar Bill” ever done to merit the fear of the federal government in the same way they feared the Panthers?

    Face it, friend. The Negro is guilty as sin.

  6. No, brotha, you’re not losing your mind. Dollar Bill is a ho, no doubt about it.

    But the CBC PAC never, never, ever supports anybody against an incumbent member of the CBC. Not ever. It’s just not done, and is way too much to expect. At the same time I would not be that surprised if some individual CBC members are aiding Carter directy with contributions from their own funds or personal appearances, or indirectly by other means.

    As for Maxine, there is a lot more there than you seem to take into account. She is not a coporate shill, and when you’re not a corporate shill the campaign contributions are fewer and further between. There are folks gunning for her who would like to paint her, as a friend of Dollar Bill, as having his same sense of political morality. But it ain’t so.

    Even the worst sistas in the CBC aren’t nearly as bad as the worst uh— brothas. And Maxine is & has always been one of the best.

    Very nice job on the weblog too, a great improvement. We (blackagendareport.com) will be using WordPress too for our bog, which launches next week.

  7. Mr. Bruce,

    Thank you for your comments. Your encouragement and approval mean a lot to me. I have admired your team for a good while now and will do what I can to support y’all’s work.

    I still love Sister Maxine, but I am Very disappointed in her support of “Dollar Bill,” it makes no logical sense to me. The same goes for Sister Barbara Lee as well.

  8. I’m through with the CBC. They are despicable!!!!

    All of this, when the Democratic Leadership is riding into Capitol Hill under the banner of “Cleaning Up Corruption…..and Draining the Swamp”.

    The CBC should be worried about a whole list of other things right now.

  9. Rikyrah


    I get the feeling you don’t like Rep. Artur Davis. I would like to know why and if you could include him in your profiles, I’d appreciate it.

  10. darrow

    A majority of the CBC voted against net neutrality; John Lewis, John Conyers, and Maxine Waters voted for net neutrality. Some CBC members voted for the bankruptcy “reform” measure sponsored by credit card companies. Jefferson has voted for corporate interests from the beginning of his career. Too many CBC congressmen are more interested in in doing well than doing good. Their excuse is the other guys are doing it too.

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