John Edwards moves closer to 2008 bid


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John Edwards is rapidly moving towards a Presidential run in 2008 and is making an issue of poverty globally and nationally.  It is a really compelling and atractive program and one that will definitely set him apart from all of the others, especially Hillary and the Safe Negro, Barack Obama.  He has something special and a drive to succeed that is not discernable at first, but becomes more apparent as you examine his life and accomplishments.  His book, “Four Trials” was very well written and heartfelt. It puts some flesh on the bone of who John Edwards is. 

What is amazing is that I didn’t read it until this year.  I really was not feeling Edwards in 2004.  I never felt he was ready to be the Big Dog.  This year, I feel differently.  He is not gonna be my candidate, but he is acceptable.  The fight to integrate the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and his nominations to that court which Brooks Brothers suited racist Jesse Helms blocked, distinguish him as a fair-minded progressive.  Senator Edwards is the type of man that insists on fair play that I want in the oval office.

11 thoughts on “John Edwards moves closer to 2008 bid

  1. Rikyrah

    Is it bad for me to say that I’m inclined to give him another look because I really really like his wife? I can’t even explain why, but I like Elizabeth Edwards. There’s something intelligent, yet real about the woman, and I really like her..LOL

    Of course, I’m all for him running – the more, the merrier.

    ” Anyone but Hillary” is my motto for 2008. 🙂

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    Edwards may once again find himself offered the VP slot, but I don’t see that happening unless Mark Warner turns it down. I’ve heard that Edwards has spent the last couple of years running for president and has made headway in some of the early primary states. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

  3. Vivian,

    Edwards candidacy is very serious and is very attractive. However, I still don’t think its possible for him to win this thing. I also don’t ever expect Mrs. Clinton to offer the Vice Presidency to Warner. He is too strong a personality and alpha male to take a subordinate role. If Bill was running again, maybe. But not Hillary.

  4. Elizabeth Edwards is a huge bonus to the Edwards campaign. I think folks would be foolish to discount that, given that our other major candidate was considered a minus to her husband’s Presidency and folks could not stop talking about it.

    I don’t think there is anyone in the world that dislikes Mrs. Edwards.

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