Karen Carter Ad


Karen Carter fights back in this ad that keeps the focus where it should be: Jefferson’s hypocrisy and corruption.  In the last month, Miss Carter has outraised Congressman Jefferson by over $250,000. The worm is turning. Adam Clayton Powell had a saying “Keep the Faith, Baby.” That is what we need to do and stick behind this sister until the end.  It is only three more days until the the run-off and it will all be over. The long suffering people of the Big Easy will have their say.  I am hoping and praying that they will opt for change and give a sister a chance to show them what she can do.

One thought on “Karen Carter Ad

  1. Rikyrah

    Lord knows I’m pulling for this Sister. I hope my brethren down in Louisiana vote the obvious crook Jefferson out. Give them new representation.

    Crossing my fingers.

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