Jefferson defeats Karen Carter in landslide


Hypnotized by a steady diet of hate and led around by the nose by a dishonest band of crooks claiming to be men of the cloth, Black folks, in a fog of ignorance, voted against their own best interests and returned a crooked son-of-a-bitch back to Congress where he can continue to vote the interests of the corporate power structure like the good corporate whore that he has proven himself to be over the last 16 years.

Let’s face facts, the same ignorant dynamic that allowed Ray Nagin, the black bastard elected Mayor by a majority of white votes and a flood of corporate cash 5 years ago, the same Ray Nagin who was born in Charity Hospital and who allowed thousands of his fellow brothas and sistas to drown, the same Ray Nagin who couldn’t be bothered to actually give aid and comfort to those he left for dead, the same Ray Nagin that convinced the same black folks he left to die that New Orleans would remain a chocolate city and endorsed a crook for Congress, created a deceptive playbook for Bill Jefferson to follow.  Jefferson followed it to the letter to win re-election.

He pandered to every prejudice and right-wing wedge issue he could.   The last time I checked,  stoking homophobia does nothing to rebuild housing, schools, businesses, or jobs.  The last time I checked, banning Abortion and taking bribes was of no assistance either. He was aided in his panderfest by rival Derrick Shepherd, who hoped Jefferson could be re-elected so that he could walk right into the seat after Jefferson’s inevitable indictment and conviction.

The people of New Orleans have re-elected a charlatan who can do nothing good for anybody from a prison cell and rejected an honest woman.  It is an unfathomable abomination.