Congressman Dennis Kucinich to run in 2008


Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has announced that he is entering the 2008 Democratic Presidential field to force the party to properly address and take steps to end the war in Iraq.  This is an exciting development.  Now Hillary and Obama won’t get away with mealy mouthed platitudes of mush on Iraq.

Their non opposition-opposition dance of deception is about to be revealed for what it is.   The sad part is that the quickest way to become a non-person in the eyes of the media is to announce a run for President saying things at odds with their right-wing conventional wisdom.   Kucinich will truly have to be blunt and unappologetic about his Iraq War rhetoric.   What he needs is coverage and to provide coverage he must become confrontational.  He needs to give the media a storyline they can follow.  The current storyline is Obama vs. Mama (Hillary).   They are courting the same “mainstream” white middle-class surburbanites the DLC obsesses over.   They both have reason to believe that black support won’t be a problem.   

At present, there is no progressive candidate to excite liberals.   No, Obama is not that man, Y’all.   Anybody who can vote to confirm a lying sack of feces like Condoleezza Rice is no liberal.  Anybody who can articulate a position on Iraq short of immediate withdrawal, like Obama has done, is no liberal.


10 thoughts on “Congressman Dennis Kucinich to run in 2008

  1. I’m sure the GOP is praying for Kucinich to somehow win the nomination. I don’t think he could even beat that religious nut from Kansas.

  2. This guy is a damn warrior! (in the old tradition). They don’t make em like this anymore.

    Glad that he is doing this…. to prevent these bozos from triangulating and being Republicrats….at least not in the primaries.

    We need more folks like Kucinich…to give of their time…. People willing to run (not because they have a chance to win….everyone knows they can’t). But just for the purpose of going out on Lie Patrol within the Democratic Party. There’s something to be said about that. He’s the most honest and dedicated guy in the whole campaign.

  3. J, Angry Independent,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, Kucinich has abosolutely no chance. Hopefully, the bulls*it that will come from Obama and Hillary won’t have a chance either. It is time for the Iraq conflict to end and end now.

  4. Rikyrah

    I like Kucinich. I always find him interesting.

    Speaking of Iraq, SB tell me that you’ve gotten your hands on that great piece of fiction in this month’s Vanity Fair.

    The Neo-cons trying to explain why they aren’t to blame for the hellhole we’re in over in Iraq.

    You know, if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve lost 3,000 brave souls..
    And that thousands more have been permanently maimed….
    And, that before it’s all said and done, we would have thrown away A TRILLION DOLLARS on that rat hole..

    The article would be hysterically funny.

    As is, I wish…well….I don’t tend to be violent…but there are always exceptions. And these rat bastard f$*#ers deserve it.

  5. Rikyrah,

    You keep me going, Girl. I don’t know what I would do without your comments. I have come to rely on them to gauge whether or not I’m on track or not. Thanks. As for Vanity Fair, I have got too many balls in the air to even think about it. I’ll find one before the week is out.

  6. skepticalbrotha – I’ll have to give Congressman K. another look. I tend to assume anyone who is a congressman, or any big-time pol, is a pos. While that’s almost certainly true, I guess there are matters of degree — size, stench, etc. — that I should consider. Peace.

  7. During the 2004 campaign, I did one of those online tests that figures out the candidate whose views most closely match your own. In my case, the candidate for me was Kucinich. He still is a lot closer to my own views than Hillary or Obama. No, he won’t win. But it will be good to have him in the race.

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