Give “Dollar Bill” Nothing


Nancy Pelosi is duty bound to deny “Dollar Bill” Jefferson a committee assignment in the Democratic controlled Congress.   CNN is reporting that he is trying to reclaim his seat on Ways and Means. The consitituents and victims of his chicanery need a congressman, not a crook.  They will not receive the help they need and deserve until he is convicted and dethroned for his crimes.  They have chosen a different path and as a result, she has no choice but to deny the tainted SOB an assignment.  If the democratic house is to “drain the swamp” of influence peddling and corruption from the marbled halls of power, they must stand firm and deny this two-bit hoodlum a toe-hold on power.   Dry up his money and his power.  Lay down the law and cut  off anybody or lobbyist that contributes to him.

Let him figure out how to bring home the bacon with no committee assignments.   Deny him the opportunity to amend legislation on the floor and completely cut him off at the knees.  Allow him to do nothing except mediate people’s social security and medicare benefit problems.  Let him cool his heels waiting for indictment.  If the Congressional Black Caucus wants to champion his cause and become bigger jokes than they already are, fine.  It won’t be the first or last time those Negroes got laughed at for their hypocrisy and corruption.

I trust that Mistress Nancy, the incoming Speaker of the House will see the wisdom of what I, and others are saying , and give him nothing.  While I would stop short of Impeachment, I am really not all that opposed to the idea. I just think that it will hamper their progressive agenda and put the focus in the wrong place.

UPDATE:  Miss JUDYB of THANKS, KATRINA has the scoopHouse Democrats denied Jefferson’s request for a Ways and Means Committee assignment this afternoon. 


7 thoughts on “Give “Dollar Bill” Nothing

  1. Rikyrah


    If Pelosi gave Cynthia McKinney the slapdown, I KNOW that this crooked clown is due for one.





    Do NOT waste ONE committee assignment on this fool, let alone Ways and Means.

    NOTHING for Dollar Bill.

  2. Rikyrah


    Should we email Pelosi and tell to hold strong and deny him everything? I don’t want her thinking those sychophants in the CBC actually speak for thinking Black folk.

  3. Rikyrah


    Did you hear the latest insanity about the CBC wanting Dollar Bill to get his seat back on Ways and Means?

    OH HELL no.

    It wasn’t enough for these clowns to give that crook MONEY?

    Now, these fools,


    Are defending this piece of crap?


  4. And the numbnuts in the CBC want to play the race card and further their buffoonery…

    We in the CBC Monitor will have out work cut out for us this January; I, for one, expect to get my lights punched out when I ask Mel Watt why they ran cover for a known crook, and threw McKinney under the bus on direct orders from Pelosi…

  5. Leutisha,

    It is an honor and a privilege to have your comments on my site. I am a great, great, fan of your work. The sad part about Mel, having met him 14 years ago upon coming to N.C., is that he is a good man deep down that believes in the right things but subverts those beliefs for political expediency and party loyalty.

    When will our black politicians realize that the Democratic Party is loyal to us until the vote comes in. After that we are on our damn own. We need to recognize this calculus and adjust our game plan accordingly.

    Moreover, we, as interested black observers, need to ask a hell of a lot more from our black and white politicians than what we are getting, which is nothing more than a pat on the head and handshake at election time.

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