Sistas Unite


Rep. Cynthia McKinney

Three outstanding sista’s labored mightily to hold up the blood stained banner of black progressive politics in 2006.  Karen CarterDonna Edwards, and Cynthia McKinney.   It is damning for the CBC to have given monetary and pac support to their two of the ladies opponents and did next to nothing for their colleague, Cynthia McKinney.

Sista Leutisha Stills of Black Agenda Report has an excellent report detailing the greater progressive tendencies of black female Congresswomen than their black male counterparts.  In the case of these particular sistas it takes a woman to do a “man’s job” because the brothas ain’t man enough to stand up for what’s right for America and for their constituents.

“Dollar Bill” Jefferson has repeatedly voted to eliminate estate taxes on the wealthiest people in the nation so that they can pass their wealth to their children and heirs tax free.  This, while thousands of his constituents are desperate to come home to New Orleans and there is no affordable housing, no jobs, and inadequate schools.  Slashing taxes for the rich was never helpful before Katrina,and it won’t be after.  It is time for a new direction.  Perhaps the people will have that opportunity after he’s convicted on federal bribery charges. His re-election over Karen Carter is a defeat for progressives and for the people of New Orleans.

Like Jefferson, Al Wynn is also an irresponsible Corporate Whore too wedded to corporate payola to vote the interests of his constituents.  Wynn for to allow the Bush Administration to go to war in Iraq and has placed his vote on the side of wingnuts who authorized the development of “low-yield” nuclear weapons.  Just what the doctor ordered, more weapons to make war on brown people with natural resources America needs.  He has lost his way and it is time for a progressive alternative:  Donna Edwards. 

Finally, Hankerchief Head  Hank Johnson, defeated Cynthia McKinney on a shameless Pro-Israel platform which will allow them to bomb their enemies back to the stone-age, regardless of actual threat or potential loss of life.  He claims to be liberal, but somebody who supports Israeli aggression of the type that we saw this year is no liberal.  The bombing of Lebanon and the killing of innocents is an unconscionable human rights crime that should be condemned not championed.  I pray for a McKinney resurrection, but I am not really  hopeful.

It should be the mission of black progressives to form alliances and Political PAC’S to change the face of CBC into what it needs to be:  A progressive bulwark of freedom for the Nation.  They can start by helping to encourage these sistas and women like them to run for Congress.

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