Last election of 2006 features Texas Run-off


The race for the Twenty-Third Congressional district features Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla, an Uncle Tom from San Antonio and former Democratic Congressman Ciro Rodriquez, also of San Antonio in a Texas run-off remanicent of of a Mexican standoff.  Both sides are loaded and ready for bear.  The DCCC has weighed in and assisted the chronically underfunded Rodriquez against Incumbent Uncle Tom, Henry Bonilla, Dubya’s favorite congressional token Mexican. 

Area gringos are more than happy to supply ample campaign cash for their right-wing Congressional servant and Rodriquez faces an uphill battle.  If not for redistricting late this year, Ciro’s career would have been over having lost two Democratic primaries in two years to conservative Democrat Henry Cuellar, another right-wing corporate whore in the Harold Ford, Jr mold.  With the disrict now 60+ % Hispanic,  Rodriquez should have an edgePolls have Bonilla ahead by a nose.

High profile surrogates have come down to campaign: presidential nephew George P. Bush for Bonilla and President Bill Clinton for Rodriguez.

Stay tuned for results as they come in, I shall be updating regularly to keep y’all informed.  If successful, the democrats could add one more seat to their majority spitting in the eye of Tom Delay one more time.