Obama turns New Hampshire out


Barack Obama spoke to a sellout crowd in New Hampshire and turned the place out.  White folks ain’t never been this excited since John and Bobby Kennedy.   Tickets sold out quickly and they packed the house to touch the hem of his garment.  This enthusiastic reception is what black folks have been praying for.  We’ve been waiting since Adam and Eve left the garden for a black politician to receive a reception like this.  Too bad we don’t know what this brotha stands for.   He has done absolutely nothing to define himself as anything but a Safe Negro.  He has voted against John Kerry’s amendment to immediately redeploy the troops out of Iraq.  He voted for the Anti-working class Bankruptcy Bill.  He voted for the right-wing Oman Free Trade Agreement.  Folks have fallen in love with a media creation, not the man himself.

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I have never seen the undisguised look of adoration in white folks faces towards a black political figure.  This is totally unprecedented.  One old man looks as if he is one year younger than God, he’s holding an Obama sign.  Amazing.  In 1992, these same flinty New Hampshire voters wouldn’t give former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder a chance.  Running as a right-wing, budget cutting centrist, Wilder had little appeal to blacks or anybody else outside of his own family.  New Hampshire has a small black population that make’s Iowa’s look like Atlanta.  In light of these facts, the achievement the other day is all the more remarkable.

The building hysteria and vacuous press coverage is feeding the movement and contributing to his healthy poll numbers.   The consultants all see dollar signs when they see this brotha.  They are all chomping at the bit to get a piece of him.  Professional campaigns these days are light on specifics and long on platitudes.  The public supposedly is hip to it but then you see the above reactions as if Jesus alighted from Heaven to address the earth.  The time has come to make a decison or get off the pot.  Once its made, and we all know what it will be, he needs to start articulating some real positions, not the focus group pablum we’ve heard so far. It just won’t cut it.   We need to hear some real stuff from the heart about social and economic justice.

It is clear from the temper and tone of the press coverage that they want him to run, and not for Vice President as I would prefer.  In my mind, it is nothing more than a trap from the pit of Hell.  I categorically don’t trust the “mainstream media.” Their irresponsible flacking for the Vietraq War is right in line with their corporate responsibility to their shareholders’ profit margins.  They live to build somebody up and then tear them down.   The Obama train has left the station, the only question is whether he’s leading it or being led by it.  Time will tell and we’ll all be waiting with baited breath.


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  1. I just don’t know what to think… we’re constantly being led to believe that someone has a grassroots base that will sweep them to victory (Dean, anyone?) only to see them fall like timber in the primaries. I’m alright with that if they keep it clean and he can still be the veep to the eventual winner, but I don’t know how that will play out.

  2. Rikyrah


    Vietraq? How’d I miss that?

    As someone who went to school in New Hampshire, I gotta admit that I was stunned as I watched the pictures from the Granite State. If it had been Vermont, I wouldn’t have been surprised…LOL

    These are very interesting times we live in, SB.

    Very interesting.

  3. Rikyrah,

    Did you go to Dartmouth, darling? That is the only reason I would have stepped foot in New Hampshire for School.


    I am hoping and praying Obama can become Vice President. I have reservations about a Presidential run at this time, as you well know. I am afraid he will shoot himself in the foot and ruin his standing in Illinois. He has a safe seat and could keep it indefinitely and come back and run for President at 60. I don’t know what the rush is all about.

  4. Rikyrah


    I did indeed go to Dartmouth. And, I enjoyed it. I have to admit, it was a time where I didn’t think too hard about the demographics, because, what Black person from an urban area would really consider going to school in the middle of nowhere, with 3 of the Whitest states (NH, VT, ME) right there?


    But, ah, youth.

    As it was, it was a good experience for me. I loved the small town existence, and probably would consider small town life when I get older. I’d never raise children there (not enough diversity), but after the kids are grown, small town life isn’t that bad.

    Plus, it’s some of the most beautiful unspoiled land left in this country. There simply isn’t a bad season in that part of the country.

  5. CriticalEye

    When I first read this entry, your comment strongly resonated with me that: Obama “has done absolutely nothing to define himself as anything but a Safe Negro . . . . ” Slightly off topic, I later saw the third installment of BET’s “American (BLACK MAN) Gangster” featuring a 1980s NYC criminal legend, and I realized something. On one very important level, we NEED Obama because he indeed exhibits sense and thoughfulness embodied in a black man. There are FAR too many accurate (or not) and negative images of us running constantly in the media. Going forward, I want Obama to take to strong progressive positions as a Senator / presidential contender, but even as he is, he does more for us than if he were not present, traveling and visible. “American Gangster” will keep on running, so I hope Obama will be running on MANY alternate channels to create a balance.

  6. CriticalEye,

    Thanks for your comments, however, the proof of Obama is in the pudding of his accomplishments as a Senator and they have been very few and far between so far. Now that Democrats have control of the Senate, perhaps we’ll see something Presidential from him. In the meantime, as my name suggests, I remain skeptical.

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