Nicole Richie


Nicole with Paris.

Nicole Richie, the anorexic, bi-racial barbie doll daughter of Lionell Richie and the black sidekick of celebutante Paris Hilton, done caught herself a damn DUI charge, just like her white gal-pal.¬† I sho’ will be glad when this child finds herself.¬† Her little imitation white girl routine is wearing really thin.¬†¬† My nerves can’t take much more.

Newsflash Nicole: You are not a white girl trapped in a black woman’s body.¬† You are the¬†bi-racial child of privilege that needs to get a clue, get a grip, and get a life.

Do us all a favor, Baby and stop running behind damn Paris Hilton.¬† Stop before you get your petite tail locked up.¬† You ain’t white, honey.¬† You’re half-white, there is a difference, girl, trust me.¬† Be proud of who you are, Baby and knock off all of this foolishness.¬† Make something outta yourself and stop being the punchline to people’s tasteless jokes.¬†

Joy to the World, an Obama Christmas Carol


Joy to the World

Joy to the world! Obama has come.
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room;
And consultants and pundits sing,
And consultants and pundits sing.
And consultants and consultants and pundits sing.

Joy to the world, our Savior Obama reigns
Let consultants his campaign employ.
While Whites and Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans
Repeat the Talking Points,
Repeat the Talking Points
Repeat, repeat, the Talking Points

Obama won’t¬† let sinful¬†Republicans win again,
Nor let Wingnuts infest the Congress;
He comes to make His blessings flow
And remove the curse on Dems,
And remove the curse on Dems,
And remove, and remove the curse on Dems.

He rules the world with platitudes and grace,
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His vacuousness.
And wonders of His hype,
And wonders of His hype,
And wonders, wonders of His hype.