Nicole Richie


Nicole with Paris.

Nicole Richie, the anorexic, bi-racial barbie doll daughter of Lionell Richie and the black sidekick of celebutante Paris Hilton, done caught herself a damn DUI charge, just like her white gal-pal.  I sho’ will be glad when this child finds herself.  Her little imitation white girl routine is wearing really thin.   My nerves can’t take much more.

Newsflash Nicole: You are not a white girl trapped in a black woman’s body.  You are the bi-racial child of privilege that needs to get a clue, get a grip, and get a life.

Do us all a favor, Baby and stop running behind damn Paris Hilton.  Stop before you get your petite tail locked up.  You ain’t white, honey.  You’re half-white, there is a difference, girl, trust me.  Be proud of who you are, Baby and knock off all of this foolishness.  Make something outta yourself and stop being the punchline to people’s tasteless jokes. 

5 thoughts on “Nicole Richie

  1. Rikyrah

    85 pounds?

    85 pounds?


    She really does need to get a clue.

    Your life is NOT hard Nicole. You don’t know what HARD is.

    It irritates me that any ink is wasted on this ignorant fool.

  2. Rikyrah,

    I don’t know what possessed me to write about this girl-child. I guess I felt the need to put in my two cents about her embarassing, negro-like behavior. If one isn’t sure about weather they are black or white, the accumulation of a drug habit and a felony charge are sure tell-tale signs in some people’s minds of negrohood.

  3. As embarrased as I am about her getting a DUI, I hate to base her stupidity on that alone. Now, the drugs, and foolishness, I agree with. I prosecute too many DWI (what we call it here in NC) cases to think she is a bad person solely because of that. But, your point is well taken.

  4. William

    This is what our elders died for? So their grandkids can get rich and imitate the worst of rich white kid behavior?….while still being thought of as a nigger I will add. She might not know it, but that’s the real truth.

  5. I guess Lionel didn’t do what was required in rearing her. Like leaving her mother (Brenda) for another woman; this, after her birth parents gave her to Lionel and Brenda to raise, for whatever reason.

    Lionel failed to teach her that what applies to Paris Hilton, doesn’t necessarily apply to her. If she doesn’t get a grip, we’ll be reading her obituary real soon.

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