Dennis Kucinich Announces for President


“On November 7th, the people voted for a new direction for our nation. They voted for the Democrats because they expected to end the occupation and to bring the troops home from Iraq. On October 1st Congress appropriated $70 billion for the war in Iraq. The money is in the pipeline now to bring the troops home. Unfortunately our Democratic leaders have already announced they will support an additional appropriation for the war of up to $160 billion dollars. Not only are we not listening to the voters and taking steps to withdraw our forces quickly, we are actually planning to spend twice as much on the war as we did last year!”

“Somebody didn’t get the message. And unfortunately it is the leadership of the Democratic Party and the consequences may be disastrous for our party, our nation and the world…In a period of two years the budget for the military, plus the war in Iraq, will exceed one trillion dollars. The billions we are spending in Bagdad we are borrowing from Bejing. We must end this reckless sacrafice of blood and treasure. We must stop sacrificing our dreams and the dreams of future generations of Americans to the nightmare of this war.”

Read more of the Speech here.

Kucinich, never one to mince words, is laying down the gauntlet on the Iraq War and Hillary and Obama better take heed.  John Kerry and John Edwards already got the message.  The rest of the field better take heed as well.  I believe Indiana Senator Evan Bayh has launched an exploratory committee for President and is sounding quite serious.  I shall profile him later.