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People attempting to draft Obama to run for President have been quite busy and their work speaks for itself above and here. I have never seen anything like this since Jesse was drafted to run in 84.  Of course, given the immense size of Jesse’s ego, nobody had to break their damn neck doing that.


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  1. Rikyrah


    Reading your blog, I think I know where you are on the political spectrum, and I hear you on your criticisms of Senator Obama. My thing is, though, if he had a voting record like Maxine Waters, he’d never have a chance.

    Jack and Jill Politics has a post linking to the Black Agenda Report who has the latest article talking about the gender schism between CBC Women and Men. That the Men aren’t as ‘dependable’ progressives. J&J asked why.

    I responded that I believed the men believe themselves to be ‘ enlightened’, and positioning themselves for higher office. The women don’t have higher aspirations, so they can be as progressive as they want to be, accepting that this is the ceiling of what they can accomplish.

    Obama was elected Senator of the entire state, and cannot have the voting record of a Jesse Jackson, Jr., who is from a very safe district.

    Don’t we, as Black folk, have to understand that in order to have those folks who get out of the ‘safe’ districts and aspire to higher office, that they can’t be the progressives we want them to be?

    I just don’t think a Black politician is able to pull it off. Call it a Black Tax if you want, but they’ll never be, IMO, a Black Ted Kennedy, Paul Simon, Russell Feingold or Paul Wellstone. We’re just not allowed that.

    Obama’s 70 voting record of the CBC is light years away from the flunkies Harold Ford and Dollar Bill. For me, at least.


  2. Rikyrah,

    The Senate, as an institution, is almost compeletly white with the exception of Obama, Akaka and Inouye. Not a single one of the “Hispanic” senators is a person of color. Ethnically, they are spanish-european. Martinez and Menendez are Cuban. Most Cubans who felt the need to flee Castro’s Cuba are ethnically white. Senator Salazar is also similarly spanish. All of that is relevent in that the Senate malapportions power. It favors States, the majority of which would never send a Native American, Hispanic, or Native American to the Senate.

    When an ethnic minority finds themselves the unlikely recepient of Senatorial power, the onus is on her to both conserve political viability and exercise political power in a way that is transformative and levels the playing field for those that come after them.

    Voting for racist trade agreements that consign people to slave labor or conferring your imprimateur on a liar of Condoleezza’s caliber is not the way to go. All things being equal, I believe it is possible for a black pol of Obama’s stature to create a new paradigm and exercise his power in a way that illuminates his path to greater power.

    I suppose that makes me an idealist, but I cannot change it. In my darkest moments, I suspect that he is just another Colin Powell riding the wave of unearned popularity to large book royalties and advances while denying the basic humanity of the people our nation makes war on without remorse.

  3. Rikyrah

    Salazar isn’t Mexican?

    SB, I probably would’ve voted for Condi too back then.

    I hear ya. I understand what you’re saying. I wouldn’t have voted for the trade agreement either.

    I wanna be an idealist, but I’ve been worn down to a pragmatist, hoping for slivers of idealism, here and there.

  4. Rikyrah

    oh, and about comparisons to Colin Powell – I dunno. I just have a hard time reconciling the image of the Altgeld Garden organizer with your harsh image.

    I guess I’m enough of an idealist to really be bummed if someone with that kind of background got in it for book royalties. 😦

    I’m holding out that that organizer is still there.

    Being a moviefanatic, ..you think Obama could is being cast in the Black version of The Candidate? 🙂

  5. Rikyrah,

    Salazar’s family has been here longer than the Bushes. As for Obama starring in The Candidate. Yeah. Except my preferred version ends on Inauguration Day with him and his running mate, Dennis Kucinich, in the Oval Office saying, “OK, what do we do now”?

  6. Rikyrah,

    Mexican Americans have been elected, but not lately. Both from New Mexico. Dennis Chavez served in the U.S. from 1935-1962 as a New Deal Democrat. LBJ spoke at his funeral. Octaviano Larrazolo, a Republican born in Mexico was New Mexico’s first Hispanic elected to the U.S. Senate to fill an unexpired term in the Twenties. He also served as the first Hispanic elected Governor.

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