If there is a movie that you’re thinking of taking the family to this month, make it Dreamgirls, Y’all.   I never got to see the musical, so the movie is the next best thing.  Take it from me y’all, It is da bomb.  To say that the movie is both poignant and funny is to understate it dramatically.  The music is beautifully done and the major cast members with the exception of Danny Glover sings beautifully.   Eddie Murphy’s performance is particularly funny and bittersweet in light of today’s events.  You’ll understand if you see it.   I don’t want to spoil it for y’all.   Jennifer Hudson of American Idol fame really is a singular talent and this movie signals the beginning of a bright future for her.   The costumes and acting are all top notch and Beyonce’ is always breathtakingly slamming.   Seeing is believing so see it.



  1. This is the first musical that I can say I liked. Also, I had never been to a movie where people applauded after performances as if we were actually watching the musical live! Maybe that is a NC thing.

    It was a great movie, but I don’t understand how Beyonce’, as beautiful as she is, is the lead; because, Hudson seemed like the main character. Maybe it’s the name. Beyonce, of course, was amazing vocally and visually.

    Now, on to Rocky!

  2. Rikyrah

    Checking in from Chicago.

    My niece and I went to a 10 a.m. showing. I honestly was shocked to see a full theater of Black folk at 10 a.m.

    It was wonderful.
    Simply wonderful.

    Visually beautiful.
    Everyone was on point

    But, the movie belonged to Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson.

    Good art should make you think, and I loved that the movie spoke to something deeper than just the surface story.

    Image vs. Talent
    Staying true to oneself vs. Selling out
    The ripping off of Black music to this day
    How much of our self-respect must we give up in order to ‘crossover’.
    And WHO controls ‘ our’ image

    All themes that resonate today.

    We clapped like crazy in Chicago.

    Definitely get to the theater to see this. I can’t wait to see it again this week with my sister.

  3. Jeff Walderman

    Dreamgirls is the best movie made from a B’Way show in the last few decades. You’d ahve to go back to “My Fair Lady” or “Sonud of Music” to beat it.
    Being a huge musical fan, I don’t see how they can do better with a vehicle written for the stage. Especially the way they segued from spoken word to song and managed to keep the story moving and the characters believable within each scene. All of the cast is superb. Eddie Murphy gets the Oscar for sure! It’s best picture that I am hoping for. Then Hollywood has Hairspray and Sweeney Todd as next year’s follow up to this Oscar trend. Good luck to all involved.

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