James Brown, Godfather of Soul 1933-2006



Sad news came this morning that the Godfather of Soul has passed.  I am shocked and deeply saddened.  He was admitted to Emory Long Hospital yesterday here in Atlanta and died early Christmas morning at 1:45 A.M. of heart failure.  He will be remembered as one of the greatest R&B artists and showman of all time.   His music, zest for life, and passion for the well-being of our people touched me.  I thank God for his life and example. Pray for his family and children and may he rest peacefully in the arms of God.


6 thoughts on “James Brown, Godfather of Soul 1933-2006

  1. rikyrah

    ” Say it now. I’m Black and I’m Proud.”

    If he was only known for these lyrics, that would be enough, because this was almost revolutionary when he sang it.

    But, this isn’t all who James Brown was. He was so much more. He gave so much to us. Thank you, Mr. Brown.

  2. Rikyrah,

    As a mentor to young people, as a civil rights activist and musical powerhouse, he poured himself into everything he did. He will truly be missed and my prayers are with his family.

  3. peace skpeticalbrotha,

    thanks for posting. there doesn’t seemed to be as many as there should.

    without question he was revolutionary in lyric and action. i was peepin’ the “soul survivor” video with wyclef, al sharpton, chuck d. etc. i had no idea that he lauched a food stamp program in his home town –back in 60’s. talk about ujamaa and ujimaa. man!


  4. stephanie mckay

    Just dropping by to share some love and respect for James Brown.
    His universal legacy and spirit will live forever through the soul, passion and truth of his music. Thank you god for creating such a source of inspiration and light for the world. ”

    Soul Power

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