Sandi Jackson to run for Alderman


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The savvy, beautiful, and accomplished Mrs. Sandi Jackson, the wife of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr has filed her paperwork to run for Alderman against the daugther of Alderman Beavers, setting up an interesting contest and another step for the Jackson political dynasty. Mrs. Jackson, an attorney like her husband, is training director for the Democratic National Committee and a shrewd political operative in her own right.   Jesse’s aborted run for Mayor set the stage for Mrs. Jackson’s assent to power.  

Focused on the House of Representatives, I am hoping Congressman Jackson will use the opportunity of Democratic power to challenge his homestate colleague Rahm Emmanuel to become the next Democratic Speaker of the House.  A right-wing DLC Democrat, Emmanuel would be a disaster for progressives.  These two seasoned black politicians could become, in time, the most formidable black power couple in the nation.  As Speaker of the House, Jackson could become the most powerful black politician in the history of the country. Especially if Barack Obama doesn’t make the next ticket.  Jackson has a great set of political skills that uniquely qualify him to turn the Congressional Black Caucus around from a corporate front group into a progressive force.  His actions in the coming years of Democratic control will tell the tale of his suitability and I don’t think he will disappoint.

Mrs. Jackson  personifies the belief that behind every successful black man, is an equally successful and accomplished black woman.

5 thoughts on “Sandi Jackson to run for Alderman

  1. Rikyrah

    This should be an interesting race.

    Former Alderman Beavers was quite a character. Don’t count him out, because he’s slick as grease.

    We’ll see if the Jackson family can pull this off.

    I do think it helps that we’re having two women run against one another. If Beavers’ kid had been a son, there would have been certain ‘ undertones’, if you get my drift.

    But, two women going at one another, I’ll keep my eye on this race.

    I’m only sorry I’m not in this Ward.

  2. a stakeholder

    I am a resident of this ward and we do need a change. Yes there is economic growth in this community but what about the home owners of the community. I have been trying to get traffic controls on my block for the longest time but to no avail. I will support the right candidate for the job. Sandi Jackson.

  3. A stakeholder,

    If you receive any political mailings in this race from either candidate, would you please share them with me? I would really appreciate that. If you send me an e-mail to my address at the contact button, I’ll tell you my mailing address.

  4. Darrylm

    From Russ Stewart’s prediction column:

    “…..And fourth, there’s disappointment over U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who toyed for 2 years with challenging Daley and then wimped out. ”

    “…..7th Ward (South Side: South Hyde Park): Longtime (1983 to 2006) alderman Bill Beavers, a solid Daley backer, was elected a county commissioner in 2006. The ward is more than 90 percent black. Daley appointed Beavers’ daughter and top aide, Darcel Beavers, to the seat. Sandi Jackson, the wife of the congressman, filed, as did Ron David, Jesse Harley, Curtis Hinton, Eric Brown and Tennesha Frierson.

    As an ally of John Stroger, Bill Beavers, who is the Democratic committeeman, packed his ward with county patronage jobs. He is a key supporter of new Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, and he has plenty of precinct workers.

    However, Jackson leads a “movement,” not a “machine,” and by declining to run for mayor, his movement has deflated. He has harshly criticized Daley, but rather than take a chance on running and losing in 2007, he wimped out using the Dem takeover of Congress as a convenient excuse to avoid an ass kicking.

    My prediction: Running his wife was a dumb idea. The mayor, and everybody who wants to show Jackson’s political feebleness, will pour workers into the ward for Beavers, who will win on Feb. 27. ”

    We hope the voters concur.

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