Sheila Dixon set to become Baltimore Mayor



Baltimore City Council President Sheila Dixon is set to become Baltimore’s first female Mayor after Mayor Martin O’Malley assumes the office of Governor.  Embroiled in a nepotism, contract fraud investigation and scandal, her political position has been weakened. She seems to have the support of  the incoming Governor and political heavyweights like Kweisi Mfume who has said “I don’t have any plans to run for Mayor. [Dixon]’s worked for and deserves an opportunity to lead…I want her to succeed. I want the city to be united.  I think at this point we owe her at least the opportunity to try to lead it.” City Comptroller Joan Pratt and Delegate Jill Carter, a critic of Martin O’Malley and the Baltimore Police also announced candidacies. 

It is clear that she will not have a free ride and that she must demonstrate decisiveness and fundraising prowess in order to win.  Even after the supportive comments made by Kweisi Mfume, he moved subsequently to form a committee to raise funds for a local campaign.  Mrs. Dixon faces a formidible set of obstacles: drugs, gangs, violence, and black-on-black crime. The next Mayor elected must put forward an aggressive and progressive agenda for change that will amelorate these systemic ills.

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  1. I am still not understanding the voter nullification that went on in Baltimore that had the mayor of this failing big city and one of its US Representatives promoted to statewide office. What did they put on their resumes as justification to receive the vote?

    What were their political slogans? “Vote for Me Maryland and I’ll do the same for the state what I did for Baltimore”?

  2. dblhelix

    Constructive Feedback,

    With respect to the gubernatorial race:

    [1] MD Dems employed a “24-jurisdiction” strategy to preclude relying on the historical “3-jurisdiction” (Montgomery & Prince George’s counties (DC) and Baltimore City) Democratic strongholds. Might have been risky in any other cycle but worked well for the 2006 ‘blue wave’ — so the fact that turnout dropped almost 9pts in Baltimore City as compared to 2002 did not have the impact that it normally would. There’s your nullification.

    [2] Anthony Brown (Lt Gov) helped the ticked in Prince George’s.

    [3] The two majority-Black jurisdictions are Baltimore City and Prince George’s Cty, but they are not politically unified.

    With respect to the senate race — I did some vol work for the Mfume campaign. I have some very strong opinions on both the primary & the general results that would not necessarily echo the conventional wisdom. While there’s a lot to look at, I find that one local LTE tells the story better than the media punditry or blog bloviating on the subject — partcularly the second and third paragraphs. I will write out the url since there’s no preview button:

  3. rikyrah


    thanks for the info about the primary Senate race. The whiners in Maryland have nothing to say if they didn’t work for Mfume.

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