John Edwards announces for President


John Edwards announced his presidential campaign bid from the Ninth Ward of New Orleans today emphasizing the theme of poverty and the lack of resources we devote to it. The backdrop of devastation and a small group of kids were all that were there to herald the announcement.  It has become increasingly clear that this poverty platform is not a phase for Edwards and that he is serious.  He seems to be channeling Jimmy Carter more and more while taking positions calculated to keep his political viability like opposition to same-sex marriage. 

He has more going for him this time than last and an updated and more compelling message than two years ago.  As a North Carolinian, I felt that he should have run for re-election to his Senate Seat concurrently with running for Vice President.  State law was re-written to allow it.  I’m kind selfish that way. I felt he needed the seasoning and still do.  However, I will be looking at Edwards harder this time round. 


8 thoughts on “John Edwards announces for President

  1. Rikyrah

    The more the merrier. I like his pro-union stance. And, I love his wife 🙂

    Just stay in, Mr. Edwards. And definitely force others to come out with union stances.

  2. Being from NC, I like Edwards. I am unsure of how the conflict between African Americans view of his policies and our desire to vote for a qualified African American candidate will play out. The primary will be interesting. Particularily for African Americans.

  3. Rikyrah, young black man,

    I haven’t met Edwards personally, not that a personal meeting would sway me. However, there is something compelling about the man and the drive it takes to persue this quest for the White House. Obama doesn’t have the drive, and Edwards clearly does. I get the sense that Obama has not contemplated the Presidency until recently. Edwards had it on his mind from the beginning of his Senate service. That’s part of the luxury of being white in America.

    I think Senator Obama is surprised by the hoopla and is genuinely undecided. It seems that in recent days he has started to embrace the call to run and will announce shortly.

  4. Ho hum. Another non-starter for me. Kucinich may not have a snowball’s chance in hell but at least he’s a thru-and-thru Democrat.

  5. Rikyrah


    I have to disagree with you. I believe that Obama has contemplated the Presidency. I just don’t think that he thought his ‘window’ would come now. I voted for the man from the getgo, but his ‘awe shucks’-ness…well, let’s just say that I believe he has the ambition.

    That said, I do believe John Edwards’ personal pain has deepened his drive though.

    Not all ambitious politicians are as obvious as Dark Sith Ford 🙂

  6. If you would not vote for Obama for President, what would you need to see from an African American? And, are those desires more than what you require from other democrats who need to be mainstream to win a presidency?

  7. Rikyrah


    I’ve concluded that Obama has to run now. In that great sweepstakes called ‘ The First Black President’, he has to take the initiative and stake a claim now.

    Wait until 2012, and what do we know is most likely?

    Deval Patrick will have one term as Governor under his belt, and hopefully has been re-elected.

    Dark Sith Ford 🙂 will not be kept down for long. You can bet his mind is reeling with a plan to get back into power.

    So, Obama makes his run now. Does respectable – meaning, he goes the entire distance, travels the country, shows up in front of audiences in states that only see Black people on TV and Movie Screens, helps register millions of new voters for the Democratic Party, and in running, helps grow a personal NATIONAL database of donors and volunteers.

    The time is now.

  8. Rikyrah

    Forgot to add:

    History has shown that the country is very receptive to GOVERNORS, and Patrick will have been one, hopefully, for a term and a half…and if Patrick gets RE-elected…..

    When comparing the two…

    Barack Obama is an AMERICAN success story.
    Deval Patrick is a BLACK AMERICAN success story. He’s literally a Black Horatio Alger.

    So, I say again…

    the time is now.

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