Saddam Executed


The execution of Saddam Hussein brings a bloody and brutal close to an ugly chapter of Iraqi history.  His justified execution for crimes against humanity was well deserved and a convenient distraction from the crimes against humanity he committed in collusion with the United States.  Make no mistake, his regime was propped up for decades by the U.S. and we aided his regime in war with Iran.  The United States government provided ample stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons used to kill Iranian and Iraqi civilians that opposed Saddam’s regime or fought against it in war.  That blood is still on the hands of George H.W. Bush and his son, the ignorant patrician.  Saddam’s execution does nothing to wipe the blood off of their hands.




Every time I am ready to accept the inevitability of Barack Obama’s candidacy for President and swallow the artificial talking points concocted by the Media, I have to pull back and assess what I am about to do and why it is wrong for him and us now. The attraction that the corporate media generated flood of enthusiasm has engendered was brought home to me in the Mall just before Christmas when a European woman with a mild accent waiting on Dad piped up and said she supported Barack Obama for President.

I wanted to ask her why, but her face told her the story: he evokes hope. It is rather puzzling to me being the skeptical brotha that I am.  I’ve written many times and many ways that I ain’t buying this corporate media creation. I must respectfully stand up and resist their attempts to program us like robots.  I am not a damn robot; I have a mind of my own Thank You very much. The hype surrounding the brotha is Orwellian and it’s creepy.

There seems to be a longing in the white electorate to move beyond race.  That would be great if people like me were also ready to do the same but, as usual, I didn’t get the memo.  Sean Bell and his boys were shot at 50 times and the NYPD can’t tell anybody why.  Before I get on the whitefolks bandwagon to “move beyond race” can we/y’all fix that  B.S. first?

Before I get on the whitefolks bandwagon to “move beyond race” can we get a consensus from them to support voluntary affirmative action in the public schools and stop calling it “reverse discrimination?”  I find it fascinating that after the workplace was opened up for women to compete on a level playing field with a man, that was O.K. But any leveling of the playing field for people of color is challenged as unpatriotic, anti-democratic, and racist against whites. Whitefolks seem to be engaged in an undeclared racial combat with colored folks and all hands are needed on deck. Can we come to a consensus on the necessity for Affirmative Action before I consent to jump on the bandwagon to “move beyond race.” Can we acknowledge the power race has to racially and economically stratify and oppress people before we punch our tickets on the racial amnesia express?

Can we acknowledge the racist genocide that was behind Slavery and the removal of Native Americans from their land and pay some reparations before we all hold hands and sing Cumbaya at Obama’s Inauguration as HNIC?

I find it ironic that Obama has made his home and forged a successful political career in Chicago, a city that is among the most racially segregated and racist of any in America.  A majority-minority city dominated and controlled  by the same white machine headed by the same white family that controlled Chicago at the time of the Senator’s Immaculate Conception Forty-five years ago. Obama has done absolutely nothing to combat the machine’s efforts to concentrate as much power in the hands of white ethnics as possible and deny the renaissance of the transformative power of the Harold Washington years.

 Daley is good at peopling his Administration with well-educated Uncle Tom’s and Aunt Jemima’s of various hues, but has done nothing to combat the systemic poverty and crumbling schools which plague and doom the life chances of the urban poor.  Mayor Daley’s endorsement of Obama for President, unsolicited and transparently self-serving, fools nobody because he sits on the precipice of being indicted by the justice department or removed by voters of color.

I attended a HBCU, not Harvard, so I don’t have the elite of America raining down job offers, campaign contributions, book deals, and sweetheart loans on me like brotha Barack.  White women tense up when they see me, they don’t swoon like they do for Barack.  Nobody lines up to hear me speak or touch the hem of my garment.  Not that I’m hatin’.  I just don’t feel the need to line up and drink the Kool-aid like a good little Nigga.

At a time when the mainstream media was incapable of raising any alarm against Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, two men whose demonstrable hostility to Affirmative Action and equal opportunity  threaten to destroy the flimsy fabric of racial reconciliation and reverse the gains of the last 50 years, why is Barack Obama necessary to heal the wounds and absolve the sins of a deeply racist and imperialist nation like America?

Does anybody really believe that he has the power to do that if elected, or is the role of the President of the United States to be a guardian of a imperialist and racist form of capitalism?  Most people with the luxury of free time to think are not deluded by what the power of the presidency represents.  They see its destructive power everyday and everyway it manifests itself.  The fact that a black man is in serious contention for that awesome power is not at all uplifting given the pernicious record of Colin and Condi, the Bush Administration’s doublemint twins of Imperial deception. They and their white benefactors have turned a collective blind eye to the depredations of war, disease, and poverty.

The Media seem to be putting the cart before the horse with Obama’s candidacy.  The racial reconciliation and racial justice that needs to be present to nurture and support a serious black candidacy for President does not exist and never will if we accept the fantasy candidacy they are attempting to foist on us now.  The Presidency can be more than a throne of Imperial tyranny but it can never be more than that until we set things right regarding race in the public psyche.