This announcement, far from looking and sounding delusional, is understated and hefty with import and meaning. It means his focus is almost where it should be.  Heavy on earnest focus groupspeak, Edwards actually appears engaged and forthright. At least he is doing something.  When is the last time Queen Hillary got her hands dirty? This is looking more and more like a Bill Bradley redux.  It’s compelling in a calculated, feel your pain (poverty) kind of way that hits the right notes without sounding too radically left-wing wacko.  It is an interesting balancing act that will carry him farther than pundits think now.


4 thoughts on “EDWARDS 2008

  1. rikyrah

    I applauded him for where he made his announcement. The timing of it – in the midst of the Ford death drama – could have been better.

    But, I definitely appreciated where he did it.

    And, the pundits might write off Edwards, but I see him as ‘The Great White Male Hope’ of this year. I don’t write him off – at all.

  2. I’ve always liked Edwards, even back when he was Kerry’s running mate. I think I even voted for him in the primaries because I liked what he had to say. The old calm endorsement of him is back, and that clip irritated me a little when it decided to tune him out while he gave his opinion on Iraq.

    I think this time he will have a better shot at the presidency than in 2004.

  3. There is no perfect timing to announce a campaign when you are being an authentic (human) candidate. Timing is only perfect for those that wage the proper glitz, fanfair, and residual media manipulation. But oh yeah, this is American Politics. What was I thinking about? Authenticity?

    I got caught up for a moment and forgot to look at the world crooked for as crooked as it really is. I’m too idealistic. (There is no such thing!) I have to keep reminding myself. Will I ever learn?

    We don’t revere authentic candidates. We dig the packaged authenticity (the botoxed dossiers) that takes millions of dollars to produce and goes through enough hands…with enough advisors to road-test before introducing to the people as if in what is real is in real-time that: AN AUTHENTIC CANDIDATE prepped for the people. The packaging of a an authentic candidate sounds a lot more like the cirlce around and spinning of Obama’s star rising since his DNC speech more than Edwards in equal decades old pursuit against poverty in a role he has been playing all his life in real-time. Edwards is real. Real is a character he has played for so long. He has lived and breathed without much airbrushing and continuously is downplayed by the media…for poverty doesn’t sell and is not a sexy platform for candidates.

    Angelina, Brad, George, and Bono however is managing to cast a light of glamour at fighting poverty. (He has to start hanging out with the stars to grab our attention.) They are stars however and it is interesting because people don’t expect that of their kind. Candidates talking about anti-poverty is even rarer. No one in media knows quite how to spin it, this campaign against poverty, for their own sensational hunger to benefit. His anti-poverty campaign if taken too seriously by them will make them have to be more accountable as responsible media.

    Think about it: the timing?…Think about it: the stakes. Last week higlighting Ford and ignoring him was classic media for ya’. The media was oh-so cautious about a feed-frenzy over Saddam’s death as well. Ford was better for ratings. Edwards is too good of a guy…and I like him that way.

    I am happy that Edwards stepped up. I am relieved he stepped up. I will go even further to say that I am happy he has poor timing because it is real. At least I can say he knows how to crash a party and show up uninvited. Gotta’ love the guy!

    I never believe in anything as such in perfect timing unless you are staging your intent. I honestly had not thought of New Orleans much in the month of December and it made me recollect that I was not the only poor person neglected still in this country. I thank him for shining that bright spotlight in my face to make me realize that his campaign speaks for me, a poor educated, Black woman that lives in poverty. I have never been rewarded for my contributions to society and no other candidate speaks of that type of intimacy but Edwards.

    I’ve been awaiting a candidate that would pick up Dr. King’s Poor People’s campaign. Hilary had years to do it but follow the trend in politicking. And so is has Obama. The trend for so many legal eagles is too talk anti-poverty but not really live the talk and work at it. Edwards did the same way Gore stayed focused on saving the world. These issues, although not as popular as personal greed has been their personal campaigns. Timing is everything but timing doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect for significance to occur.

    At least I know Edwards is his own man and obviously is not allowing hired consultants to manipulate us with what American’s are obsessed with: money. At least he has the guts to bring to national attention that everyone does not have the basics and that is money. At a time when we should be worrying about saving the environment and energy consumption, educating the already poor about the possibilities of having their lives to continually change because of America’s greed and exploitation of their hard work, it is a gift to have a straight-talker come with it another way and with direction. He really has the audacity of hope.

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