Community Anger Intensifying in Sean Bell Case


Several marches have been held in the past six weeks protesting the senselessness of the Police Shooting and killing of Sean Bell and the wounding of his three friends outside a Queens strip club in the small hours of the morning of Sean Bell’s wedding day.   Celebration turned to mourning as a family came to grips with another unjustified NYPD homicide.   The NYPD thugs in blue had struck again.  The intensity of the community reaction has been swift and their anger at the NYPD for their harassment campaign against witnesses to the incident is running over.  

Queens area politicians are unified in seeking an orderly but thorough investigation that hopefully leads to a felony prosecution for the officers involved. The prosecution track record in these incidents is appallingly unacceptable.  The Mayor has held a rolling series of meetings with community leaders and activists to signal his displeasure with this incident but has stopped short of calling for Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s resignation.  A Queens Grand Jury convened Tuesday impaneled to investigate charges against NYPD Officers in this case.  This development comes on the heels of a protest vigil launched by Mrs. Valerie Bell and Sean’s fiance’ Nicole Paultre Bell in front of the 1o3rd precinct station house in Jamaica. 

8 thoughts on “Community Anger Intensifying in Sean Bell Case

  1. Primo De Dominici

    Anybody in the club who is having a good time while being intimidated by another clubgoer would yell “go get my gun” to create fear in the other person. Those detectives should not have been in their in the first place. This case needs to go to felony procecution of the detectives who shot and killed Sean Bell.

  2. rikyrah

    Any word on the cops who shot the 92 year old in Atlanta?

    These cops are rotten. You know it. I know it. It’s been standard BS from the get go. They thought, 3 Black guys, we’ll of course find,
    1. drugs
    2. guns

    So it’ll be an easy frame up of them.

    When that didn’t happen, then came that BS about the ‘ 4th person’, whose door was obviously made of kevlar, thus the reason why THEY didn’t get any of the 50 shots.

    They need to be in Rikers, having to deal with folks they put in there.

  3. Rikyrah,

    I heard about the old lady being killed but haven’t decided whether I should write anything. Writing about defenseless older people as victims ignites a rage that doesn’t die down quickly. I feel like I’m being poisoned by the anger. I’ll play it by ear.

  4. Rick P-D

    Where’s Al Sharpton and all of the bruthahs when all of the Black men gat shot by other Black men? (vast majority of African Americans are shot by other Blacks) There was no racism there. The racism is in your pointing fingers at White cops when two were black and 1 was Hispanic. get your story accurate and cut out your own racism against Whites.

  5. Rick P-D,

    It’s been three months now and still nobody has come forward to explain why they gunned down three unarmed men. The race of the officers involved in incidents like these are important, but not always relevant. In this case, the officer who initiated this carnage was, in fact, white.

    You can call me a racist all you want. You can even believe it. The fact remains that a black man is dead who shouldn’t be and it occurred because of a white cop.

  6. VurniaL Woody

    I want to know what the f*ck kind of training did these pigs have where they were taught to let fifty shots go off on supsects thats not even armed and much less these pigs had been drinking and was too f#*ked up to tell what was going on but one thing about they will see justice in this life or the next you can’t take away a human being and not pay for it

  7. Anonymous Swine

    In this case, the officer who initiated this carnage was, in fact, white.

    Actually, the undercover initiated the car stop. He was the one who heard the “go get my gun” statement. And if you believe the undercover in that club was white then I have a bridge to sell you.

    The fact remains that a black man is dead who shouldn’t be and it occurred because of a white cop.

    Unless, of course, your “fact” is wrong. Perhaps the lesson here is not to yell “yo go get my gun” as you drunkenly leave a club and then in your highly intoxicated state get behind the wheel of your car and attempt to run over a group of plainclothes police officers who are trying to conduct an investigation based on your own stupid statements about having a gun.

    You *are* a racist.

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