The African Diaspora is dying and the CBC doesn’t seem to care



The Congressional Black Caucus sits on the cusp of dramatically increased power since the resounding defeat of the Republican Party in last fall’s elections.  Tomorrow marks the first day of Democratic power in 12 years.  They are officially large and in charge. It’s been a long time in coming and the excuses and evasive maneuvers to do anything progressive will no longer be accepted.

Tomorrow, these Negroes become the most powerful black politicians in the world.  With power comes enormous responsibility.  In the sixties, seventies, and eighties, although significantly smaller in number and influence, the CBC used its power to empower the Diaspora.  Adam Clayton Powell used his Chairmanship of the House Education and Labor Committee to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through Congress in cooperation with LBJ and MLK.  He played Mr. Inside to Dr. King’s Mr. Outside.

The Seventies saw my personal hero, Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to sit in Congress, run for President.  The Caucus pushed for full employment with the Humphrey Hawkins Bill, renewed and expanded the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to include language minorities, defeated two right-wing Nixon nominees to the Supreme Court, and pushed for a progressive urban agenda for our urban centers.

The Eighties saw the CBC again renew and expand the Voting Rights Act for 25 years, fight the racist neo confederate ideology of the Reagan Administration to destroy busing, affirmative action, and Civil Rights Enforcement. In addition, the Caucus belatedly supported Jesse Jackson’s path-breaking runs for President, and aggressively fought to increase the minimum wage and end Apartheid in South Africa. Moreover, the Caucus took some high profile chairmanships and elected Bill Gray Majority Whip, the highest ranking position an African American has ever held in the leadership.

The Nineties and the new millennium brought in a reigning ethos of complete abdication of responsibility to the black community and a dangerous sycophancy toward the Clintons that the Diaspora still hasn’t recovered from. CBC sycophancy allowed the caucus to endorse the dangerous Crime Bill of 1994, a regressive and racist regime of three strikes and you’re out, the legislative failure of the caucus to equalize crack and powder cocaine sentences and the failure to pressure the Clinton Administration to accept the Racial Justice Act, which would have allowed defendants to challenge the racially disproportionate application of the Death Penalty.  The Caucus suffered another high profile setback when it failed to effectively fight a horrific Effective Death Penalty Effectiveness Act in 96 that gutted Habeas Corpus and converted the nation’s death rows into assembly lines of punitive and racist retribution.  

However, the greatest failure of the Caucus during this period continued to be Foreign Policy and the persistent neglect of the African Diaspora. Caucus negligence during this period allowed the Bush and Clinton Administrations to escape accountability for genocide in Rwanda, the overthrow of two democratically elected Haitian governments, civil war in Liberia, Angola, Zaire, Ethiopia, Sierre Leone, Sudan, Somalia, and the Congo. It also allowed the Clinton Administration to completely escape it’s complicity with multi-national pharmaceutical companies to commit genocide by charging full price to the poorest, most indebted nations on earth for life saving anti-retroviral medications. Their subsequent actions serve only to place ineffective band aids on genocide. 

The poverty, misery, war, and death that beset the entire African Diaspora is enough to keep the entire Caucus busy playing defense for our people and aggressively challenging the inimical foreign policies of every Administration.  They allow all of this while simultaneously genuflecting to a right-wing Israel lobby so effective in defending Israel that it is beginning to look like a mafia inspired protection racket.  

Israel is allowed to do anydamnthing that violates the sovereignty and human rights of its neighbors and receives generous foreign aid while Black countries languish in dysfunction, marinate in poverty and civil war, and collapse under the weight of the global pandemic of HIV/AIDS. Our CBC is too distracted and fearful of the wrath of the Israel lobby to fight back.  Several members of the CBC are Israel’s bitches up on Capitol Hill: Artur Davis, Hank Johnson, Kendrick Meek, John Lewis, Alcee Hastings, and Gregory Meeks.  Nobody heard a peep from any of them while Israel was bombing Lebanon in an unjustified fusillade of missile attacks this past July which disproportionately targeted civilians in direct contravention to the laws of war.  Artur Davis and Hank Johnson hold their seats, as I’ve previously explained, as a result of the previous CBC member’s lack of fealty to the Israel lobby’s agenda on the Hill.  The ramifications of this betrayal is to elevate Israel’s interests over those of the African Diaspora.

Israel, hellbent on subjugating the Lebaneese, killed 63 children under 18 in a series of attacks analyised by Human Rights Watch which killed 153 non combatant civilians. They ultimately killed at least 400 civilians in indiscriminate attacks that “also killed many dual nationals who were vacationing in Lebanon when the fighting began, including Brazilian, Canadian, German, Kuwaiti, and U.S. citizens.”  They did all of this without much of a peep from the CBC so you know when something similarly dirty goes down in the African Diaspora at the hands of devilish American minions, nothing will be said or done by our so-called representatives who claim that they are the “conscious of congress.”

The African Diaspora is dying and nobody seems to care, not even the Congressional Black Caucus.


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  1. Just commenting on this same assessment with a chum. My critical eye was layered in admitting personal guilt for feeling a bit powerless to not be able to get this point across or be effective in remembering everyday what Africans go through.

    Like how many people did Saddam kill in contrast in to how many people with our own skin-tone kill our own in African with their rogue endeavors masterminded by greater factions outside of Africa?

    Saddam’s death pointed this out to me that no one cares about Africans dying from warlords or oil honchos…civil wars…

    Saddam’s death showed me the complexity of priority unbalanced and unfair. And just as you pointed out, I didn’t hear a peep from a Black person moved by the irony of showcasing justice for the atrocities in Africa. (Not even the continual imbalance of the crisis for energy aid and innovation to help those people sustain.)

  2. My thoughts are as follows and hopefully won’t be moderated due to the fact that this statement may be found “racist” by yourself and many others, however I am not. I have many african-american friends, and most people I talk to on the street no matter what color seem to come to the same conclusion that America is becoming reverse-racist. I would be for no racism and equality. However it seems as thought the African American community wants the power to themselves and themselves alone.

    Afrian-Americans have Black Entertainment Television (BET), Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and many other Black-only organizations that are located throughout the United States have been granted permission to perform what they may.

    As if this was not enough Afrian-americans would now like to strip and have stripped White people their ability to seek equality. This move is called Affirmitive Action which has in turn disregarded high-performing White americans from pretigous colleges such as U of M Ann Arobr for Under-performing Afrian-Americans to meet their “Ethnicity Quota”.

    Personally, I feel that if a college is found being biased towards one particular race due to racial prejudices that institution should be fined monetarily or federal actions should be taken against that organization.

    I am all for equality in America. I feel that African Americans should have just as much chance as Caucasians, not more. That’s my thought I’d like to hear from you and debate this issue with you. Please do not contact me if you cannot debate this issue maturely because I WILL NOT reply to your e-mail. Thank you.

  3. To build on some thoughts I mentioned in my last comment in regards to the organizations we’ve (White Americans) let Afrian Americans utilize and fund including BET, NAACP, CBC and others, it is to my dismay that any white organizations that could be founded may be seen as racism just as it has been seen as racism to create equality again between the Whites and the Blacks of America by disassembling Affirmitive Action which is a big step to ensuring equality.

    However If we were to create White Entertainment Television (WET), however pornographic it may sound, National Assoc. of the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) or the Congressional White Caucus (CWC) would be considered a racist move by the Afrian Americans.

  4. Garrett,

    You are young, very young, and don’t understand and apparently have never had explained to you, the legacy and nature of racial discrimination in this country. To put it simply, “reverse discrimination” does not exist and never has.

    I hope and pray that your college and life experiences going forward are more enlightening and reveal to you the historical context and complexity of white supremacy.

  5. rikyrah

    If I published what I wanted to to Garrett, I don’t think SB would let me post here anymore.

    I’ll simply say this. I don’t believe you have any Black friends. Oh, I believe you might hang around people with Brown skin of some sort, but I doubt highly that you have any Black friends.And, I know you haven’t spouted off to them this mess, because any self-respecting Black person would tell you to keep on stepping, after telling you to catch a clue.

    Because, if any White person came around talking the mess you’re talking about, I’d tell them in no uncertain terms that they need to lose my address, email and phone number. Because, we live on different planets.

    I live in the REAL world, as an African-American woman. I don’t live in la-la land. I DO have friends of different colors; have all my life, but those that are in my life, wouldn’t ever utter such nonsense to me. Because, they know better.

  6. Jon B

    Great article on the sad state of our foreign “policy”, and the insidious effect of the Israel lobby. Israel receives 1/3 of all foreign aid–more than all of Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa combined. U.S. taxpayers gave them $2.2 billion to move 8800 fanatical Zionist squatters out of Gaza. The most insulting aspect of this is that Israelis live longer than Americans, and their average income is almost equal to ours–and much higher than African-Americans. This extortion racket is controlled by AIPAC, the AJC, and others, with the ADL acting as the thought-police to suppress all criticism by equating it to antisemitism.

    African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans together represent 30% of the population–that’s over 15 times the Jewish-American population. Yet there are 13 Jewish Senators, 1 African-American Senator, and 3 Hispanic Senators. There are 30 Jewish, 42 African-American, and 27 Hispanics members in the House of Representatives.

    So Africa and Latin America aren’t even on the political map. Israel’s “issues” and these illegal wars against Arab nations dominate our foreign policy and bleed our treasury dry.

  7. Jon B


    Wake up, Garrett. The net effect of affirmative action on white Americans is trivial. Don’t scapegoat it as proof of some “reverse racism”. The positives far outweigh any negatives. This “reverse-racism” is a ploy to turn working people against each other and away from the real reason it is getting tougher for working and middle-class Americans to get ahead–the growing income disparity.

    The wealthy are pocketing a larger share of profits and capital gains than ever before. They’re cutting back employee insurance plans, gutting pensions, downsizing and moving jobs overseas, and using loopholes to hide income. A hedge fund manager pays himself $500 million a year. The CEO of Goldman Sax gave himself a $50 million Christmas bonus last year. They’re using this obscene wealth to consolidate their power. These trends have nothing to do with race.

    More than ever before, this country needs African-American leaders to serve as role models and help lift up their communities. We need African-American business owners hiring African-Americans in our cities that have been abandoned by globalizing corporations. These communities need to retain the wealth they create. So do small towns. THAT is the issue.

  8. Rob

    Regarding racism, I think alot of us would like to put ourselves up on a pedestal of enlightenment and say that we are not racist. I think we would like to say that being a racist is the worst thing you can be, when it is perhaps not as bad to hate someone of your own race or even of your own family for a reason other than race. That we think racism is an evil suggests that we think hate is evil. Or is just undeserved hatred? Or hatred in ignorance? Or is it discrimination? Injustice? I think race and color has very little to actually do with it. I think it’s an issue for each individual – each man must deal with hatred in his own heart, and decide to hate no one. Decide to judge no one. Decide to discriminate against no one. Humans are rediculous, we like to do the bare minimum and call ourselves great. We would do better if we would do all – and be done with hate. But people love it, don’t they? People love their hate. And we’re all the same.

  9. More outrages have happened recently in the African Diaspora-among them the permanent overthrow of Aristade, the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Ethiopia’s illegal invasion of Somalia, the seemingly indefinite continuation of slavery in Mauritania, and the disenfranchisement of Nigeria’s Ogoni people-includng the execution of environmentalist Ken Saro-Wiwa. The CBC doesn’t seem to care about those either. And the CBC are indeed Israel’s bitches. Both of these statements diagree with the African American community’s most common viewpoints, which call for iincreased U.S. outreach to the African Diaspora and sympathy for the Palestinian/Arab cause.

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