Barack Obama 

Senator Barack Obama is actively interviewing Presidential Campaign staffers and putting together his team.  A major announcement is in the works and it looks like all engines are a go.  What do y’all think about it? 

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  1. The newness factor is fading fast for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Waiting for 2012 would probably be a tactical error and, leaving aside the cocaine use admission and the exposure of a shady real estate deal (with the flimsiest of excuses), he still has to face the Hillary war machine. I don’t envy the guy.

    Mixed race people seem to be dominating pop culture in America lately and his appeal across racial lines is obvious. The greatest flaw in his candidacy to most are his “progressive” socialist radical views, all of which will find print early on.

    Had Mr. Obama actually represented anything other than warmed over failed left wing policies he might have changed American and world history. Alas, the old tired mantras dressed up in a new suit is all the man represents.

  2. Thanks for the site referral. If your point is that Mr. Obama is not “progressive” enough, kind of like not “Muslim” enough, then point taken. Further review of the site leaves me wondering.. who is behind this stuff? The article on Somalia wreaks of a less than accurate understanding of world jihad waged by Islamist totalitarians. I appreciate your hard work and look forward to reading after you in the future.

  3. CriticalEye

    I had no point on the site referral. I simply found the article interesting. And as I know nothing substantive of Obama, except that he extremely polished and some basics on his bio, I’ve begun to read up.

    On other articles on that site, I’ll leave comments / critiques on the other articles, especially on Somalia, to others who may be better informed than me.

  4. theravagebeast

    As I stated on a different thread:
    – Obama is the black version of former Sen. Edwards.
    – Obama cannot win.
    – If he runs Obama will be commiting political suicide by design (designed by the “ruling class”).

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