Godfather of Soul hasn’t been buried


By KATRINA A. GOGGINS, Associated Press Writer 1/9/06

The body of soul singer James Brown has yet to be buried as attorneys and his children work to settle issues surrounding his estate, including where he will be laid to rest.

For now, his body lies in a sealed casket in his home on Beech Island, said Charles Reid, manager of the C.A. Reid Funeral Home in Augusta, Ga., which handled the services.

Brown died of heart failure Dec. 25 at age 73. His will has yet to be filed, said Buddy Dallas, an attorney for the singer.

The room where Brown’s body lies is being kept at a controlled temperature, and security guards keep watch, Reid said.

The funeral home delivered Brown’s body after services Dec. 30, Reid said.

Brown’s home has been locked since hours after his death to protect his memorabilia, furnishing, clothes and other personal items, Dallas said.

Tomi Rae Hynie, Brown’s partner, said shortly after his death that she encountered locked gates as she tried to get into the home she says she shared with the singer and their 5-year-old son.

If anybody in your family ever used the term “Nigga S@#t”, this is what they were referring to.  Al Sharpton loved the Godfather so much that he assumed control of his funeral and hogged the spotlight. Too bad he couldn’t get the Godfather buried properly. Now, he wants to run for President?

7 thoughts on “Godfather of Soul hasn’t been buried

  1. It’s a shame that there has to be so much nonsense going on surrounding his burial and the Estate. When money is involved, people act really crazy. I think Ms. Hynie is trying to make Gold Digger of the decade….. (the crown currently shared by Anna Nicole and Kimora Lee) lol. Lou Rawls had a pretty vicious Gold Digger as well.

    I guess these old guys know what they are involved in and they are at such an age where they don’t care…..they are getting what they want out of it I guess. I sometimes wonder though…if these guys really believe that these women love them…. especially guys like Russel Simmons, Quincy Jones, Lou Rawls (when he was alive). It’s amazing to me how obvious this stuff is. I personally could not allow myself to be used like that. I would either have to have the real thing… a genuine woman (Genuine+women= an oxymoron…. I know, lol), or I would have to be alone. I couldn’t deal with the fake stuff.

    On the issue of Al Sharpton…. I agree that he loves to hog the spotlight. I don’t really care much for Sharpton….and I don’t agree with him regarding 90% of what comes out of his big mouth.

    However….in the case of James Brown, I will have to disagree with your comments. Sharpton was a good friend of Brown and the Brown family for about 30 years…. and worked for James Brown for a while.

    Regarding the funeral…. he was asked by the Brown family to be involved in handling the services.

    Now it would be different if he just showed up and forced himself into the situation out of nowhere (which he has been known to do)… but this is not the case this time.

    It’s just a coincidence that someone known to throw himself in front of the cameras…especially at high profile funerals… this time was actually friends with the deceased and with the family. A bad coincidence for Sharpton….

    Sharpton running for President???…. I had not heard that until now, but he is basically a non-factor. He may be attempting to get himself another speaking slot at the Convention….and he may want to add certain issues to the debate…. but he will be a non-factor in terms of any real impact. I think Kucinich will do a good job when it comes to raising the issues of the common folk…., poor people,the war in Iraq, etc.
    Sharpton would just crowd the field IMO.

  2. rikyrah

    I have some issues with Rev. Al, but James Brown isn’t one of him. I believe truly that he loved him some James Brown and that he was asked by the family to be involved. As someone who had a friend who stood in that line in Harlem, she said it was one of the best Black Communal experiences she’s ever known. And, I doubt it would have happened without Rev. Al.

    As for the burial, hey, that’s crazy family mess.

  3. Kai Ballard

    Regarding Mr. Brown, Russell Simmons, etc. being used by their wives and the ladies not loving them, unless you personally know these people, the comment was VERY uneducated. People have tried to tell me what my wife thinks and they have NEVER met her. I don’t know what went on between James and Tomi. The delay of the burial, when my Dad passed, it was the same thing. Things happen, good and bad, when someone dies. Don’t focus on what Tomi or Al or whoever is doing. Just remember the great things that Mr. Brown brought to this world. Kai Ballard

  4. O.k.

    We have situations where beautiful young women in their 20’s, and 30’s (and sometimes in their teens) are with men in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who happen to be wealthy, and you are telling me that these women are with these men because of their good looks, compatibility and all sorts of other nonsense? Spare me with that foolishness.

    In the case of Russell Simmons, the age difference was not as great, but it was still significant…Kimora Lee was about 22 and Russell Simmons was 41 years old when they married. Now, whether you think it was real love or not, I doubt very seriously if Kimora Lee would have dated and married Simmons if he was not a multi-millionaire Rap Mogul.
    It was fairly well known that Kimora Lee was a gold digger. She even hinted in her wedding ceremony (& in other settings) that wealth was part of what attracted her to the man.

    Lou Rawls?

    Meet his 30 something flight attendant wife, Nina Inman.


    Listen to this answering machine message that she left for one of Lou’s daughters, shortly before he died. All related to a feud between the two…. (WARNING: Adult language).

    [audio src="http://eurweb.com/audio_video/NinaRawls-edited.mp3" /]

    And James Brown?…. Well, just one day after he died…(Dec. 26), Tomi Rae Hynie, his 30 something girlfriend, was giving interviews and talking about how much property and money she was going to get. Wasn’t too worried about Mr. Brown.

    And should I even mention Anna Nicole Smith? I think most folks are able to figure that one out.

    I won’t argue with you on this issue…. It’s a matter of opinion. I have mine, and you are welcome to yours.

    Of course….not all of these kinds of relationships are phony, but many of them are. Celebrity relationships in particular tend to fit that category.

  5. that voiccemail was off the hook! you should now that if you are old as hell & some white thing walks up to you, it ain’t nothin’ but trouble

  6. Candace

    why isn’t god father of soul buried yet that doesn’t make jo kind of since yall need to just throw the sucka in the ground already and get it the freak over with no disrespect to the dead R.I.P but nigga’s need to stop freaking playin just bury him he ain’t never gonna rest in peace if you guys keep letting people view the body his soul ain’t never gonna never have no fun.R.I.P( Rest In Peace)

  7. Mary

    I’ve never see anything like this children,who can not agree on where to put there father to rest at.He haven’t rest in peace because of is children.I’m sorry to said that but just look how they are act right now.and about Tomi Race Hynie she wouldn’t have been no better than the children.She would have done the same thing.she a drug head. The money would’ve been gone by now.And if she truly know that her son is the (GF)why not have a blood-test and wave the paper all up there nose.If she would her son to get his share.This is the case on death,money,greed.

    R.I.P. gone to soon.

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