Chicago Mayor’s Race: Dorothy Brown and James Meeks feud


Photograph of  Senator  James                T. Meeks            (I)

Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown ,ran into another stumbling block in her quest to reclaim the mayor’s office for the people of Chicago: State Senator James Meeks.   Meeks, an Illinois State Senator and Pastor of the 22,000 member Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, has refused to endorse Mrs. Brown , despite the swirling corruption scandals engulfing the incumbent Mayor, Richard M. Daley.   Meeks, elected to his last term as an independent, nearly ran for Governor as an independent to exact political concessions favorable to his pet projects from Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich.

In refusing to endorse Brown, he sells out the black community and those interested in honest government in Chicago.  He also, without saying so, is helping Daley win re-election by keeping his powder dry. 

Daley has been shrewd in attempting to lengthen the white ethnic hold on City Hall by eliminating partisan primaries for city offices, the effect of which allows Republicans the power to swing city elections.  Daley couldn’t win a Democratic primary in today’s Chicago, and the only reason why he is mayor today is because of a split in the black vote between two black candidates vying to succeed the late, great Mayor Harold Washington after his death.  

The path for Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr to challenge Daley solo, seemed clear until Mrs. Brown jumped in precipitously, hours before Jesse’s announcement was made.  Democrats subseqently won back control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and he decided to stay put to exercise his newfound power.  In the tiff with Meeks, Mrs. Brown is getting back some of her own medicine, but the undercurrent of sexism is clear.

Daley has been skillful in obtaining important endorsements from prominent black politicians like Bobby Rush, appointing prominent black Uncle Tom’s and Aunt Jemima’s to his administration, and preemptively endorsing Barack Obama for President to keep Obama from meddling in the Mayor’s race.  His game plan is transparent and self-serving and not in the best interests of the people of Chicago. 

It remains to be seen whether or not Mrs. Brown has the chops to pull this off, but I would argue that black folks will never know unless they give her a chance.


9 thoughts on “Chicago Mayor’s Race: Dorothy Brown and James Meeks feud

  1. rikyrah

    I’m going to vote for Dorothy Brown, but with serious reservations (I halfway believe the whispers about her her being a ringer). Of the 2 Black candidates, she has a proven track record as an official, and there’s never been a whiff of scandal about her.

    As for Meeks, I washed my hands of him when his Jive Poverty Pimp self was kissing and hugging on the Police Chief within a week of having a gun pulled and shoved in his face by the Police in the town known for John Burge.

    If I was dying and desperate for salvation, I’d STILL never set foot in his church.

  2. rikyrah

    Last comment from me on this issue. As a Black woman, it just sticks in my craw to NO END that Meeks had the herve to hug upon the White Police Chief, but can’t seem to utter an apology to Dorothy Brown? No, ‘ I’m sorry if my words were misinterpreted Ms. Brown.’

    Not even that?

    The Black WOMAN isn’t worthy of that little display of respect?

    But, he can hug, shin and grin with whomever White comes into the picture?

    Like I said, I’d die a sinner before I’d step foot in his church.

  3. Darrylm

    Don’t hate.

    That nigga knows that to keep the water flowing for free, the electricity, the heating gas flowing for free (churches do not pay for these services), to keep city building inspectors from crawling around his 20,000 seat mega church, he betta dance to the master’s music.

    Besides, he lives in South Holland in a $400,000 house and is not a citizen of chicago so he cannot vote here anyway.

  4. Though I currently live in metro Atlanta, I still consider myself very much a Chicagoan in exile. Here is all I needed to know about where Rev. Meeks is.

    In Illinois, you get on the ballot by obtaining the signatures of a certain number of registered voters on official nominating petitions. Early last year when Meeks was gearing up to threaten the Democratic governor — no peach himself — his supporters were planted in front of dozens of black churches throughout the metro area with anti-gay marriage petitions, and Meeks’ nominating petitions underneath. That’s the vein he operates in, and how he gathered his signatures. Straight out of the most despicable Republican playbook.

  5. Mr. Bruce,

    Yeah, I am aware of his right-wing bonafides, but his church is so big that everybody from the Mayor on down must come and kiss the ring. Weather we like it or not, he is a powerful black leader, usually leading in the wrong direction. Even Obama has come to the church to pay homage.

  6. daisy

    I think that everybody should have a chance to run for what ever they want to run by a woman has the right to it doesnt matter if you are hispanic African American or any other heritage. iam hispanic i think we should vote for the one that is convenient to us and see i woman running for mayor.

  7. Darwin

    Ms. Dorothy Brown is the best candidate for mayor, including the curent mayor. She’s sharp, focused, very intelligent, shows proven leadership and for ALL the people. I absolutely support her!

  8. Gregg

    Are all of yall serious? DB was selected to run by daly himself to deflect votes from Harold Washington’s protegee Bill “Doc” Walls who was the superior candidate. DB is a dalyite to the bone…

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