Deval Patrick sworn in as Mass Governor


Last Thursday, Deval Patrick was sworn in as Governor of Massachusetts, the first African American so elected and the second elected Governor in the history of the United States.  Above is an excerpt of his address and below is the conclusion.  Deval is a good brotha and a progressive politician.  After 16 years of divisive wedge issue politics and presidential posturing by a fraud like Mitt Romney, I am glad the people of Massachusetts will be able to refresh themselves with what good government feels like.

“To the earliest settlers of this Commonwealth, as we have been reminded on a couple of occasions today, this Commonwealth was their shining “city on a hill.”   To this kid from the South Side of Chicago, Massachusetts is my city on a hill.  For every mother living month to month; for every student struggling to get through school; for every dad working two jobs and wondering which one is going to be shipped overseas; for every fisherman wondering whether this year’s catch will do; for every immigrant wondering whether the American Dream is a myth; for every teacher, every bus driver, every government clerk, every firefighter, every small business owner doing your best and wondering whether anyone appreciates you; for every one of God’s children who calls Massachusetts home – let’s rebuild our “city on a hill,” and make it shine again.”

2 thoughts on “Deval Patrick sworn in as Mass Governor

  1. He’s good people – one of the few brothers I got to meet and work with when he was over the Civil Rights unit under Clinton, and didn’t have Clinton breathing over his shoulder while doing his job.

    You go, Deval!

    Now I need to send a letter to Ebony and ask why they didn’t have Patrick and his wife on the cover, or if they’re going to get the same media coverage that Obama and his wife gets…

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