Secretary Jemima defends Bush surge plan before Congress



Condi Whitey

Svelte, stylish, and perfectly coiffured, Condoleezza Rice came up to the Capitol to face the music in front of the Senate as Dubya’s dutiful right-wing stromtrooper and foreign minstrel. She has perfected the act of keeping calm under fire with a horrifying stepford wife precision.

Yesterday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing featuring the Secretary of State and Aunt Jemima impersonator, was a coming out party for GOP Senators that had stopped imbibing the Administration Kool-Aid regarding Iraq.  GOP Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska was most vociferous by saying “I think the speech given last night by this President represents the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam.”


Not to be outdone in the fashionable fury department, GOP Senator George Voinovich of Ohio told Secretary Jemima “I send letters out to families and tell them about how brave their sons were and that the work they’re doing there and the deaths were as important as what we had in the Second World War, but I have to rewrite the letter today.”

Secretary Jemima was left defenseless because her opening statement of passionless state-department-speak didn’t mollify anyone’s concerns or clarify a damn thing.  “As I come before you today, America faces a crucial moment. We all know that the stakes in Iraq are enormous. And we share a belief that the situation in Iraq is unacceptable. On this we are united.” 

Ineptly, the whole opening statement places the emphasis on the incompetent and divided Iraqi government to live up to its own rhetoric to quell the violence while U.S. forces play a secondary support function. “The new way forward President Bush outlined last night requires us to do things differently. Most Importantly, the Iraqis have devised their own strategy, and our efforts will support theirs.”

The rest is nothing more than the same old boilerplate we’ve heard before, dressed up as something new.  The tough talk about Iraqi benchmarks is just that-talk.  Its just more White House spin concocted to save face in light of the quaqmire we’re sinking in.

Her obvious lies and general fatuousness makes Barack Obama’s vote for her confirmation all the more galling.  I don’t really know what is worse, watching Condi Rice lie, or listening to a ponderous blowhard like Committee Chairman Joe Biden, an Iraq war supporter, shamelessly campaign for President?

11 thoughts on “Secretary Jemima defends Bush surge plan before Congress

  1. rikyrah

    Better that Joe Biden has seen the light, rather than continue to defend this disaster like Lieberman.

    As for ‘Miss Anne’ Condi – she needs to STFU.

  2. Yea, you can send it to him. I just started reading the thing he wrote about Condi. You know…I saw the image he had up there and it kinda struck me funny. I’m not a supporter of Bush, the war, or the recent plan to deploy more troops. But why is it that we’re REALLY so hard on Secretary Rice? Is it cause we feel like she sold out? But what would you call Jay Z, Jim Jones, and countless other celebs who continue to shuck and jive. Aren’t they sell outs too? Oh, but they make music you can dance to and gear you can be fly in, so I guess that’s ok. Riiiiight. I’m tired of the Condoleeza bashing. She’s the 1st Black woman to be the Secretary of State in this country AND she managed to do it in a Republican party. Yea, I may not agree with her politics, but I respect her hustle. At least she’s doing something that she believes makes a difference…And why do we belittle her and her position by making jokes about her being the President’s pet or girlfriend? I think secretly some of us are jealous that we gotta be out in the field while she gets to be in the big house. All I’m saying is, if she was white it wouldn’t be a problem, but because she’s black, Black folks want to disown her cause she’s running with the Republicans – like being a Democrat is all peaches and cream, please. Can we call for a stop the Condi bashing in 2007? Give her some props and stop trying to belittle a woman who is clearly about her business and getting the job done (although once again, I don’t support her views). It’s not like white folks love her….republican or not, she’s still black…and her name is Condoleeza damnit, not Condi – she’s a grown ass woman.

    *Peace like me*

  3. Storme,

    Condi is a shill and an irresponsible negress that has forgotten where she comes from. There is no need for you or anybody else to be “happy” at her fortune in becoming Secretary of State for Imperialist Aggression. I reserve the right to scrutinize her malevolent thoughts and deeds and to use the epithets of my choice.

  4. Darrylm

    I give props to the sista.

    Most nigga’s criticizing her do not have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of.

  5. Keep it real, Skeptical Brotha. Most African-Americans know when we’re being sold down the river, and we also know the name and face of those House Negroes doing the selling.

    Now, send me that photo shopped pic of Jemima Rice so I can circulate it, LOL

  6. I can’t laught at this because this is some life and death sh** going on. Sending people to die for what?

    I always wondered how slavery lasted 400 years, then I look at her and Colin Powell and…

    I am reminded of the quote attributed to Harriet Tubman:

    “I freed thousands of slaves in my life and I could have freed thousands more, had they known they were slaves”

    Harriet Tubman would smack a pistol upside this girl’s head so fast. We are we still saddled with this affliction in this day and age. Sad, just sad!

  7. Carson Sasser

    Your depiction of Secretary Rice as a plantation negro is despicable. Apparently you believe that Rice owes something to all other blacks because she is black. I believe that she sees herself as just an American woman trying to live her life the way she wants and deserves to live it. At least that’s the way I see her.

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