Obama opens Presidential Exploratory Committee


The brotha is in and the adventure begins.   Tell skeptical brotha your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Obama opens Presidential Exploratory Committee

  1. When Barack ran in the Illinois Democratic primary against the hand-picked candidates of the Daley machine and others he was abjectly dependent on the left wing of the Democratic Party and a fair number of those actually well to the left of any elected Democrat. You should have seen the people in the room the night of his victory in the primary. It was a family reunion of much of the Harold Washington crowd of two decades earlier, from backroom shot callers down to foot soldiers.

    But before even being elected, he declared it was time to bomb Iran, and has not strayed from that position one iota. Obama’s job, and the job of many in his party seems to be to take both continuation of the war and starting another war, this time against Iran, “off the table”, to give a cloak of “bipartisanship” this war and the next one. How else to explain this torturous gobblegook?

    This is the man who voted FOR Condi Rice, the constitutional law professor who gave “no filibuster” passes to a pair of perfectly horrendous Supreme Court judges, renewal of the Patriot ACt (which he also campaigned against) and who failed to offer any meaningful opposition to the blatantly anti-constitutional Military Commissions Act, which legalizes torture and annuls habeas corpus, a right won from English kings in the 13th century.

    We know Obama makes white folks feel good. But can they seriously expect to get many black votes with such rotten bait as this?

  2. Mr. Bruce,

    His record leaves me with more questions than it answers. I was apoplectic at the refusal of anybody to stand up and filibuster Alito and Janice Rogers Brown. He should have turned the place out over them and showed people what he is made of. The feel good rhetoric and safe votes leave me without the enthusiam I wish I could have for this development. Alas, this is America, where fantasy trumps reality and war is peace.

  3. Turn the clock back 50 years…and Obama is the latter day equivalent of John Kennedy circa 1956. He speaks in platitudes while playing it safe and even running to the right on foreign policy issues to counter potential attacks from the Republicans. That’s not progressive politics, and can only lead to the continued diversion of treasury money to the military budget rather than taking care of things at home.

    My theory is that like, Kennedy who was irish catholic, he feels that he has to assuage the fears of the large bloc of voters who are predisposed to vote against him because he’s not a WASP. Fifty years ago, irish catholic was a big deal, so I guess we’ve come a long way, right? (sarcasm)

    So you will find precious little in his rhetoric or voting record to give hope to those who want to see some major changes made to business as usual. He can only dissapoint us. I hope I’m wrong but…color me skeptical, too!

  4. theravagebeast

    Remember when Bush pushed his “Same Sex” Amendment right before the election? Everyone knew it ws going nowhere, but the Rove did exactly what he wanted to do: energize the conservative base and get them out to vote.

    The Democratic Party is doing the same thing with Obama. He can’t win the primaries, but he brings energy and excitement that Dems hope will bring people out to vote in November 2008. Obama’s run is not about his winning the Democratic spot – it’s about getting votes for the winner of that spot in November.

    The real questions:
    – WIl the Dems play nice with each other during the primaries to minimize the impact on Obama’s future run for President?
    – Does Obama acknowledge (privately) his role as a tool to help Democrats win the White House in 2008?

  5. theravagebeast


    Regarding your post:

    Black folks vote based on emotion. Your post has too many rational arguments.


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