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I saw this on Black Electorate and was wowed.  Share your thoughts with me.


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  1. rikyrah

    This is The Boondocks where MLK woke up from his coma. I actually bought the DVD of Season 1 because of this episode, because I highly doubt that it will be replayed again in reruns. But, I wanted it for posterity, because though I don’t like The Boondocks, I agreed with this episode.

  2. I have the whole episode….

    Let me know if you would like to see it…

    Or you could go to MOA and enter “MLK Boondocks” into the search box.

    Pretty powerful episode. The best that McGruder has done, IMO.

    Too bad he stopped doing the cartoon and the comic strip.
    His career was skyrocketing when he decided to take a break.

  3. rikyrah


    I don’t know if you were supposed to comment, but since so many other blogs did. Of course, I grew weary of reading how awful Oprah was to spend that kind of money on poor African girls.

  4. I have never watch the BD & that was awesome. Thx for posting this! The church scene reminds me of something that could jump off in a church in Detroit that I used to attend, sad to say.


  5. I love this episode so much. I think they worked hard to ensure MLK’s speech was heartfelt and not Cosbyesque, for lack of a better adjective. Fatherly concern and naked truth without overt patronizing scorn and full dependence on his name…

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