Hillary to forego all campaign matching funds


Hillary Clinton campaign logo

The New York Times is reporting that Hillary Clinton is foregoing all Federal campaign matching funds for the primary and general elections.¬† To put it in perspective, that means she is forsaking a $150 million.¬† She intends to raise mo’. This is big Y’all.¬† BIG.¬† It essentially means that if the rest of them don’t do the same, she will outraise and spend them into the ground.¬† Like I said: Resistance is Futile.¬† This will truly be a platinum campaign like none other we’ve seen.

Jennifer Hudson, a real American Idol


I’d like to take some time out of the political thing to show some luv to a truly beautiful and dynamic sistah:¬† Jennifer Hudson.¬† I am not really an American Idol fan.¬† However, everything has its purpose and part of Idol’s purpose was to highlight this sistah’s tremendous talent and appeal.¬† What a blessing she is.¬† Not only is she mega talented and beautiful, she is real.¬† Beside “Keepin’ it Real” in the dictionary of black vernacular, should be a picture of this sistah.¬†

She wouldn’t make the cut on Tyra’s top model show, but she is beautiful and she loves herself, is comfortable¬†with who and what she is, and is grateful to God for his many blessings.¬† As a brotha who sometimes feels ugly and unloved, I can appreciate the way sistahs must feel when they are shunted aside for somebody lighter and whiter.

Little girls all over America can look to her as a role model for how to properly carry themselves when others say they are ugly, unworthy, and lacking in talent.¬† Her unexpected success is a testament to her fortitude and her God given talent.¬† I couldn’t be happier even if she were my personal friend.¬† Jennifer Hudson, although she didn’t win the title, is to me a real American Idol.