Hillary to forego all campaign matching funds


Hillary Clinton campaign logo

The New York Times is reporting that Hillary Clinton is foregoing all Federal campaign matching funds for the primary and general elections.  To put it in perspective, that means she is forsaking a $150 million.  She intends to raise mo’. This is big Y’all.  BIG.  It essentially means that if the rest of them don’t do the same, she will outraise and spend them into the ground.  Like I said: Resistance is Futile.  This will truly be a platinum campaign like none other we’ve seen.


5 thoughts on “Hillary to forego all campaign matching funds

  1. CaptFriday

    Who’s she gonna get this money from? What kind of leverage does she have for the big donors with Bill out of the White House?

  2. CaptFriday,

    She has the leverage because she will become the next President. And besides, while Hillary is getting her nails and hair done, who do you think will be asking for the money? It will be Bill. It is his pennace for Monica.

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