NM Gov. Bill Richardson announces 2008 bid


Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico announced his Presidential Exploratory Committee on Sunday.  A man who loves life and politics, Richardson is a larger than life personality and a truly talented politician.  His depth of experience at the United Nations as Ambassador, as Governor, Congressman and Energy Secretary will stand him in good stead in this race.  He will make Hispanic Americans of all stripes proud because he is qualified and serious.  However, that won’t amount to a damn hill of beans this year as Hillary ruthless Campaign Collective sweeps over the landscape destroying everything and anybody in its path.  Resistance is Futile.  Everyone will be assimilated by Hillary’s juggernaut.


3 thoughts on “NM Gov. Bill Richardson announces 2008 bid

  1. rikyrah

    I’ve never liked Richardson. Always seemed slicker than grease to me. Something about him well…..

    Ok, I’ll say it. ….

    If it weren’t ‘politically advantageous’ for him to be seen as Hispanic…

    You’d never hear it from his lips.

    Sorry, but that’s just what I feel about him.

  2. Rikyrah,

    He grew up in Mexico as the son of a white expatriot. His mother is Mexican and still resides there. He didn’t come to the U.S. until it was time for college. He is O.K. with his roots. He is also a pretender to the DLC throne that Hillary sits in. It isn’t gonna happen and he knows it. He also knows he just screwed himself out of the Vice Presidency,a spot he has earned consideration for.

  3. rikyrah


    I know his background, and I know his type, SB.

    I lived in South America, and studied class politics. From my schooling, he reminds me of every person I’ve met from South America. Granted, because of the educational institutions that I attended, I only met a certain’ type’- but Richardson reeks of all of them.

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