Sharpton Sizes Up 2008 Contenders



WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Al Sharpton said Thursday he’s waiting to see how the 2008 presidential field shapes up before deciding whether to declare himself a candidate.

The civil rights activist spent the day on Capitol Hill, meeting with the four Democratic senators who are pursuing the presidency – Chris Dodd of Connecticut, Joe Biden of Delaware, Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois. Each met privately with Sharpton in their office.

“I’m not making any endorsements today,” Sharpton, who ran in 2004, told reporters at the end of his meeting with Obama.

Obama said the two talked about their shared agenda of fighting for the dispossessed. “I assured him that I not only want to hear his views and thoughts and policy recommendations, but publicly any of us who step into this fight for the nomination have to be held accountable and speak to these issues,” he said.

Sharpton said they talked about economics, health care and education issues. “We are going to keep talking and he knows I’m talking to everybody,” he said.

The normally loquacious Sharpton was unusually curt and cut off further questioning by saying he was behind schedule. But he told reporters who followed him that he would decide about his own candidacy “once I see what these guys do or don’t do.”

2 thoughts on “Sharpton Sizes Up 2008 Contenders

  1. did they talk about a culture that thinks it is okay for black men to kill each other and not snitch?

    or did they talk about a culture that
    says it’s okay for teenage boys to date preteens and mothers to do nothing?

    did they talk about the stranglehold that corporate america has on supposed progressive movements in America?

    did they talk about Al Sharpton’s whoring for Sharpe James when Corey Booker ran against James for Mayor?

    did they talk about how wack it is for Al Sharpton to worry about some rich tv actor uttering the n-word when several rich rappers have monetized the n-word ad infinitum into cars, reality shows, houses, college funds and etc?

    did they talk about Al Sharpton’s support for Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards project because ostensibly it will provide affordable housing for Brooklyn’s lower and working class but IT DOESN’t?

    i could go on but I won’t.
    You get the idea.

    always enjoy your blog.

    don’t ever stop bringing the ruckus and clarity.

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