Columnist Molly Ivins passes


Molly Ivins

At the request of Rikyrah, I have written the following recollection of a great woman.

Columnist Molly Ivans was gifted writer and storyteller that could make a Vulcan laugh.  She possessed a singular gift to needle the powers that be with her lacerating wit.  She revealed their manifold sins and unfathomable ignorance.   She once mocked GOP House Majority leader Dick Armey by saying, “If ignorance ever goes to $40 a barrel, I want drillin’ rights on that man’s head.”   

She had special contempt for the ignorant patrician in the White House that she dubbed “Shrub.”  She has said of him, “Let me say for the umpteenth time, George W. is not a stupid man. The IQ of his gut, however, is open to debate. In Texas, his gut led him to believe the death penalty has a deterrent effect, even though he acknowledged there was no evidence to support his gut’s feeling.  When his gut, or something, causes him to announce that he does not believe in global warming — as though it were a theological proposition — we once again find his gut ruling that evidence is irrelevant. In my opinion, Bush’s gut should not be entrusted with making peace in the Middle East.” She was right on target and I think thirty years from now, when I am the same age as she was, historians will bear out her harsh judgment of this President’s basic ineptitude. 

I have been regaled by her stories for years.  I enjoyed her so much that I bought two of her books on tape when I traveled.  She could caress you with a story and teach you something profound in between the side splitting laughter.  I read with dismay several months ago that she was again ill with Cancer.  I sent her an e-mail and prayed for her recovery.   

My saddest realization upon her passing is that she died during the Bush Administration that she so effectively lampooned, that to me is quite disheartening.  Every time I post I try to channel a bit of her irreverence and sometimes I succeed. May God Bless her and keep her in his arms forever and may he give comfort to those who loved her and deeply miss her wit and wisdom.



2 thoughts on “Columnist Molly Ivins passes

  1. rikyrah

    Thank you, SB.

    I don’t even remember when I first discovered Molly Ivins, but I was hooked. She was so damn smart, and on point. And, more than once while reading her columns, I would say out loud ‘ Amen’.

    Her heart was good. Her mind was sharp.

    And, her attacks on Dubya were worth their weight in gold.

    She summed up Dubya perfectly when she wrote:

    George Bush was born on third base and actually thinks he hit a triple.

    She nailed him, but good.

    Molly Ivins was a warrior, in the mold of Barbara Jordan and Shirley Chisolm.

    Molly Ivins was an American original, and I am so glad that we were able to partake of the gifts that she could share with the world.

    Those who like right have lost a mighty voice tonight. 😦

  2. I’m so sad about this, and hadn’t heard so thanks for posting it. I echo rikyrah’s sentiments and feel we have lost someone whose way with words was incredible, as was her passion for what was right. We need as many of those hearty souls as possible. RIP Molly.

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