Sheila Dixon for Mayor: give a sistah a chance


I must admit that  I do have a thing for female politicians.  The ones I have personally encountered along my life’s journey have been smart, principled, disciplined, and full of integrity.  Sheila Dixon, the more research I do, is shaping up in my mind to be the same kind of savvy and attractive candidate that I love to support. 

Mayor Dixon has put together an outstanding Administrative team to run the city in the interim period before this year’s Mayoral election.  Her chief of Staff, Deputy Mayor’s and Department heads are all outstanding and well credentialed.  Experience, especially Ms. Dixon’s counts for something and will stand the city in good stead going forward.  Her opponents all have the burden of proving that her stewardship lacks vision, competence, and integrity.  They will all have a hard time proving that because all of those adjectives are synonymous with Sheila Dixon’s twenty-year track record. 

Sistah Dixon has been in the trenches for a long time and cut her teeth early on in Kweisi Mfume’s campaigns in Baltimore.  There is no better credential or proof of sterling character or principled advocacy than that.  In this Skeptical Brotha’s eyes, people like Sheila and Kweisi keep me from completely giving up on the political thang.

That being said, the Mayor faces more than one serious opponent in her quest for a term in her own right.  Keiffer Mitchell, Jr. brings a fresh, youthful perspective and Adrian Fenty like air to this campaign and is very much a young man in a hurry.  Moreover, like Sheila Dixon, he is a serious, disciplined, and knowledgeable public servant.  A workhorse, not a showhorse, Mitchell demonstated his skills in sheparding through a $42 million dollar bailout of Baltimore’s public school system.

He’s got some serious firepower lined up to craft his media message and perform his polling.  His effort will be serious and well funded.   His message whatever it is, must make a persuasive case why Sheila Dixon shouldn’t be given a chance to run the city. 

Delegate Jill Carter is also a serious candidate and smart public servant that will also have to raise enough cash to craft a similarly persuasive message.  He past efforts in examining police practices and highlighting serious defiencies in the O’Malley Administration is her the strongest credential.  Mayor Dixon would do well to address these substantive concerns in depth and immediately. 

Last, but not least, is Comptroller Joan Pratt.  Ms. Pratt is a very serious contender having held citywide office longer than Sheila Dixon.  Her opposition to the city’s bailout of Baltimore schools raised some vaild financial concerns that need to be addressed. However, with the defeat of Andrey Bundley and the re-election of O’Malley as Mayor in 2003-2004 and his allies, I think there is a consensus that O’Malley’s stewardship was acceptable.  Ms. Dixon, as an ally of O’Malley, still is in the drivers seat for this race.   Pratt will have to a make the case that she, as an O’Malley critic can lead the city in a more progressive direction. 

Sheila Dixon has shown the ability to win against female opposition before in defeating Councilwoman Pugh and a former council president to be re-elected Council President.  She has already signaled that her Administration will attempt to build on the successess of her predecessor and that has been proven to be a sucessful formula in the past, and probably will be again.   The chances of replicating the defeats of former Council Presidents Clarence Burns, Lawrence Bell, and Mary Pat Clarke is not as high for Sheila Dixon as some have surmised. 

My opinion is as clear as the title of this post, I think Baltimoreans should give a sistah a chance and elect her to a term in her own right.  Her years of service and her careful selection of stellar senior city executives to lead the city indicate that the sistah has earned the job.


12 thoughts on “Sheila Dixon for Mayor: give a sistah a chance

  1. While I may disagree with your conclusion as to why Dixon should be granted the honor of becoming Mayor of the city; I appreciate your analysis. As one who recently attended a forum where she spoke to city business leaders, I was unimpressed with her lack of ideas. While “trash” is a problem in our city, I doubt that it warrents primary placement as the foundational piece of a Baltimore City mayoral campaign. I won’t be going to the diebold machine to vote for the person who has the best sanitation plan.

    Also, I would encourage you to check on your brother, Kweisi. While I would hope to be wrong, it appears that he has attempted to show his allegiance to O’Malley by helping to oust longtime activist, Dr. Tyrone Powers, from public radio on WEAA 88.9FM.

    Check out my blog for the scoop. ( If true – it may suggest that Kweisi has finally been corrupted by the system. To this point, he hasn’t been vocal in defending his name against the accusations.

  2. Sheila needs a speechwriter, however, don’t let that fool you into believing her not to be competent. Sheila is trying to soothe the business community and keep them in her corner. As for Kweisi, I’ll check that out.


    I’m also one that disagree with your conclusion to why Ms.Dixon sould be granted the set of mayor. What has she been but a woman that shows her intrest in downtown. Let’s not forget that Ms.Dixon was still apart of the reason why our schools,fire departments,libraries and recreation centers were closed down. Ms.Dixon just recently had a $4,000.00 fundrasier,who you think were in attendance. Exactly! those who have special intrest in downtown. We the residents of Baltimore couldn’t afford to attend a $4,000.00 a plate dinner., so who you think she’s going to show her intrest to. Those big companies who donated those monies to her campaign. It’s time for a peoples mayor one that will be elected by the people and be bought by the people and not the establishment. We the people of Baltimore has been disengadge you have givin us our mayor for the last 25 years. The last time I seen a peoples mayor in the race was Mr.Clarence Du’Burns and they ran game on him. The only man I see in race now as a peoples mayor is Dr.Andrey Bundley.This election thats coming up in September 2007 will not be about a man or a moman black or white not enve pedigree. This race will be a bout who has the best plan to move our city forward. Anytime you have a man such as Dr. Bundley, connecting to our children like a magnet then this is the man we need to govern our city. These kids are our future. So Dr.Bundley,he has my vote.

  4. gloria johnson

    listening to the madam mayor i am surprised and concern about her attitude to the every growing murders and crime, everywhere. I really don’t think the right people are being held accountable. Sure there are not enough after school programs for every child that’s needy.

  5. gloria johnson

    The parents of these children should be held accountable. The family members of their unit all should be held lible!! Parents should take care of their children, not the state. Parents will show up for a criminal hearing professing their child innocents, but not a P.T.A. meeting.,

  6. Saar

    Dixon claims to have a plan. But, oops, no suprise, she can’t articulate it. Bundy, a plan? please, he got ousted from his job as principal, so he can’t even run a school. T

    Only two real choices, one black one white.

    If you want a black mayor, vote for Jill. She will not be controlled by the white man, ie O’Malley. If you want a white mayor, vote for Keiffer. He will not be controlled by black women, ie his white wife.

  7. Katie

    Saar get your facts right, Bundley was not ousted as principal and has an oustanding record as an educator. He has a good plan.

  8. Twiff

    1. Crippled our children academically by lowering the passing grade from a 70 down to 60. taking credit for statistical success.

    2. Sat silent while O’Malley herded black men (76,000) into Central Booking like cattle to boost his crime stats. Many now have arrest records and were never charged with anything despite spending up to a week in jail. More than 1/3 of the case were thrown out because the men shouldn’t have been arrested to begin with.

    3. Support of a substandard Police Chief that covered her ass when she had one foot in a prison cell.

    4. Pulled homicide detectives off their cases and ordered them to walk a beat to give the illusion of a safer city.

    5. $80mil. missing and unaccounted for while our science and math teachers walk out…and her solution was to take out a loan and pay for it with a tax. Finding the responsible parties wasn’t even an option.

    6. Rubber stamped everything and anything proposed by O’Malley. A governor and mayor covering each other’s BS is a bad recipe all around.

    Sheila Dixon – a plan? She doesn’t even have clue?
    She more absorbed with self interest and image than well being of Baltimore. If Sheila Dixon is concered about Baltimore’s trash she need only look in the mirror – therein lyes the biggest pile..

  9. Renee

    Sheila Dixon is very very arrogant. She doesn’t even speak to people whom she feels are beneath her, i.e. the citizens of Batimore. People are being gunned down left and right. Citizens are moving out of Baltimore at alarming rates. So if you are a criminal who wants to continue getting away with murder,and continue taking over our communities I say vote for Sheila Dixon. The only people who are benefitting from her weak administration are criminals. She hates the police, she actually told them to go work for Baltimore County if they want to make the same wages. With a significant shortage in the police force why make such sarcastic statements. She just doesn’t give a dang on about the average joe. She just likes to schmooze with the “big dogs”. People please do your research on all of the candidates. Sheila Dixon does NOT have what it takes to be the mayor of Baltimore. Just look at the current statistics.

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