DNC Winter Meeting: Hillary’s Resistance is Futile tour


On yet another stop in her Resistance is Futile tour, Hillary Clinton,  the Borq Queen that reigns supreme as the Democratic front-runner, addressed the DNC Winter Meeting in her imperial style claiming to be entering into a conversation with the American people.  She gave a brief peroration to “Middle Class” America and lectured the assemblage about the practical realities of navigating a political system rigged to benefit wealth, privilege, and the fascist corporate interests to which every pretender to the presidential throne must pledge allegiance.

She used that reality as an excuse to support one of the toothless non-binding Iraq War resolutions.  She claimed to “want to go further” and cap troop levels.  She threatened the Iraqi government with sanctions for not shaping up and made the extraordinarily unbelievable claim that had she been President in 2002, “I would not have started this war” and further that if not ended by 2009, she would end the war in Iraq immediately as President.  Very interesting, considering the comments she made the night before to  AIPAC  regarding the so-called Iranian nuclear threat by saying ”We need to use every tool at our disposal, including diplomatic and economic in addition to the threat and use of military force.”

The Borg Queen is good.  She executed a perfect fascist pirouette by assuring the American people that she would swiftly end the war in Iraq if elected President and covertly start another in Iran on behalf of the same neocons who dreamed up the current quagmire.  She did it without raising a fuss and starting a media firestorm because the corporate media does not serve the public interest. 

Perfect in her political pitch, she smoothed over the hurt feelings of Howard Dean caused by her minion James Carville and thanked Dean and the DNC for their efforts to win back both houses of Congress.  She tipped her hat towards Nancy Pelosi, universal health care, ending genocide in Darfur, and castigated No-Child-Left-Behind.  She mentioned “fighting for” children, women, families and New York on 9/11.  

She spoke of the “fatalism” in political discourse about combating global climate change, “If we try to deal with global climate change we’ll wreck the economy-I reject that,” in a transparent sop to Al Gore to keep him out of this race. She then underscored her electability and told the DNC that “I know a thing or two about winning campaigns.”  She pledged to “fight back” and defeat the enemy because “I know how they think and how they act.”

Of course she does, because in reality, she is the enemy she claims to be fighting.

7 thoughts on “DNC Winter Meeting: Hillary’s Resistance is Futile tour

  1. Fantastic presentation. Thanks for providing a link to information about AIPAC. This diabolical group controls members of congress on both sides of the aisle.

    During Israel’s bombing party on Lebanon (which was supported by expedited U.S. weapons shipments), I wrote a letter to my representative asking why he was touting the same empty rhetoric about Hezbollah that major Republicans were. You know – the rhetoric that says “we will support Israel at all costs”. I received a generic letter back talking about UN Resolutions and the like, but after some digging, I found out that AIPAC has too much of a grip on the throats of our representatives to allow them to publicly speak truthfully about Israel.

    Apparently, they are in Hilary’s pocket as well.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. RacistBrothafascist,

    Your site is a disgusting hate filled fixation on anybody white and that is very un-American. I suggest that if you want to denounce fascism and racism, look in a mirror and denounce the one you see, that ugly man who only sees color. Because you, my friend, are an idiot, racist, bigot, fascist, and imbecile.

  3. Lance,

    Nice diversion. One must ask “Why the dodge on any issues of substance in campaign 2008?” Stay on point, namely, what does Hillary Clinton have to offer in terms of such things as a living wage, fair trade, a break with the imperialistic foreign policy, etc. etc.

    Oh yeah, that might mean actually pointing out that a tiny faction of elites and a certain foreign country pretty much owns our government…and other such unpleasantries.

  4. Ernesto,

    I didn’t dodge a thing. My point was to illustrate Bruthapimp’s racism. I couldn’t care less about the campaign. Hillary doesn’t have a chance in Hell anyway.

    I don’t have a clue what the f*ck you’re spewing about. You put in 2 and it came out 10. Must be off your meds again. Better get that brain scan done soon, son.

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