Rudy’s whoring around a tough sell to right-wing



I’m feeling catty today so please forgive me.   I can’t help it.  But y’all know I have a low tolerance for B.S.  This steamy photo on the front page of the New York Post borrows from a March Harper’s Bazaar piece on the First Whore in waiting, Judith Nathan Giuliani.   Miss Judi, you’ll recall, was Giuliani’s so-called “very good friend” whose “friendship” brought a public dissolution of Hizzhonor’s second marriage.  He was whoring around with this tramp and bringing her for clandestine stays at Gracie Mansion, the Mayor of New York’s official residence.  

In a public display of arrogance more shocking than Vice President Cheney dissembling after shooting a  79 year-old hunting partner in the face, Giuliani publicly announced his separation from his wife, Donna Hanover before he told her himself.  This was during his ill fated 2000 run against Hillary Clinton for a New York Senate seat. 

Understandably, Miss Donna had a problem with Giuliani flaunting his tramp in front of her damn face and those of her children.  She had a press conference of her own and alluded to another of his affairs “with one staff member” that she had been unconscionably subjected to.  Classy and smart, Miss Donna rose to the occasion and played her part of the wronged wife to the hilt.  Her performance added to the impression of Giuliani as a petulant bastard,which, of course, he is and will always be. 

After impeachment, I thought I’d seen it all.  This run for the White House brings the hypocrisy full circle.   After threatening to destroy our republic in a demagogic and hypocritical power grab by fools in glass houses, now this.  Republicans are far from tepid about his candidacy.  Most of them welcome his candidacy like another grandbaby-with enthusiasm.  The right-wing, however, seems ready and loaded for bear.  They don’t appear poised to let him slide into power on an uncritical tidal wave of post-September 11th publicity.  He ain’t on their far-right home team of knuckle dragging sycophants.

I shudder to think what a Giuliani Presidency would be like.  He actually has a good shot at the nod, and in the end, the Oval Office.  God forbid that we’re treated to another disgusting spectacle of him changing whores in midstream.