Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007


Anna Nicole Smith

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A powerful light has gone out of the world today.  From this day forward, millions will remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard that the greatest reality TV star flamed out for good.  Anna Nicole’s death is a tragedy of epic proportions that will devastate the creators of reality TV for decades to come.  Her powerful, drunken, and drug induced imprint will forever remain emblazoned on our hearts and minds. My heart is breaking right now because the pain, oh, the pain, is just so intense. 

Seriously though, we are about to be inundated with yet another installment of the racially insulting and comical “As the White Woman Turns.”  You know, the garishly ridiculous newscast in which every insignificant detail of the death/murder of a missing, pretty white girl/woman is rehashed over and over and over again until we are so sick that we seriously contemplate joining her in the great beyond. 

We are in for a media frenzy the likes of which we have never seen.   This will become the most breathless obsessing over trailer park trash that America has seen since Bill Clinton probed Monica in the Oval Office. 

In a way, you can’t blame them.  Our voyeuristic culture demands this manner of faux news and the corporate media will oblige to further their inimical agenda to distract us from what is truly important.

In the time wasted covering this non-story, Iran will get a step closer to a nuclear weapon.  And all we’ll hear about is Anna Nicole.

Iraq will deteriorate further into a morass of sectarian violence and civil war and all we’ll hear about is Anna Nicole. 

Scooter Libby will be another step toward a conviction for covering up his involvement in a plot to discredit Administration critics of Bush’s rush to war in Iraq.  And all we’ll hear about is Anna Nicole.

Seven American Aircraft have crashed in two weeks killing several American servicemen and adding to an already unacceptable death toll.   And all we’ll hear about is Anna Nicole.

More will die from genocide in the Darfur region of the Sudan and all we’ll hear about is Anna Nicole.

The Senate has tied itself up in knots and failed to take a stand on Bush’s Iraq surge plan and all we’ll hear about is Anna Nicole.  

Perhaps we should have elected her President to solve all our problems.  It damn sure makes a lot more sense than this media frenzy now that the she’s dead.   A drug addicted and alcohol abusing celebutante couldn’t possibly do any worse than the ignorant dry drunk in the White House now. 


9 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007

  1. rikyrah

    May she RIP in that great trailer park in the sky.

    At least she’s with Daniel again. 😦

    That poor little baby girl – all alone in the world. 😦

    The irony that she and the old man’s son died within a year of one another – insert creepy music.

  2. renee

    I was so sorry to hear that. I am sorry for her family. But the obsession has begun. Cable news is probably giddy over the story! They will probably show her funeral on TV. Did someone mention that at this moment our servicemen and women are facing bombs going off around every corner in Iraq?? OMG GWB is probably saying “finally, they are off my a*%!!!! Thank God, i will not be able to watch any of it!!!!!
    May she rest in peace.

  3. rikyrah,

    I don’t have any idea why the baby can’t inherit mama’s money. It depends on the financial arrangements she left. Her hubby might have first dibbs. But I would assume that the baby will be showing the world her tail like spoiled princess Paris Hilton in about 16 years.

  4. “The irony that she and the old man’s son died within a year of one another”

    Yeah, what a co-wink-eedink. Looks like those oil money people play for keeps. : O

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