The money chase has begun in earnest


                          photo courtesy of patrick dentler

Barack Obama, following the Borq Queen’s lead, has opted out of the Presidential Campaign Finance system.   The money chase has begun in earnest and in order to keep up, he’s got to play the game by her rules.  This is a high stakes game that could cost upwards of half a billion dollars.   Ain’t but three players invited to this table : Hillary, Edwards, and now Obama. The community of fundraisers that inevitably ends up financing and choosing our Presidents is being courted heavily by the Borg Queen.  Most have been assimilated into the Clinton collective and will beat the bushes for her.  After all, resistance is futile.  

Obama’s apparatus is a little slow on the uptake.   Most of the folk Hillary is attempting to assimilate have already been softened up for her in advance or have already assisted her or her husbands campaigns in the past.  She effectively froze them in place until she emerged from her cocoon of inevitability.  Hillary’s public goal for 07′ is  $75 million.   Trust and believe that she intends to raise over $100 million to get the ball rolling.  

Remember y’all, the Borg Queen has learned from the master how to kill an opponent softly in the smoke filled rooms and salon’s of the rich and powerful.  Bill’s prowess was a thing of legend in Arkansas.  Nobody ever had a chance.  You see, Arkansas is a small state ruled with an iron fist by a tight knit oligarchy.   Nobody catered to them better than Bill.  The care and feeding of the rich and powerful is a necessary skill for anybody who wants to play in this league.  Hillary has the best education possible, having been involved in 4 national campaigns, there is no ego she can’t tame and soothe to reach her goal. 

The process of high stakes fundraising is nothing more than respectable form of whoring which deftly applies all the tricks of a good seductress.

Hillary already has dossier’s on her intended prey and has gone in for the kill.   Obama has people coming to him and he has a number of high profile folks beating the bushes for him.  Unfortunately,  Hillary’s organization will crush him in this department.  Even if he manages a miracle and is competitive dollar for dollar, he cannot win.  Terry McAuliffe, Hillary’s Campaign chair, has been lining up mega states to move their primaries up to annihilate her rivals too cash poor to compete.   The Delegate selection rules promulgated by DNC heavyweights like Alexis Herman are a damn sham meant to distract the stupid into believing that this process would be fair.  Fairness is for suckers, baby and resistance is futile.

Obama announcement preview


Senator Obama officially kicks off his campaign for President today in Springfield, Illinois at the old state house where Abe Lincoln announced.  Here is his announcement preview.   I shall post my comments and the video today or tomorrow.