The money chase has begun in earnest


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Barack Obama, following the Borq Queen’s lead, has opted out of the Presidential Campaign Finance system.   The money chase has begun in earnest and in order to keep up, he’s got to play the game by her rules.  This is a high stakes game that could cost upwards of half a billion dollars.   Ain’t but three players invited to this table : Hillary, Edwards, and now Obama. The community of fundraisers that inevitably ends up financing and choosing our Presidents is being courted heavily by the Borg Queen.  Most have been assimilated into the Clinton collective and will beat the bushes for her.  After all, resistance is futile.  

Obama’s apparatus is a little slow on the uptake.   Most of the folk Hillary is attempting to assimilate have already been softened up for her in advance or have already assisted her or her husbands campaigns in the past.  She effectively froze them in place until she emerged from her cocoon of inevitability.  Hillary’s public goal for 07′ is  $75 million.   Trust and believe that she intends to raise over $100 million to get the ball rolling.  

Remember y’all, the Borg Queen has learned from the master how to kill an opponent softly in the smoke filled rooms and salon’s of the rich and powerful.  Bill’s prowess was a thing of legend in Arkansas.  Nobody ever had a chance.  You see, Arkansas is a small state ruled with an iron fist by a tight knit oligarchy.   Nobody catered to them better than Bill.  The care and feeding of the rich and powerful is a necessary skill for anybody who wants to play in this league.  Hillary has the best education possible, having been involved in 4 national campaigns, there is no ego she can’t tame and soothe to reach her goal. 

The process of high stakes fundraising is nothing more than respectable form of whoring which deftly applies all the tricks of a good seductress.

Hillary already has dossier’s on her intended prey and has gone in for the kill.   Obama has people coming to him and he has a number of high profile folks beating the bushes for him.  Unfortunately,  Hillary’s organization will crush him in this department.  Even if he manages a miracle and is competitive dollar for dollar, he cannot win.  Terry McAuliffe, Hillary’s Campaign chair, has been lining up mega states to move their primaries up to annihilate her rivals too cash poor to compete.   The Delegate selection rules promulgated by DNC heavyweights like Alexis Herman are a damn sham meant to distract the stupid into believing that this process would be fair.  Fairness is for suckers, baby and resistance is futile.


11 thoughts on “The money chase has begun in earnest

  1. dblhelix

    Do you think Hillary will need her dossier? I watched the announcememt today, and I question whether Obama has the necessary power-challenging instinct. I think Revs. Jackson and Sharpton did as well, quite eloquently.

    Will he bring a knife to the fight?

  2. dblhelix


    A look at Obama’s list of political contributors offers few surprises. It is largely a mainstream group of regular contributors to Washington politicians.

    Ken Silverstein, who recently profiled Obama in Harper’s Magazine, speaks with Scott Simon. Silverstein says that, based on his contributors, Obama does not look like a politician preparing to challenge the status quo.

  3. rikyrah

    I know your mantra, SB. And, I still don’t care:

    I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton.

    And, everytime you post, I become even more hardened in that position.

  4. dblhelix

    Well, I will go on the record now. I think Clinton-Obama are allied.

    Both are already tuning up their campaigns for the general. He will balance her consummate insiderness with his fresh outsider status, satisfying all concerned parties. They have their eyes on the two segments that lost the presidency for Democrats in ’04: the security moms and the white church-in-exile.

    They will trade only soft blows in the primary. No dossier needed. The numbers will bounce around, but at the end of the day they’ll pull up as 1-2. He’ll take the VP slot as the heir apparent. In eight years, he’ll be the machine.

  5. I find myself agreeing with #4 about Obama being the VP, but I also think that’s why I need to donate to his campaign if I really believe in him. My little chump change can make a difference if it’s multiplied by thousands of other folks that step up.

  6. rikyrah,

    I feel the same way.

    Yes, resistance is futile
    but won’t it be fun to watch Hillary compete against
    Obama and court black voters too?

    (Most Dems are that simplistic when it comes to black Americans — they believe that if there are no blacks in an election all black Americans who vote have no choice but to vote for a

    Obama as VP?
    I don’t think Hillary is willing to risk her run for the brass ring with a black man as her running mate. (Also think about the swiftboating possibilities of that ticket.)

    But then again who else could be her VP to ensure
    her return to the White House as the H.G.I.C?

    I have no idea.

  7. rikyrah


    Skeptical Brotha does not agree. He doesn’t think The Borg Queen plays well with others, and neither do I. I don’t believe her ego would allow for Obama to be in the VP Slot.

    NOBODY gets to overshadow The Borg Queen.

    And, while Resistance May Be Futile, I’m not voting for the woman.

  8. dblhelix

    I don’t believe her ego would allow for Obama to be in the VP Slot.

    I think she would be foolish not to.

    (Then again, the BQ did not ask for my advice)

  9. Ogre Mage

    If indeed resistance is futile and Sen. Clinton (AKA The Borg Queen) gets the nomination, I think there is some possibility that she might choose Obama as her nominee. It depends how the Democratic primary shakes down and what the political situation looks like at that time. The BQ expects to be respected, but she also respects strength. I think she would take a cold, rational look at the statistics of how Obama did in the state primaries and among key demographic groups and compare and contrast it with her own results. If she concludes he would add the most numerical value he will chosen. To get the VP slot Obama would have to 1) avoid direct attacks on Clinton in the primary and 2) prove his mettle. Obama has a good reputation in Illinois but he is not yet a proven commodity in national politics. If he stumbles badly in the primary and Clinton gets the nomination, she will pick someone else. OTOH, if Clinton stumbles badly, I think Obama stands to benefit more than anyone else.

  10. Ogre Mage

    From US

    Clinton-Obama Ticket Stirs Fear in GOP

    By Paul Bedard

    Posted 12/11/06

    The possibility that a potential Democratic presidential primary matchup between Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama could lead to a Clinton-Obama ticket is raising concerns in GOP circles that it might be unbeatable.

    While Democratic strategists are more skeptical of the success of a ticket composed of two minorities, some Republican advisers to the White House and leading 2008 hopefuls Sen. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani see the ticket as an easy winner built on the enthusiasm it would generate in Democratic circles.

    Their theory is that Clinton would stand a good chance to pick up the states that Sen. John Kerry won in 2004. While not enough to win the election on her own, the addition of Obama would help push closely divided states like Ohio over into the Democratic column, thereby giving the Clinton-Obama ticket the White House.

    “Listen, we’ve got some lackluster people running on our side, and that is exactly the kind of ticket that would get their side in a fever pitch,” said a Bush ally. Democrats aren’t so sure it would work, though, because of Clinton’s high negatives and Obama’s short résumé and race. But the Bush adviser said those factors are actually winners: Obama could help soften Clinton’s image and bring more African-American voters to the ticket as well as independents seeking real and symbolic change.

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