Barack’s Betrayal





Barack Obama, displaying his peerless skills as a courtier in Rich Daley’s racist court, endorsed the Mayor in his bid against a qualified, competent, and honest opponent: Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown“I had made a determination well before the exploration of my presidential candidacy that this was the right thing to do.  I am a Chicagoan.  I care about the city.  This is where I live. This is where my wife works.  This is where my kids go to school, and I want to continue to see the city make the progress it has made.” By turning his back, he shows his true colors to anybody intelligent enough to see the import of this endorsement for what it is: a betrayal of justice and a betrayal of the black community.


The politically astute could see this coming because the Mayor’s brotha Bill Daley, a former Clinton Commerce Secretary, was added to the Obama campaign payroll in an “advisory” capacity. Obama really believes what the pundits breathlessly write about him and was duty bound to return the corrupt favor to the Daley regime.


Some of you might say, “It’s just politics,” or “He has to cut deals to get to the next level.”  To that, I would ask, who does he step on to elevate himself to the Presidency? And by what right does he spend political capital to endorse Rich Daley and spit in the face of the black community? These questions are best answered by examining the political culture of Chicago and by revealing in explicit detail the victims of Daley’s regime and Obama’s ambition.




During Harold Washington’s historic campaign for Mayor of Chicago in 1983, he was introduced at an event by a preacher as, “an amalgamation of all the good qualities of past mayors. There were no good qualities to be had, Washington said upon taking the podium, Daley included: “He was a racist to the core, head to toe, hip to hip, there’s no ding or doubt about it. He eschewed and fought and oppressed black people to the point that some thought that was the way they were supposed to live, just like some slaves on the plantation thought that that was the way they were supposed to live. I give no hosannas to a racist, nor did I appreciate or respect his son. If his name were anything other than Daley, his campaign would be a joke.”


The general election campaign against Harold Washington in 1983 was hands down the most racist in Chicago history. Cook County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Vrdolyak succinctly put the naked hostility and public revulsion expressed by the white community at the prospect of having a black mayor by saying, “It’s a racial thing. Don’t kid yourself. I’m calling on you to save your city, to save your precinct. We’re fighting to keep the city the way it is.” (Controlled by white ethnics) 


Washington defeated Incumbent Mayor Jane Byrne andCook County State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley, son of the legendary mayor in the Democratic primary.After the primary, neither lifted a finger for Harold Washington. Their white supporters and the Democratic machine outside of black precincts defected en masse to the Republican challenger, Bernard Epton.


From Gary Rivlin’s book “Fire on the Prairie,” “Whites attending Epton rallies startled reporters with their frank comments about not wanting a nigger mayor. They held up signs calling Washington a “crook” and took to wearing a variety of political buttons decidedly racial in appeal: one showed a watermelon with a black slash through it, another was simply all white. VOTE WHITE, VOTE RIGHT one popular T-shirt boldly proclaimed.”…They passed out literature saying, “You will be robbed or killed. White women will be raped. With a black police chief there will be absolute chaos in the city.” 


Washington’s first three years as Mayor were marked by a bitter and protracted battle with a white cabal of Alderman for political primacy.Stung by their loss of access to the power of the Mayor’s office and the political patronage that serves as the lifeblood of a ward heeler, they reacted like spoiled children and became obstructionists hell bent on crippling Washington’s authority. They hurled racist insults and taunts dripping with homophobic invective toward the Mayor. Moreover, they conspired with a compliant media in a racially motivated PR campaign to stoke white fears in an effort to stymie Administration initiatives.


The swirling cauldron of white racial animosity towards the black community shaped the politics of Chicago then and still shapes it today.  Two years ago, the Daley machine that seized power after the death of Harold Washington wouldn’t give Barack Obama the time of day during his run for the Senate. 


In keeping with the tenants of racial preferences and political nepotism for their own, they endorsed Dan Hynes, the son of Tom Hynes, an acolyte of the Daleys and pinstripe bigot who challenged Mayor Washington’s re-election by running against him as an independent. Now, when Obama’s star shines brightly enough to put the lights out on Daley’s re-election as Mayor, they endorse him for President.  How convenient.   




July of last year saw the release of a whitewash report by Special Prosecutor Edward Egan, which was the culmination of four years of investigation and $7 million in taxpayer funds.  The report acknowledges, according to a new standard news report, “clear proof that torture took place at Area Two, a 60 square mile police district on the city’s south side,” during the 70’s and 80’s.


Kari Lydersen, a staff writer for New Standard News wrote, “Significantly the report lacked any mention of the racial component which some critics saw as the most important facet of the case.  Almost all of the 60-plus men who claimed to have been tortured by [Jon]Burge and other officers are black; the officers were all white.  Alleged widespread racism on the part of officers was just part of an overall racist justice system; in the 1970s Chicago prosecutors were known to compete in a game called “niggers by the pound” to see who could convict the most black defendants.


From the website of the University of Chicago’s Police Torture Archive: Between the years of 1972 and 1991, approximately [192] African American Men and women were arrested and tortured at the hands of former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and officers under his command at Area 2 police headquarters.  Some of these victims were as young as thirteen years old. Various court cases have established that the methods of torture used in the interrogation of suspects included electric shock to the ears and genitalia, mock executions, suffocation, and burning. While Jon Burge was ultimately fired by the Chicago Police Department, not a single perpetrator of the tortures has ever been criminally prosecuted.  Ten of those tortured were sent to death row. 


According to the Chicago Reader, “More than 50 men alleged that they were tortured by Burge and his detectives during Daley’s term asCook County state’s attorney, from 1981 to 1989. He was put on notice several times, most dramatically in the case of Andrew Wilson. Photographs of Wilson’s stitches, burns, and alligator- clip wounds made compelling evidence in court, underlined by [DA]Hyman’s failure to ask if Wilson had given his statement voluntarily. Received copy of letter from Dr. John Raba, who as medical director of Cermak Hospital examined Wilson’s injuries, urging police superintendent Richard Brzeczek to investigate. Brzeczek told Daley he had promised to investigate all cases of police brutality but did not want to jeopardize Wilson’s prosecution and asked for guidance. Daley sent no reply.” 


Daley’s tenure as prosecutor is stained by his craven capitulation to an electorate and a power structure in thrall to an ideology of white supremacist hate.  Prosecuting police officers for their sadistic torturing of black criminal suspects, and their prosecutor enablers on his staff would have permanently put an end to his political support in the white ethnic wards of Chicago that still had fond memories of the brutal repression of anti-Vietnam political dissent at the 1968 Democratic National Convention ordered by Daddy Daley. Ultimately, Daley’s power rests on a foundation of deliberate indifference. 


I don’t care how many handkerchief head Nigras Daley surrounds himself with.  I don’t care how many Negroes people his Administration. I don’t care how many Negroes show up to his re-election press conference to create an illusion of inclusion.  I don’t care that Michelle Obama worked for Daley and treated her well. What he has done cannot and will never atone for this. Dorothy Brown finally realized that and has asked U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to investigateand prosecute the Klansmen in uniform responsible for these crimes. 


On the Senate floor, Barack Obama opposed the Military Commissions Act because it gave short shrift to the rights of foreign terror suspects. He said, “…the fundamental human rights of the accused, should be bigger than politics. This is serious and this is somber…”  If he really meant that, he would be defending those same rights here at home, not endorsing a man who repeatedly turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the screams of scores of black men tortured by those sworn to protect and serve white supremacy in a south side Abu Ghraib.


From important quarters in the black community, we’ve heard a cacophony of uncritical praise. Jesse Jackson and the black press are simply delusional, and the black Chicago political establishment has clearly been corrupted.  Nothing else explains their cavalier attitude regarding Obama turning his back on Dorothy Brown, black victims of torture, the black community, and quite frankly, himself.


Debra Dickerson claims that Barack Obama’s heritage is not African American.  Born the child of a Kenyan and a white woman, he lacks the cultural legacy of a descendant of slaves. Moreover, she believes that because his upbringing was managed by white relatives that we have nothing in common.  It is my contention that the sistah is mistaken.  Barack Obama is an indentured servant to the Daley machine and a slave to his own ambition. In the new millennium, becoming a willing tool and psychological servant to a corrupt white power structure is very African American.


I expect better from a former community organizer, constitutional law professor, and civil rights attorney than the politics of expediency.





27 thoughts on “Barack’s Betrayal

  1. rikyrah


    I don’t have to like Obama’s endorsement of Daley.

    I already told you that I’m voting for Dorothy Brown, even though I think she’s a ringer.

    As I’ve voted for every other Black candidate that has run against Richard Daley over the years.

    What exactly was Barack supposed to do? Let Hillary Clinton swoop in and get the Daley endorsement in Obama’s hometown?

    The most important politician in the state of Illinois is the Mayor of Chicago. Period.

    His endorsement matters. And, it was a good political move.

  2. rikyrah

    PS- Obama’s not the only one endorsing Daley. If ALLL the other Black elected officials endorsed Dorothy Brown, and Obama was all out by his lonesome, that would be one thing.

    Maybe I missed it, but have there been other Black elected officials that have endorsed Dorothy Brown?

    Or, have they been silent, not endorsing anyone, because there’s nothing political in it for them this election cycle? What Black official has held a fundraiser for Dorothy Brown? What group of alderman candidates? What about State Representatives? State Senators – none of whom are up for re-election this year.

    And, you want to place it all at Obama’s feet?

  3. The previous commenter’s logic could also be applied to justify a host of Obama disappointments, from his first act as a US Senator in refusing to endorse the challenge to Ohio’s vote, to refusing to ask Condi Rice any hard questions during her confirmation, to voting for her, to refusing to filibuster either of two truly disastrous Supreme Court justices, to — you name it. If he did, he might be all alone. Other senators asked softball questions, voted for Condi, would not join a filibuster, right? It isn’t like Obama was elected to stand on his own feet and represent anything different from what was already there, right?

    I drove 700 miles back to my native city just to be at Barack’s victory party the night he won the Illinois primary for US Senate. I had not seen so many of the same faces in the room since the campaigns of Harold Washington in 83 and 87. They thought they had elected a standup guy, a Paul Wellstone who would fearlessly bring our voice and our agenda to the halls of power, whether the folks in those halls were ready to hear us or not. They did not believe they had elected a timid triangulator.

    I wonder what they believe now.

  4. denise

    “…To that, I would ask, who does he step on to elevate himself …”

    Now we’re talking! I want to know if he has a pattern of helping people other than himself.

    Like the expression says, “character determines is what you do when you think no one is watching”

  5. In his primary election campaign for the open US Senate seat in Illinois, Obama had to go against a Daley machine Democrat and another establishment Democrat, both white. So he ran to the historic anti-Daley left, the remains of the peace movement, and blacks. He campaigned heavily against the Patriot ACt, but voted for its renewal.

    This weekend in Iowa, he gave a decisive finger to his former supporters by promising to increase the Pentagon budget in any Obama presidency. Democracy Now reported it this morning, but it was in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend!

    It’s also worth noting that Obama was an early advocate of bombing Iran, and has so far pointedly refused to take THAT off the table either. Not too surprising when one notes that his so-called “withdrawal plan” says by the end of 2008, when it’s now the beginning of 2007, effectively putting that question too off into the next presidency, where Bush and Cheney say it should be.

    The good folks at had a great line about Brother Barack. They said he was selling hope.

    It seems whenever people talk about Barack Obama, they talk about hope. Here’s what Shakespeare said about hope:

    “The miserable have no other medicine but only hope”.
    – (Measure for Measure: Act III, Scene

  6. dblhelix

    Hope is a close cousin of wait — Jeremiah Camara.

    I mentioned on mydd that I see no real differences between the three ‘top’ candidates — we have Edwards “running to the left” of the frontrunners (while fumbling around w/ some sort of blogger controversy) and Clinton/Obama proudly displaying their centrist credentials in anticipation of the general to peel off the 1%-2% needed from the ‘security moms’ and the white church-in-exile.

    I could say Obama/Clinton, but I’m inclined to agree that the BQ has no plans to play second fiddle. This is Obama’s audition for the VP slot, and he’s been assigned his tasks: organize the youth and emphasize faith. Ma Clinton will work on the mainstream moms.

    This reminds me of the MD-Sen race. Folks who knew better went with the phlegmatic centrist Ben Cardin as a hedge against the GOP bogeyman Steele. Reality is that as long as the GOP continues this freak show, Democrats will demand very little from their candidates.

    I’m often tempted to call the GOP state party to plead for them to run competitive candidates and keep the Dems honest in MD. But no, the best they could come up with in the race for state senate in my district was a single-issue anti-abortion candidate. Remember, Maryland sent Keyes to Illinois .

    Bottom line: the nominee will be a pro-defense ‘third way’ centrist.

  7. This is the kind of ethical and moral
    that is required to convince most Americans that you can be President of this wretched
    wicked country.

    Barack is a canny politician — not the second coming.

    Ain’t nobody coming to save us. We have to save ourselves.

  8. I am not Star Jones,

    You ain’t never lied, girl. “Ain’t nobody coming to save us,” is an understatement. It’s time to get on the good foot, step up and do it for ourselves because Obama is out for himself.

  9. rikyrah,

    All that you’ve said really just proves my point that the black political establishment of Chicago has been corrupted and has willingly accepted an indentured status on Daley’s plantation.

    As for Barack allowing someone else to get the Daley endorsement, I would have preferred it rather than Obama selling his soul to Daley for it. It shows me that he is not ready. Will never be. He gave his imprimatur to someone who allowed the systemic torture of black criminal suspects continue unabated in direct contravention to the Geneva Conventions.

    I cannot excuse that, rikyrah. Torture is not O.K. How he could look those people in the face and sleep at night is beyond me.

  10. White media is confounded that Obama’s announcement got only a lukewarm reception at Tavis Smiley’s SOBU. I told one white reporter that we’re always skeptical when the media is trying to hand pick “Black Leaders”.

    The thinking is that we should fall down at Obama’s feet since he announced he’s running, and all because he’s Black.

    We’ve had too many Black Faces in High Places, and if we’d been as skeptical as our parents were, Clarence Thomas would not be occupying a bench on the Supreme Court and sucking up oxygen by trying to rule on laws that would bring the Jamestown settlement back to life.

  11. The Political Junkie,

    If the CBC had been on point, we would have blocked that Nigra from getting confirmed and that would have saved a whole lotta work trying to repair the damage. I did notice the lukewarm response to his announcement. People want the brotha to “show and prove.” He ain’t did it yet. I suspect that he never will.

  12. Darrylm

    You people prove the point that the owner of a crab shack does not need a lid on the barrells that contain his products because they do a good enough job pulling each other down.

    A lot of you haters don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

    Here is a guy that did everything we asked of him:
    went to school, not sell out to corporate american but practiced public sector law and you broke dick niggas just want to pull him down.

    Maybe if he had an arrest or two in his record, or fathered an out of wedlock child or sold drugs on the side he would have the “street cred” niggas like you all are looking for.

    Fortunately people like you will not matter. Your broke asses were not going to give him any money, and by and large you all are probably not registered to vote anyway, so just be happy to continue your Willie Lynch, hater-ade drinking contest.

  13. Darrylm,

    Thanks for your comments. Should Barack’s campaign fail, I’m sure Condi could use your talents to deceive the masses into voting for another black face that doesn’t have their interests at heart.

  14. Dang, Skeptical Brotha, we can’t win for losing here.

    If we call out a brother like Obama to show us what he’s got, we’re accused of “crabs in a barrel” mentality.

    If we shut up and accept the brotha, he screws us over to please the white corporate machines that’s pawning him off on us.

    And now that we have the CBC Monitor/Report Cards in place, hopefully, the CBC will quit sleeping on the job and give their districts authentic, accurate and responsible representation, and a willingness to be held accountable.

  15. CriticalEye

    Thank you for the Chicago synopsis. Irrespective of comments on the short article, you make valid, informing points. Unfortunately, African-Americans are simply “trapped, double trapped” (in Malcolm X’s language) in our voting choices, whether we decide to vote for Obama, Hillary or anyone else. To think that any of the 08 candidates will meet a true Afro checklist – I think – is really another King Dream. But there’s no reason blogging and commenting without voting. So the best question may be: if there is an electable candidate more black that O, whatever his policy inclinations. IS THERE SOMEONE?

  16. denise

    Does anyone think the racism they do or do not confront in their daily lives will change because Obama becomes POTUS?

    Are black voters obligated to hear him out? Of course! But that’s as far as I’m going with him. His entire program reeks of TOP DOWN ELITE framing of “acceptable” black leadership.

  17. Patricia

    Have one of you guys ever realised that he is also Half White. What make you think you’re the only ethnicity he has to feel attached to? Give the man a break!

  18. Patricia,

    He has sought to self-identify as a black man. Because he has, there are standards of conduct that I believe he should be held to with respect to the black community. He was a black politician representing a majority black state senate district before his election to the U.S. Senate. In addition, he sought to be elected to a majority black congressional district in Chicago.

    Like it or not, the brotha is black. If he is to be elected President, he must first start with consolidating his base with us. If he doesn’t, Hillary will.

  19. Ogre Mage

    I am reminded of what Susan Sarandon said about Hillary Clinton:

    “She’s not worse than other politicians, but I hoped she would be better.”

    I had hoped Barack Obama would be better.

    The article also contained a quote which has a striking parallel to the current situation w/ Obama:

    “It is so much easier to hold fast to our politics when we’re on the outside looking in. Get within striking distance of the center of power, we face a paralysis of political idealism: What do we give up to get inside? Do we have to bastardize our beliefs to do it?”

    I think there are no easy answers to these questions. If the only difference is that minorities (and women) can now become “The Man” too, has anything really changed?

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