Brain wash



The logo for Obama's 2008 presidential campaign

Brain Wash

sung to the tune of Rose Royce’s Car Wash


You might not ever get rich

But let me tell ya it’s better than votin’ for Bubba’s bitch

There ain’t no tellin’ who you might meet

A political Ba’rack star or maybe even an Indian chief



(Working at the) Brain Wash

Working at the Brain wash, yeah

Come on and sing it with me, Brain wash

Sing it with no feeling now, Brain wash, yeah

Whew! Come Summer, the work get’s kinda hard

This ain’t no place to be if ya plan on bein’ a star

Let me tell ya it’s always cool

And the white power structure don’t mind someties if we act a fool


(At the Brain wash) wooah, woooh, wooah, wooh

Talkin’ bout the Brain wash, yeah

Come on and sing it for me (Brain wash)

Woo, woo, Hoo! (Brain wash, yeah)


(Work and work) Well those fake ass politicians never seem to stop coming

(Work and work) Keep those Hyped Up Books and magazines hummin’

(Work and work) My fingers to the bone

(Work and work) people, we can’t wait till it’s time to go home


(Hey, get yo Brain washed today)

Fill up with Obama’s Hype and you don’t have to pay

Come on and give us some play (GET YO BRAIN WASHED, RIGHT AWAY!)

AT THE…Brain wash

Talkin bout the Brain wash

Brain wash, yeah

Come on and sing it with me (Brain wash)

Sing it with no feeling, Y’all

Brain wash ,yeah



Those fake ass politicians never seem to stop coming, what I say?

(Brain wash)

Keep those Hyped Up Books and magazines hummin’ (Brain wash)

Let me tell you it’s always cool,  (Brain wash, yeah)

And the white power structure don’t mind sometimes if we, act the fool


Hillary attacks confederate flag, outflanks Obama


photo courtesy of columbia city paper and angry whale

By JIM DAVENPORT, Associated Press Writer

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that South Carolina should remove the Confederate flag from its Statehouse grounds, in part because the nation should unite under one banner while at war.

“I think about how many South Carolinians have served in our military and who are serving today under our flag and I believe that we should have one flag that we all pay honor to, as I know that most people in South Carolina do every single day,” Clinton told The Associated Press in an interview.

“I personally would like to see it removed from the Statehouse grounds,” the New York senator said during her first trip to the early voting state since announcing her White House bid.

Other Democratic hopefuls, including Sens. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, have said the flag should come down. The banner, which once flew over the Statehouse dome and now flies nearby, is the subject of an ongoing NAACP boycott.

Clinton is one of several Democrats to draw huge crowds during campaign stops in the state, but she said during the interview that her party will have a tough time winning in GOP-heavy South Carolina

“I think it’s going to be hard for any Democrat to carry the state,” she said. “The Republican Party is very strong here.”

Earlier in the day, Clinton spoke to more than 1,500 people gathered at Allen University, a historically black college in Columbia.

The senator picked up key endorsements last week from two black state senators who helped deliver black voters to former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards in 2004.