Hillary assimilates more Black S.C. Democrats


                 photo courtesy of Columbia City Paper and angry whale

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsements of prominent elected officials from across South Carolina.

Former Legislative Black Caucus Chairs State Representative David J. Mack III of North Charleston and State Representative John Scott Jr. of Columbia were joined by State Representative Terry Alexander and former State Senator Maggie Glover of Florence in announcing their support for Senator Clinton.

“I said in 2004 that Hillary Clinton would be the best candidate,” said Rep. Scott. “It’s proving to be true. She is focused on the real issues such as education and better jobs. And she has the ability to lead our nation.”

Three Richland County officials also endorsed Hillary Monday, including Richland County Councilwomen Bernice G. Scott and Joyce Dickerson, and Richland County School District One Commissioner Dwayne Smiling.

“Hillary Clinton is the only one with the expertise and experience to move us out of crisis and into the future,” Scott said.

Smiling said, “I’m just a great supporter of hers. I think she would make an excellent president. Her vision and forward thinking is what this country needs.”

Also announcing their support today were Charleston County Councilmen Henry Darby and Teddie Pryor Sr., as well as Marva Smalls, former staff director of South Carolina’s Private Industry Council for Governor Richard Riley and later Chief of Staff for Congressman Robin Tallon. Smalls is currently the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the Nickelodeon Channel and MTV Networks’ Executive Vice President of Inclusion Strategy.

“I am grateful for the outpouring of support I’ve received in the Palmetto State,” said Senator Hillary Clinton. “These prominent South Carolinians are leaders in their communities and I’m honored to have their support.”

Today’s announcements add to Senator Clinton’s early South Carolina endorsements. Last week, State Senators Robert Ford and Darrell Jackson announced their support for Hillary’s candidacy.


8 thoughts on “Hillary assimilates more Black S.C. Democrats

  1. Sonya

    I’m with you, rikyrah, but I don’t think she’ll be the nominee. Too many white folks hate her on GP, and she has a big problem re Iraq.

  2. Obama missed his chance to assemble influential Negroes when he skipped the SOBU in Hampton Roads.

    The scuttlebutt on the street is that he’s really angling to become the VP on the ticket with Capitol Hillary. Time will tell, but the Negroes in South Carolina are going to go with the candidate that has the most Negroes on their payroll. Right now, that’s Hillary.

    They will view Obama with the same degree of skepticism because of his alliances…book it.

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