Hillary Clinton announces endorsements: Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben





The Clinton campaign announced two prominent celebrity endorsements today.  Aunt Jemima, the mega star and frontmammy of Quaker Oats, has announced her intention to endorse Hillary Clinton and add yet another unnecessary black voice to Mrs. Clinton’s fraudulent Negro minstrel show.  Aunt Jemima said she was following the lead of Senators “Moses” Darrell Jackson and “Aaron” Robert Ford and a host of other so-called black leaders they bamboozeled this week into the promised land of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.  Jemima happily exclaimed like a good psychological slave,  “Oooh Honey Chile, I’s so happy to tell de wurld bout de goodness of de Lawd and Miss Hillary.” 


“Uncle Ben shuffled barefoot into our offices and offered us his endorsement without asking for anything in return, unlike the rest of the greedy Negroes we corralled earlier in the week,” said an anonymous Campaign insider. “It was too good to pass up”, she volunteered.  Uncle Ben gave as his rationale for endorsing the Clinton campaign, “I been a nigra corporate mascot for a long time now, might as well be one for Miss Hillary.” 


12 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton announces endorsements: Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben

  1. You need to update that pic of Aunt Jemima. Girlfriend now wears a perm and Fashion Fair makeup bro.

    She looks more glam than that handkerchief she’s wearing on her head. But thanks for the LOLs anyway. ROFL

  2. dblhelix


    You forgot to mention that Hillary happened to put in a monthly order of 5000 cases pancake mix and rice. There’s some good eatin’ going on in NY!

  3. I confess that those pancakes above look really tasty. I haven’t had Aunt Jemima’s whole wheat pancakes in years!

    I’ve supported the Clintons since Barack Obama was in the Ilinois Legislature, and since before Barack gave the speech at the Democratic National Convention that very rightly gave him national respect and recognition for his talents. I’ve supported the Clintons since Ronald H. Brown became the first Black Chairman of the Democratic Party and then Bill Clinton had the good sense to work hand in glove with that amazing brother to assure Clinton’s election.

    When Clinton made Brown the first Black Secretary of Commerce, I could see that Clinton respected the essential contributions Brown had made and was able to reward Brown while availing America of Brown outstanding leadership. Clinton also appointed Deval Patrick and Bill Richardson to jobs that led to their present governorships.


    I hope that Blacks and whites and Latinos and others who are committed to Barack Obama will work tirelessly over the next year to assure that Barack Obama will do as well as he possibly can. If so, I know I will be very happy, historically happy, with the results. This is the reason that I’ve spent the last year arguing for the end of the 43-consecutive-term exclusively white male monopoly of the US presidency. It’s time for a NEW president in 2008.

    Barack Obama wrote on of the best autobiographies I have ever read, with a literary perfection. His autobiography is deeply personal and very compelling. So, my decision to continue supporting Hillary Clinton after the advent of Barack Obama is not, in any way, about Barack Obama.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton have the experience of having won the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion twice and won the US Presidency twice, in addition to having won the two US Senate races and an impeachment procedure. They understand all of the crap the Republicans will throw at them, but Hillary Clinton has more experience beating the “vast right-wing conspiracy” than anyone else does. Hillary has a pre-established national organization that includes many Blacks and Latinos in prominent leadership positions; Hillary has long-established and highly disciplined, cohesive, loyal and and expert staff; she has the foreign policy experience that Americans will insist upon; and she’s got the best advisers and campaign surrogates, including Bill Clinton.

    As much as I like Barack Obama (and I do believe he has the makings of greatness), I don’t believe that he can quickly amass the resources and experience that Hillary Clinton and team have to win back the Presidency from the Republicans.

    If we got with Barack in the primaries and end up with Newt Gingrich as president, I don’t think that helps Black America.

    Nonetheless, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from voting for Barack Obama. If between Hillary and Barack, they mostly shut out the other candidates, the I believe Hillary and Barack should share the ticket, with the leader determined according to who got more votes. For this to happen, Barack Obama needs to come in second or first, and I encourage people to work diligently to see that that occurs. If everyone is involved, I have faith that this is going to work out very well, historically well.

  4. Francis Holland stop taking life so seriously dude. Enjoy the moment… It’s Comedy…

    Skeptical your post had me on the floor! Yogo was good!

    Oh, and Francis, I hope Hillary hooks you up with one of those 10K contracts. You are truly working hard to convince folks that she is the one. If she is the one, her record and her throwing money around, will speak for itself. Maybe you can setup a meeting with your buddy Hillary and black progessive bloggers so she can convince us that she is the one. Sorry for sounding so skeptical, I’m usually not. I leave that up to Skeptical Brotha.

  5. what about football

    I’ll bet Skeptical Brotha and all others smirking as his depictions of racist logos and trademarks still use the name of Washington’s pro football team or don’t object to Cleveland’s major league baseball logo.

  6. Uncle Ben was a real person. Objections to Aunt Jemima are reasonable. Objections to Uncle Ben are not. He was a rice grower in East Texas whose product was so consistently superior that other growers would assure the potential buyer that their product was “as good as Uncle Ben’s.” Sorry to rain on your parade, but it helps to have the facts before you start your rant.

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