O’Malley takes a stand against Death Penalty


Governor Martin O'MalleyMaryland’s new Governor has taken a forceful and courageous stand against Maryland’s Death Penalty. It is a bold and unexpected move that distinguishes him in the public mind as a conviction politician.  I couldn’t be more overjoyed.  

In the days of focus groups and weekly tracking polls, it is rare to see politicians taking a stands like this based on conviction.   It is so rare that even a Skeptical Brotha like me had to sit up, take notice, and applaud him.   He definitely is the hero of the Week.

After eight years of this, I see something else on the horizon for this conviction politician bigger and better than Annapolis.   Something in Washington, D.C. perhaps?  

Judge Awards Anna Nicole’s baby to Material Girl.


MADONNA Sorry 2005 US Maxi CD Single

In dramatic twist covered by a swirling horde of world media, Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin awarded custody of Anna Nicole Smith’s five-month old infant to Madonna.   An emotional Judge Seidlin, speaking to a tense courtroom said,  “Since the Material Girl is incapable of finding an orphaned child to adopt in the whole of the planet Earth and finds herself pilfering a black child from a destitute father like a puppy from a dog pound, I award custody of Dannielynn Smith to her in the hopes that she will be able to wholesomely teach the child how to properly and tactfully commodify her sexuality and exploit others creative talent for obscene profit.”   He also awarded custody of Smith’s remains to the Material Girl to “do with as she pleases, since everybody else has already.”

Plans for Anna Nicole’s burial were not available to Skeptical Brotha at the time of this report.